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Thriving on Raw on the Go! – Practical Raw Food Tips and Snacking Ideas

How to thrive on raw foods when attending business conferences or seminars that last the entire day!

Dear cherished readers, here are some practical raw food tips and snacking ideas that will help you make it through your next seminar with energy:

1. If you have no time to make a juice on the morning of the seminar, bring a pack of super green powders with you, or a bottle of marine phytoplankton, anything with a high concentration of good quality chlorophyll should work fine. We especially trust the Vitamineral Green and Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton. They are easy to transport around, easy to consume, and does the job of alkalising you immediately.

2. Bring at least 2 pieces of each – organic Apples, Kiwis, ripened Avocados, Bananas. Apples are easy to eat, kiwis can be eaten with their skin on – even if you wish to, you could peel off the skin without much effort or mess. Bananas are a gift from heaven to raw foodists. They are so easy to eat. And avocados are perfect to feed fats to the brains to keep them working!

3. Sprouted and dried Almonds and Pumpkin Seeds. Almonds are the most alkalising nuts of all, and easiest to digest too. We like to throw them into a bag with Cacao Nibs, Goji Berries and Organic Inca Berries.

4. A packet of Raw Cacao Powder for the tea break! While people make coffee, you can choose to make a heathy pick-me-up from raw cacao. It is good for the heart and saves you the crash afterwards! 

5. Bonus Tip – You can transport all your heavy stuff on day 1 of your seminar in a luggage trolley bag, and then ask for permission to deposit your foods with the premise fridge. In fact if it is air conditioned area, you could just store them at a cool corner table and label your name. That way you save some hassle for the next few days. 

Are these useful to you? Do write to us if you wish to have any raw food question answered and we can address that in our next newsletter. Big hugs!

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(C) Linda Loo

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