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Eye Protection: Top 8 Natural Tips

With technology evolving at lightening speed, we now spend more time in front of the computer and reading into wee hours. While it is meaningful to learn & upgrade, it is also important to take care of our beepers!

1. Wash the eyes with clean filtered water/spring water every night before sleep.

2. When eyestrain occurs from over computer exposure, shut the lights & close eyes under complete darkness for 10 min.


 Stare at Natural Greenery everyday to help eye recovery!

3. Refrain from reading from reading under the following conditions:
-Moving vehicle
-Dim or insufficient light.

4. Strive to keep the following rules when reading:

-Hold the book at least 15 inches away from the eyes
-Always let the light fall on the book from your left
-Frequently blink the eyes when reading
-For every hour of reading, focus the eyes on an object far away for at least 2 min.

5. Never look at the blazing sun directly.

6. This is for the girls – reduce the frequency of applying Mascara on the eyelashes. The acts of applying & removing eye make our eyes weak & vulnerable to infections.

7. Hair dyes, or chemical treatments directly affect the eye functioning because they shoot right into the brain. If possible, eliminate the use of chemical dyes or products.

8. Eat more dark green leafy vegetables – one of the ways is to have them in your green smoothies! If you want to learn how to make delicious green smoothies, join us in our Intro to Living Foods (ILF) workshop!

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Linda’s Food Pyramid

I’d been asked many questions about the food pyramid throughout all these years, the good news is that it is getting dramatically less frequent recently! People all around are waking up to the fact that what we see out there, may be pretty far away from what really works for us.

And of course, most of the readers or students who come to me are already quite savvy on their own course of pursuing healthy eating.

In fact, I dismissed the standard food pyramid way before I even discovered about raw foods. Back in 2005 when I was training madly for the Standard Chartered Marathon, I already learnt that the standard food pyramid cannot serve me in helping me achieve stellar fitness stamina.

That was also the time I started my interest into health diets, lifestyle practices as well as anti-ageing methods, which till today I am still crazy about!

This figure currently best summarizes what I eat:

You can see that the base of my diet is formed mainly of living greens, fruits and sprouts. This also includes fatty fruits like Avocados, Durian and Coconut which are very abundant in Singapore.

In fact, I consume most of my calories in the form of blended Green Smoothies, Green Smoothie Superfood Ice-Creams and Blended Soups. These 2 categories of foods are the most efficient and fastest ways of packing the most amount of nutrition into my body for best digestion. And of course, they taste awesome too!

Next on the ladder comes my complementary foods like ginger, carrots and cucumbers. They add flavor, variety as well as serve as delicious salad vegetables when I feel like chewing something. Ground flax seeds are my main source of omegas; I always tell my readers and friends that if they want their omegas covered, just turn to ground flax seeds and save all the trouble!

Flax seeds contain the perfect Omega 3 to 6 ratio, which is optimal for human body assimilation. All those hype about fish, meat, supplements and so on? I choose to disregard them because I’ve found that I’ve gained more benefits just by adding in ground flax to my diet.

And so have many other healthy alive people I’ve known all over the world from all cultures. Many of them happen to be active people who loves to exercise too.

If I am able to get organic raw oats, I’ll sprout them (by soaking overnight) and make them into cookies, breads and pies. These make awesome healthy nibbles and treats for guests. There was a point in time in my transition when I needed to eat a large amount of sprouted nuts and fats; that was temporary though. Now I’m very easily satisfied with fresh fruit fats, and small amounts of sprouted seeds & nuts.

Raw Organic Cacao is something which have done wonders for my health and beauty breakthroughs in the past 1 year. Some of you whom have been to our sessions may know that one of the factors that pushed me onto natural health, is my vanity!

Being a super food in itself, Cacao is concentrated in magnesium and contains unique heart boosting qualities. My exercise stamina can improve greatly just by having a small serving of Raw Organic Cacao Brownie in the mornings!

And of course, right at the very top, those which I eats the least quantities of, are the pure refined fats. Although cold pressed, raw and organic, they are still refined fats, and best taken in small quantities. Virgin Coconut and Virgin Olive are the only 2 oils I use currently, because they both serve important functions to regulate liver regeneration, and of course, beauty! Cacao Butter is also something I’ll work into my recipes because this is one of the best fats to give maximum skin nourishment while making the raw cookies delicious!

I hope this pyramid can give you a better idea of what I have been doing, to be where I am today. Like what I encourage the readers, look at what you are today compared to yesterday, last week, last year, 2 years ago etc. Are you progressing towards where you want to go? If you are nearer, then yes you are on the right track.

As for me, I’ve never looked better before, more radiant before, have more energy before, while spending next to zero on cosmetics, supplements or counter drugs. If I’m having darker hair than before, brighter skin, clearer eyes and stronger mind than before, I must have done some right things

Cheers to Clarity!

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Green Smoothies FAQs Part II


I had tried 2 types of smoothies on my own using your formula. It was delicious but the texture is not as good as what we drank during the workshop – is this due to the blender quality.

“Yes you are right on that – the Blender makes a whole world of difference. If you are serious about transitioning onto blended smoothies and foods for the long term, it is definitely more economical and efficient to invest in a quality one.”




What can I do with the vegetable stalks, which we do not use in blending?

“The best way to use them is to use them in dehydrated recipes like cakes, breads, pies or crackers. We can process these stalks in the food processor in recipes, and they form the base/texture to make raw gourmet snacks ‘chewy’. If you don’t have time or don’t own a dehydrator yet, you can use the stalks to make juice for facial masks, ferment them with fruit peels to make enzymes, compost for your garden, or simply feed them to pet turtles or rabbits! “

Click on the link to see more questions answered on Green Smoothies: Green Smoothies FAQs Part I

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Green Smoothies FAQs Part I

1) How can I make Avocados Smoothies tasty, they usually taste bland; can I blend the pit?

These questions are increasing because more people are becoming aware of the goodness in Avocados. I was jokingly telling my friend that the price of Avocados may increase pretty soon, at the rate which we are training Singaporeans to incorporate living foods into their diet

The thing when using Avocados is to know that these are not sweet, therefore we cannot rely on them to give a sweet taste to our end-smoothie. If we wish to use them to make good smoothies, we can put in more sweet fruits like red Melons, Grapes & Chinese Shui Jing Pears.

If you have a powerful blender like ours, you can also blend the pit in for extra nutritional boost. Just be aware that the smoothie will taste slightly bitter. We don’t encourage you to blend the pit with a commercial blender, unless you are planning to break the blades. Which may be a blessing because then you’ll have an excuse to finally invest in a good blender!

2) Will blending smoothies destroy the enzymes in fruits & greens?

Any form of processing takes away nutrition from fresh living foods; the best way is of course to consume organic crops freshly harvested from the soil. However, in our busy conventional lives today, we don’t have time to sit down and chew greens whole day, so we use the blender to ‘pre-digest’ the foods.

And yes of course the heat from blades will remove some nutrients but the resulting smoothie will still be much more nutrient dense than a standard cooked store bought meal.

Click on the link to get to Green Smoothies FAQs Part II.

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Easy 4 Weeks Plan to Weight Loss and Detox

Using Raw Foods/ Living Foods to release excess weight is one of the easiest, and safest ways as compared to the conventional slimming pills, appetite suppressants or cosmetic measures. When a person goes on Raw Foods, you are eating natural clean foods which are meant for humans from Nature. It is a slow form of detox by itself, and allows the body to get rid of unwanted toxins as well as fat.

Another reason for fat loss on raw foods is the elimination of junk, processed and/or nutritionally deficient foods. When a person increases consumption of natural fresh produces, the capacity for junk processed foods decreases automatically. This cuts down the amount of toxins generated by digesting junk foods.

Week 1:







Replace your daily breakfast with a pure fruit meal.

Breakfast is usually the easiest meal of the day to control. Before you start the day in a mad rush, have a large meal of fresh fruits. It can consist of anything – bananas, apples, cantaloupes, etc. The key here is to ensure that you eat enough to last you to lunch! If you feel hungry before lunch-time arrives, then you did not eat enough fruit in the morning. If this is the case, make sure you increase your breakfast meal the following day.

If you had been eating conventional breakfasts of scrambled eggs/toast, cooked carbohydrates like rice noodles or bread, you will notice a fresh clean feeling for the first time ever when you switch to a clean fruit meal.

Week 2:

Bring fruits with you to your work-place or wherever you are going to have your lunch at, and eat as much fruit as you like before having lunch!

The key here is to add a pre-lunch snack of fresh fruits. When you fill up on fresh fruit, the capacity you have for the cooked meal later will be largely diminished. The fiber and water content from fruits will make you feel full, and vitamins and nutrients from fresh fruits will give you a feeling of satiation faster. This means that you are unlikely to overeat an unhealthy lunch.

Week 3:

Keep up what you have been doing for the past 2 weeks – having a pure fruit meal for breakfast, eating your fill on fruits before lunch. And now, do the same for dinner as well, but with a variation. Instead of filling up on fresh fruits before eating dinner, you can choose to fill up on a any raw plain salads, depending on which is available.

This means that before eating your dinner, you should eat a huge raw salad consisting of any fresh uncooked greens, vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers etc) without any dressing. Eat as much as you want before starting onto your dinner. If a salad is not available, you may stick to having your fruits before dinner, just like you do for lunch.

When you fill up on fresh uncooked vegetables before dinner, again, you are filling up on the good stuff, and reducing stomach space for the not-so-good foods. And not to mention, the nutritional boost you get from all these raw foods will prevent unhealthy cravings for junk foods.

Week 4:

By now, you should have noticed a significant improvement in how you look or feel. Most people will have experienced at least some fat loss, and a significant improvement in skin tone. For this week, you can carry on doing what you have been doing for the past 3 weeks, or if you want to take it further, you may incorporate 1 more final step.

Change your lunch meal to a large salad meal. This means you still eat your large fruit meal before lunch, but instead of ordering your normal rice, sandwich, noodles etc for lunch, you eat a large salad lunch. This salad should consist of a variety of greens and vegetables (as many colors as possible). It would be ideal to be able to pack your own salad, because most salads sold outside are meager in serving size, and lack variety. Of course, if packing is not an option, then buy at least 2 boxes for a decent lunch from a supermarket or salad bar. Just make sure you skip the fatty dressings sold at salad bars.

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Raw Foods Transition – Is this Necessary?

Although Raw Foods have proven to give significant healing and energizing benefits, we must still remember that major dietary changes are not accomplished overnight.

Of course, there are some whom are able to switch to raw foods cold turkey; but remember no 2 humans are the same. We are each unique and our body systems each work differently. Most of us are better off with a gradual transition rather than overnight major changes.

In fact, most of the experienced raw food experts (those whom have been on this lifestyle for more than 10-20 years) encourage us onto a gradual dietary transition rather than sudden overnight changes.









Why is there a need for gradual transition? Let’s just explore 3 general logics today.

When we change our diet, especially when it comes to raw foods, there are a few things to look out for:

1) The Detox period.

While we are not saying that this will happen for everyone, it is useful to take note and make provision for these Detox symptoms to occur.

In fact, there are many people who eat a heavily processed and cooked food diet, and then switch to healthier ways of eating, and experienced Detox symptoms too! They don’t even need to become raw yet.

Detox symptoms like cold, flu, fever, fatigue diarrhea etc are simply ways in which the body eliminates old toxins. These toxins come from food, water, environmental as well as mental/emotional stress that were built up over years. Due to over toxicity, these toxins are kept hidden within the body, and when the diet cleans up, the body goes on a “spring-cleaning” mode and rid itself of the old junk.

This is in fact good news; we want the toxins to be OUT, rather than stay IN our body.

Therefore, for anyone turning raw, this is definitely a likely possibility. So with this in mind, we want to allow the body to gradually transition, so that the Detox symptoms can be milder, or even non-existent. Since we give the body time to adjust, old toxins can be slowly released through daily elimination.

2) Mind Matters

When the diet cleans up, the Mind starts to clear too. The body will continue to detox, become cleaner, more efficient and energetic. At this time, the Mind starts to become stronger, clearer and focused. This is also what most raw fooders describe as “Mental Clarity”.

It is a good thing to have Mental Clarity definitely. However, we must remember that we are all subjects of conditioning; programming which have been drummed into us both consciously and subconsciously throughout our life-time. Programming begins the moment we are born as infants.

Every response/reaction, word/action and even habits from our parents/guardians/family, school, friends, media etc, forms certain perceptions, beliefs and characters of us. Intentions aside (they are just loving us in the best way they can anyway!), these programming can act as stumbling blocks on our paths in Life.

Many of them unfortunately, may not be supportive of a healthy diet, let alone a raw foods diet!

This is also a time when most raw fooders run the likelihood of feeling or appearing “spacey or confused” because they feel like an isolation from their community.

Of course there are also a lucky few who did it smoothly with suave; these people are mentally strong enough to know whether they are doing the right things. They are mostly in a strong community of like minds; are usually logical people who are used to taking charge of their own lives, being responsible for their choices and know where they want to go in life. These people are comparatively more independent than others, and even when they have doubts, their faith speaks louder.

Being humans, some of us may feel that the Mental Clarity is too unbearable and eventually fall away or worse still, swing right back to the far extreme of junk food!

3) Emotional Anchors

There are so many hidden emotional anchors in food and dietary habits, which are unknown to us. Subconsciously they affect our every food choice, our emotions and ensuing mental states.

Smell buttery donut, and think of the times when we were in school and passing by that bakery on our way home. Smell Asian Stir-fry, and think of Mummy’s loving preparation of dinner. Smell roasted chicken/turkey, and think of Festive or Christmas gatherings where the whole family gathers together.

Sounds familiar?

These mentioned above, are just an introduction to the whole myriad of Emotional Anchors deeply rooted in each of us ☺

Ever heard the popular saying that:” Diet is one of the most difficult things to change in a person!”

Well, it is right in a large sense. Why? Because every human needs to eat; we eat an average of 3 meals a day, and that is more than 1,000 meal-times in a year. Multiply that with our age, and we can see how many times we had an opportunity to program our subconscious minds in the past!

One of the most profound things to happen in raw foods is the eventual liberation of the emotions, which follows after the mind clearing up. While it sounds all exciting and good to be free of emotional toxins and baggage, it has to be emphasized that raw foods DO NOT solve the emotional issues. Raw Foods merely removes the barrier, puts you face to face with your issues whatever they are. In other words, people who have deep emotional baggage will feel the impact 10 times stronger.

Nor do Raw Foods provide the skills on how to bridge the emotional releases. It is not a magic pill; rather, it allows you to face them and uncover the root causes. We can discuss a whole thesis full of content on this topic alone; but for now, the purpose of this article is to bring your awareness to this and take note that this is a valid reason for raw food transitioning.

As the body cleans up, the mind clears, we want to be gentle and allow the emotions to adjust too. Balance in Progression and Transformation is the Key.

Again of course, this does not apply to every single human on Earth. We are talking about most people, and especially in Asia where we are still moving onto a more open-minded, embracing and unconventional way of life.

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Tips to Awesome Raw Chef Skills

There is a Raw Chef in all of you!

If you have just begun your Raw Foods adventure, these tips shall serve you as a guidance to whipping up delicious recipes for yourself, friends and loved ones:

There are 5 fundamental flavors to any good dish, and there is one very important “Arm” which carry these flavors into the foods to enhance its taste and texture.

The 5 Fingers

1) Acidic: This flavor is sourish, and breaks down the tough fibers of tough foods (especially cruciferous veges like cauliflower and broccoli), making them more palatable as well as digestible. It also complements the other 4 “Fingers” to bring out a bouquet of flavors.

2) Salty: Any dish void of this flavor, cannot help but taste bland. Especially for somebody who’ve just transitioned onto living foods, their taste buds are still programmed with the heavier cooked foods flavors (usually with oils, table salt, artificial flavorings etc) , and they are going to find it even more tasteless. In raw foods preparation, we use sea salt, organic shoyu and sometimes miso to achieve this flavor.

Besides flavoring, salt can also assist the acids in breaking down food fiber.

3) Sweet: The moment we add sweetness into any dish, we find that the taste is enhanced greatly. It compliments the saltish and acidic flavors, making them more intense. When we eat them, the combination makes it into an enjoyable experience where different parts of our tongues registers the various tastes all at the same time, making it a great dish. It also balances the sourish and salty tastes.

4) Spicy: This may not be the dominant flavor in the dish, unless it is a curry, salsa, chili etc recipe where people would expect spiciness to be the key flavor. In all other dishes, just a hint of it simply works wonders. You can achieve this flavor with chili powder, curry powder and pepper (some of the more common ones).

5) Bitter/Pungent: Sounds unlikely? Wait till you add in a little of this bitterish taste, and you find that the whole dish tastes heavenly. Some common options include garlic, tumeric and onion powder.

The Arm
Why is it called the Arm? Because it is indispensable! The Arm is simply a fat. Any raw fat like virgin seed/nut oils, avocados, sprouted raw nuts/seeds can be used to hold the 5 “fingers” above. Fat carries the 5 flavors mentioned above into the fibers of the foods (for eg the salad veges in a salad dish) and accentuate the tastes).

Although these are good tips to use as a guideline for making awesome raw dishes, please bear in mind that these are culinary tips; in other words the objective is to make a raw dish tastes flavorful and delicious. If your objective is to lose weight, or you have a certain fat content to watch, simply integrate your own guidelines whenever you are making food for yourself by using common sense.

I hope these shall be useful to you; cheers to the Raw Chef in You!

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Yin Yang Balanced Smoothies

We know that consuming Green Smoothies is an awesome way of getting the best nutrition into the body. They are easy to make, taste delicious, contains first class nutrients, requires little to zero digestion, and produces no by-product toxins.

Now, the key is to balance the nature of the Green Smoothie so that the resulting smoothie is not too cooling, nor too heaty.

In Asia, it is easy to tilt over to the cooling side because firstly, Greens are already alkalizing and most Greens cools the body. Plus the fact that most of our fruit crops are cooling (because we are in tropical climate with warm weathers), it is extremely to feel too cold from consuming Smoothies.

By becoming informed with the nature of fruits and greens, we can plan our Green Smoothies ingredients to make sure we can enjoy the benefits while feeling balanced.

By including a mixture of fruits from both Yin and Yang groups, on rotational basis, we make sure that our Green Smoothies has somewhat a balanced nature, instead of skewing towards either being too cooling or heaty.

To intentionally increase the thermal nature of a Green Smoothie, some easy tips to remember also include throwing in:

1) a 2 inch Fresh Ginger
2) a 2 inch Fresh Tumeric
3) 2-3 Tbs of Raw Cacao
4) Basil, Dill, Oregano
5) a handful of heaty “topping fruits” (fruits which are not suitable for blending but do well as a topping over a Green Smoothie or Green Pudding)
– Longans, Lychees, Rambutans, Duku Langsat,
6) a handful of soaked Goji Berries
7) a handful of soaked walnuts, pumpkin/sunflower seeds

Cooling Fruits in Singapore

Water Melons – Red, Yellow
Coconut Water
Passion Fruits
Most Greens & Herbs are Cooling in nature. Especially cooling Greens are:

Xiao Bai Chye
Sweet Potato Leaves
Water Cress

Warming Fruits in Singapore

Coconut Meat
Rock Melon
Sun Melon
Ba Chiku
Red Grapes (with seeds)


Honey Dew

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