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Let your Kundalini be your very own UpaGuru!

Today, in this busy material world, we find our inner-selves searching for something, perhaps we have not figured out what this is as yet or perhaps we have questions. We have found that all the solutions lie within us, inside us, and we only require the consciousness to explore it.

This is the path of the spirit. Now is the time to embark on the inner journey and let your Kundalini be your very own UpaGuru!

Kundalini as you probably know by now, describes the latent energy stored in every human’s root chakra. Yogis and spiritual practitioners across cultures trained for years, sometimes lifetimes to pursue a Kundalini Awakening. Why is it so highly sought after?

The immediate benefit you will feel is a heightened sense of awareness, your internal bodily functions and energy levels. You will also feel a deep sense of inner calm and approach life with a peaceful strength.

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