Staying Raw on the Go!

Dear cherished reader, do you find it a challenge to stay raw on the go, especially with holiday travels at this time of the year? Check out the following Raw Food Travel Tips to help make your journey a more fulfilling one!

1) Know where you are going. Do a search on the place where you are traveling to, either via a google search or asking friends who have been there. If you are visiting somebody in that country, then check with them on the food options, vegan eateries & cafes, as well as places where you can get fresh plant produces.

2) Get hold of a cheap blender while you are there. If you have friends there, ask them if it’s possible to borrow a used blender for the time being; or perhaps engage their help to buy a cheap one from electrical stores. Yes you have to spend a bit of money, but it’s gonna be worth it! If you are on a holiday, it makes more sense to use the time to sightsee, reconnect with loved ones/friends as compared to chomping down bowls after bowls of salad. Drinking your Greens in the form of smoothies is going to be so much more efficient; although the texture will not be fantastic, this still serves the purpose of meeting your mineral requirements.

3) Go well prepared. For example when I travel, the following are some essential items to bring:

  • Pure Synergy Powder (1 heaping scoop per day of stay)
  • 100 g of Sprouted Pumpkin/Sunflower Seeds, Almond/Cashew Nuts (per 1.5 days of stay)
  • 100 g of Dried Apricots/Figs/Dates/Raisins (per 2 days of stay)
  • 1 Tbs Virgin Coconut Oil (per day of stay)
  • 1 Tbs Raw Cacao Nibs/Powder (per day of stay)
  • 30 g Sea Salt (per 1 week of stay)

This will serve you well in case there is insufficient greens or EFAs intake – sometimes it is not possible to get enough quality greens & raw plant fats when we travel; the Pure Synergy covers mineral/chlorophyl requirements, seeds/nuts/coconut oil supply the EFAs and Raw Cacao/dried fruit to give energy when fresh fruits are unavailable.

Just make sure that the seeds & nuts are sprouted and dehydrated beforehand to make them easier to digest.

If you are traveling with a loved one/partner/friend, simply multiply the portions by the number of people in the gang. (Except for the sea salt – which you can use for seasoning when making your own salads, or you can order a salad at restaurants and request them to skip the table salt.)

4) If you are traveling with a buddy, it’s highly encouraged to tell him/her upfront about your diet preferences. It is of course much more meaningful to do Raw together while traveling – you share the chores of preparing foods to bring, shopping for groceries and making meals together!

However, do recognize that eating raw is a choice you make for yourself; if your buddy chooses otherwise, it is his/her right and you shall both discuss how to make it work while having different diets.

5) Use the Senses. It is not possible to find totally organic produces when traveling; the idea is to minimize conventional produces & get hold of as much organic/clean produces as you can. Before you buy or consume something, examine the crop carefully to see if there is any white residue (usually wax or spray); sniff at it and detect for peroxide (smells like smoke or sulphur). If you don’t like the scent, don’t buy it. Mother Earth has endowed us with wonderful senses to tell what is good and bad for our bodies.

Keep to fruits which are covered by skin – like Mangoes, Papayas, Avocados etc. These are the fruits which you can eat after removing the skin. Also, do a check with the local people there on what are the seasonal produces from that particular country. The chances of local seasonal produces (which are most likely low priced) being sprayed are lesser as compared to non-seasonal, non-local & costly imported fruits.

Hope these help! Have fun doing raw on the go!

(C) Linda Loo

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