YTTC Graduation Party 2016

Power in doing the “Impossible” (YTTC Graduation)

We had just finished another round of Teachers Training and although it was intense – spanning over 2 months, we (the 4 graduate teachers and I) thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Amidst a ton of self study, rigorous training and drills, we also did an in-depth exploration of using authentic Yoga as a tool for self realization.

Graduation was nothing short of a celebration party. The picture above was taken after 2 bottles of red wine and 2 hours of singing and dancing. My first core belief in life – Never miss a chance to party!

In this short article today I want to touch on doing the so-called ‘impossible’. If you think that training to achieve a full split or a head stand within 2 months is impossible, think again. We sure did it under the Yoga Teachers Training Course – with an intense cirriculum, hard work and discipline.

Contrary to most false beliefs, it is not the age; and definitely not size, shape or fitness level that determines whether you breakthrough on your mat, or in your life for that matter.

It is your beliefs (including your perception of failure), and level of commitment.

There is a lot of power and inner strength in achieving something we had never been able to do before. Take for example inversions. To go upside down, to see the world upside down, to be seen upside down, and to have your legs in the air, these require courage, strength, balance, control of your entire physical body and mental power.

My second core belief in life is: “Do the toughest things on your yoga mat, stick with it with integrity and grit, and everything else in your life becomes easy. When you give in to excuses on your mat, you tend to also give up power in your life. Your practice reflects your entire life, there’s simply no faking it.”

First of all, you gotta believe that you can do it. Then you actually train for it, commit to consistency and never giving up. Unless you are the reincarnation of great sages, most Yogins did not achieve difficult poses overnight; we had to train very hard for them.

For instance, when you train for the head stand Sirashasana (King of Poses); you have to keep attempting to lift the legs even though its so darn difficult. You fail, and keep failing, for a few hundred times, until your body becomes strong enough to lift the legs. If you had given up in any of those one time of failure, then the pose becomes only a book concept for you because you stopped trying.

But if you pressed on, you will come to the day when you realize you could lift one leg; and another day you realize you could lift both legs. And soon, you could bring both legs up, and then you begin to find balance upside down. You see new things in the upside down view and you discover a whole new confidence in life.

And whenever you achieved a breakthrough on your mat, the breakthrough spill over from the mat into your life. You gain a new insight about your character, why you behave a certain way you do, you see new things in your life that you didn’t notice before; and you don’t stop there; you keep moving forward. Life is always an expansion – either you expand forward or you ‘expand’ backwards, you know what I mean 🙂

So keep practicing, keep making new breakthroughs and don’t forget to celebrate every step of the way.

Be extraordinary; be awesome!


(C) Copyright Linda Loo

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