Inner Balance is Key for Well-being!

Have you ever seen a father kissing his child tenderly before? Or a mother demonstrating extraordinary strength in protecting her child from danger?

In that instant, you witness an unfolding of a masculine feminine that is close to perfection. So much beauty in a single moment, and time seems to stand still.

In Yoga, we strive towards a balance between our masculine feminine forces. Yin and Yang, strength and flexibility, intellect and intuition. When the divine masculine is united and balanced with the divine feminine, you have a force to manifest things. Power, in both the measurable material sense and spiritual sense, is at your disposal.

What to do with this power? It is then up to you to decide. Whether to use for the greater good, like us (and many others we know) blazing the way for spiritual cultivation in a concrete jungle; or some may choose to use it in a skewed way. Either way there would be an occurrence of karmic assets or liabilities.

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Ohm Namah Shivaya!

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