Raw Food Diet : Staying Raw On The Go

While waiting for raw fast food chains, gourmet raw food cafes and raw vegan snacks stalls to be set up in our neighborhoods, staying raw in Singapore and Asia remains a definite challenge.

Besides the most commonly asked question about what I eat outside, there were also remarks like “troublesome, anti-social, impossible etc” coming from friends and relatives.

But challenging does not mean impossible! After turning raw, I’m grateful to say that I’m more alive than ever, still living in Singapore, and I still have my circle of loving friends.

1) What Do I Eat For Lunch/Dinner Outside?

Firstly, I do not follow meal-times – I eat whenever when I’m hungry and I feel like eating. “Lunch” or “Dinner” to me, is more of a connotation to coin hanging out or social time with loved ones (including friends).

There are times when I go to “lunch”, and its purely for catching up or social time. Depending on whether I’m hungry or not, I may just have a glass of water at the table.

Of course, some occasions may call for you to at least nibble something at the table, to put the rest of the diners at ease. In such cases, I order a plain salad or a fruit platter (with no dressings).

If I’m hungry, I usually bring my own food. These can be easily obtainable from fruit stalls or supermarkets – a mixture of pre-washed greens, bananas and any other fruits that catches my fancy.

Or, if I’m short on time for that day, I simply pack a couple of bananas together with some home-made nut butter in my bag.

2) What To Order In Restaurants?

Most, if not all restaurants, have abundant supplies of raw food in their kitchen. Whatever they serve on the dining table are all derived from raw foods.

The difference is whether you dare to ask for them, or not!

When its my turn to order, I’d tell the waiter to make an entree size plain salad, with every possible kind of raw vegetables they can find in the kitchen.

The size is important here – make sure you repeat to the waiter that you want a huge one because you are going to eat that as a main dish.

Ask for some cold-pressed olive oil, if available, on the side.

If its a long lunch/dinner, where the rest of the diners will be served 4-5 courses, then order an additional large fresh fruit platter, free of dressings.

From experience, traditional Chinese restaurants are the ones which I have a little more problem with. They may not have that much raw vegetables to spare, but they can still serve fresh fruits, if requested.

3) Do I Get Hungry Constantly? And How To Prevent That?

Before I start my day, breakfast consists of a super huge smoothie and/or mixed fresh fruits. When I’m out for the whole day, my bag is well stocked with nibbles like sesame balls, goji berries and dried nuts.

These nibbles are condensed in calories and go a long way to keep hunger pangs at bay.

Because of an active lifestyle, I get hungry pretty easily. And I’m grateful to know that the best pick-me-ups are not energy bars, sports drinks or protein shakes.

In fact, the easiest and best way to recharge energy levels is by eating fresh fruits – which gives us good old simple sugars.

For those of you who are active, the next time you complete a long hike or run, try having an apple or banana, instead of reaching for that sports drink or protein shake.

Your body will thank you by rewarding you with energy and happiness.

4) Do I Think Staying on Raw Foods Is Sustainable?

Honestly, before Asia evolved to the stage where there are as many eco-farms/raw vegan/organic cafes as fast food/coffee joints, preparing my own meals is still essential for me.

However, it did not stop me from doing the things I used to do, or jeopardizing worthy companionships. In fact, my life got bigger and bigger after I turned raw.

Ultimately, there is no perfect situations or scenarios. The difference is in making the best out of whatever we have, in a way which works for us.

So, my answer to this last question is a definite “YES”!

So come on, have a raw meal or 2 today, rejoice and celebrate your life! :)

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