Transformational Yoga is an intelligent way of interweaving Pranayams, Hatha and Raja Yoga into one single dimension. It allows a person to achieve Cleansing, Activation and Transformational benefits within a short period of practice time.

Transformational Yoga is suitable for both novices/veterans who want to experience better health and mental strength. Through our intimate micro-coaching sessions, you can detox, cleanse your body & mind safely and rapidly.

All teachers are certified by the Yoga Alliance International / India.

Weekly Class: Wednesday 8pm to 9:30pm, Thursday 3:30pm to 5pm, 8:30pm to 10pm.

Each session is charged at S$65, monthly subscription S$200 for 4 sessions per month. To experience the power of Transformational Yoga,  email

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teacher-lindaloo Linda is dedicated to a purpose of teaching people on conscious living through diet and lifestyle. She has been practicing Yoga for 7 years, and completed the Yoga Master 500 TTC Level Training in India under the direct guidance and discipleship of Swamiji Vidyananda – Founder and President of Yoga-Alliance-India and Yoga-Alliance-International. She is also a certified Living Foods Chef & Teacher from Boston, and has been teaching Live Foods for more than 4 years. Linda’s immense passion for the secret of lasting youth, vitality and longevity, led her to probe deep into the realms of Vedic Yogic wisdom and Living Foods Science.Linda is a living example of the effect of conscious living through lifestyle and diet with her abundant energy, stamina and youthfulness. She believes that by combining the two ancient schools of wisdom – Yoga and Living Foods, intelligently, one can unleash the natural healing as well as rejuvenating powers latent in every living human being. Linda now conducts Yoga classes, Yoga & Live Food Workshops as well as special Transformational Yoga classes

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