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What is Transformational Yoga?

Transformational Yoga is a revolutionary type of Integral Yoga. A simultaneous engagement of Asanas, Pranayamas, Sound Vibrations and One point focus to achieve transformation.

These 4 fundamental practices are used with varying intensity at different intervals. They help a practioner achieve specific objectives – ranging from health/weight maintenance, healing, increased concentration and inner peace.

Transformational Yoga is based on the work of Sri Aurobindo, and created by Sri Swamiji Vidyananda. It has used by practitioners and Yoga Masters all over the world for physical and spiritual progress. A single practice can be short, but if carefully designed, can bring about quick tangible results.

On the physical dimension, Transformational Yoga can cleanse a person of food and environment toxins, achieve fat loss, increase metabolism and reverse ageing. On spiritual dimensions, Transformational Yoga can bring about a Kundalini awakening. Various Transformational Yoga Teachers from different parts of the world experienced deepened spiritual progress and heightened self practice. Many have also had their Kundalini energy awakened from practicing it.

A Basic Transformational Session involves integrating the 4 fundamental practices in a specific sequence to achieve rapid cleaning of the 7 main Chakras. Accumulated toxins (physical, emotional and mental) are released in just 1 single workout. As the major elimination systems gets unplugged, our metabolic rate gets a boost, digestive fire is restarted and the whole body is rejuvenated.

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Soul Food Wisdom of the Day: “Look for the answer inside your question.”

God wants you well. This world exists for you to break free, and the resources of this world is given by Divine for your cultivation of the inner journey. It is not Divine’s plan for us to suffer, be in debt or broke, or be miserable prolongedly. Of course things happen, maybe they could be unpleasant. The focal point is not for us to conclude that we are victims; but to know that whenever we are in great pain, God is sending us a huge message, and God wants us to find our way out.

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