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5 Fun Facts about Yoga

– Get all these benefits PLUS the Yoga Butt!

If you haven’t start Yoga with us yet, this may just inspire you to at least try one session!

1. When taking showers, simply raise your leg and wash your toes conveniently. So you avoid having to bend over and get water dripped into your ears and nose.

2. When you are on the bus and it suddenly brakes, everybody reaches out in panic for the hand rails. But YOU remain steady, looking so cool and composed. You might just catch that cute guy’s or girl’s gaze.

3. When taking the lift, and your arms are full, simply lift your leg and press the lift button with your big toe. So you don’t have to put anything down and risk dirtying your stuff.

4. When walking on an outdoor stretch with heavy construction and lots of air pollution, you could hold your breath until you walk past that area effortlessly. So you end up breathing in less chemicals. Definitely less nose dirt!

5. If you are a single girl, you would have younger guys hitting on you because you grow younger as you age. If you are a guy, you would have young girls paying you attention because girls love mature men who talk spiritual. Its a sexy trait!


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