Samakara is not an easy Sanskrit word to translate accurately in English, though it is loosely described as your rite of passage through life.


If you wish to, you can change your samakaras. Here’s how:

  1. That which you repeat gets reinforced. When propelled by the guna – qualities of sattva, rajas and tamas – of prakriti, often the individual, against his better sense, behaves in a particular mode and further feeds his vikaras of greed, lust, anger, attachment, pride, ego and jealousy.
  2. Have you ever been emotionally disturbed and done or said something which, on retrospect, you feel could have been handled with more dignity? The most intelligent and spiritual of us are also not immune to these often repeated actions which decide our fate.
  3. Each time you repeat an emotion, you are deepening the groove of your personality, your tendency or samskara.
  4. It is the energies accrued by our samskaras, which draw some people and circumstances into our life – for an energy exchange and levelling of debit and credit.
  5. On the spiritual path, recognising nuances of the mind by a steadily growing awareness, we become aware of our emotional reactions and the fact that we are being swept away by them into some pit or the other.
  6. For instance, there may be someone who constantly feels insulted and rejected by others. As he realises that most of the time his misery is not due to external circumstances, but due to his own distorted cognition based on some previous experiences.
  7. Now comes the struggle to overcome emotional reaction by awareness, introspection, understanding and restraint.
  8. Suppression makes an emotion grow to monstrous proportions. The fate of whatever emotion is repressed could be one or more of the following:
    • Becomes stronger
    • Emerges later like a volcano emitting lava
    • Produces psychological problems or ailments
    • Remains as a strong urge
    • Makes you lacking in awareness of all parts of your being. Thus, you cannot be an integral whole.
    • Makes you behave as a hypocrite
    • Makes you judgemental towards others. Often psychologists have recognised that what we judge in the outside world is what we suppress.
    • Revealed in dreams
    • Attract people – with the traits that you are suppressing – as enemies or friends. This explains fatal attraction and antipathy
  9. To use your spiritual wisdom to create a “new you” , this is what you have to do:
    • Remember, this road is for those who are brave at heart
    • Recognise your predominant samskara with full awareness and humility
    • Each time you react the same way, reflect on how you could have viewed the triggering event with a different perspective and taken a more balanced action
    • Persevere till you can abide in your awareness during the event and can respond rather than react. Besides the predominant samskara, thus, getting fainter and weaker and losing its power to drive you, one also needs to create a fresh, new, strong, positive groove to allow mind energy to flow as alternative to the old emotion.
    • Replace anger with patience, lust with charity, a low self-esteem with empathy. To sum up, change, transformation and transcendence are three ways by which you can help yourself progress on the path

Credited to : Dr Sharda Batra

Photo credited by: Linda Loo

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