Chakras Power – the importance of Balance

One of the questions that I get asked frequently in Yoga classes is “Were you always this flexible?

Dear love, the truth is, when I first began practicing Yoga, I could not even sit straight with my legs flattened on the floor. Like a “chicken wing”, I either have to bend my knees to sit on the floor, or I needed a wall behind to support my back.

The inflexibility started as early as I could remember. When I was in secondary school, we had those things called Physical Fitness tests. Every year, I would fail the ‘Sit and Reach’ segment. My maximum reach was only a little more than my knees, and no matter how much I practiced stretching, I still fail to stretch to the passing mark.

Flexibility of the body is directly correlated to our root Chakra. This first Chakra develops in most people from the day they are born till they are 7 years old, and it creates our physical body – bones, blood, skin, tissues, organs and cells. This is the house of our first connection to Earth, our sense of being human, and our sense of belonging to humanity.

There is no coincidence that while my schoolmates were enjoying childhood, I was having suicidal thoughts as a kid, feeling isolated from the rest of the world, disconnected to Earth, and not feeling that I belonged at all here. The kid I was kept thinking there was a mistake somewhere and I landed up wrongly here. These thoughts were a result of an imbalanced root Chakra formation.

Root Chakra imbalances could manifest in various ways involving self love inabilities, material manifestation and money issues. When not corrected, a kid with first Chakra imbalances could grow up into a teen with image disorders and subsequently into an adult with abundance issues.

The truth is that everyone of us have some imbalances in some Chakras, some more than the others; but do you know which one, how are they affecting you, and what you can do about it? Whether we make a conscious effort to confront them and work through them, will determine whether we can break free and live our definition of a “Good Life”.

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Soul Food for Thought:

“Yoga is the martial art of the soul, and the opponent is the strongest you’ve ever faced: your ego.”

(C) Linda Loo

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