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Linda’s Food Pyramid

I’d been asked many questions about the food pyramid throughout all these years, the good news is that it is getting dramatically less frequent recently! People all around are waking up to the fact that what we see out there, may be pretty far away from what really works for us.

And of course, most of the readers or students who come to me are already quite savvy on their own course of pursuing healthy eating.

In fact, I dismissed the standard food pyramid way before I even discovered about raw foods. Back in 2005 when I was training madly for the Standard Chartered Marathon, I already learnt that the standard food pyramid cannot serve me in helping me achieve stellar fitness stamina.

That was also the time I started my interest into health diets, lifestyle practices as well as anti-ageing methods, which till today I am still crazy about!

This figure currently best summarizes what I eat:

You can see that the base of my diet is formed mainly of living greens, fruits and sprouts. This also includes fatty fruits like Avocados, Durian and Coconut which are very abundant in Singapore.

In fact, I consume most of my calories in the form of blended Green Smoothies, Green Smoothie Superfood Ice-Creams and Blended Soups. These 2 categories of foods are the most efficient and fastest ways of packing the most amount of nutrition into my body for best digestion. And of course, they taste awesome too!

Next on the ladder comes my complementary foods like ginger, carrots and cucumbers. They add flavor, variety as well as serve as delicious salad vegetables when I feel like chewing something. Ground flax seeds are my main source of omegas; I always tell my readers and friends that if they want their omegas covered, just turn to ground flax seeds and save all the trouble!

Flax seeds contain the perfect Omega 3 to 6 ratio, which is optimal for human body assimilation. All those hype about fish, meat, supplements and so on? I choose to disregard them because I’ve found that I’ve gained more benefits just by adding in ground flax to my diet.

And so have many other healthy alive people I’ve known all over the world from all cultures. Many of them happen to be active people who loves to exercise too.

If I am able to get organic raw oats, I’ll sprout them (by soaking overnight) and make them into cookies, breads and pies. These make awesome healthy nibbles and treats for guests. There was a point in time in my transition when I needed to eat a large amount of sprouted nuts and fats; that was temporary though. Now I’m very easily satisfied with fresh fruit fats, and small amounts of sprouted seeds & nuts.

Raw Organic Cacao is something which have done wonders for my health and beauty breakthroughs in the past 1 year. Some of you whom have been to our sessions may know that one of the factors that pushed me onto natural health, is my vanity!

Being a super food in itself, Cacao is concentrated in magnesium and contains unique heart boosting qualities. My exercise stamina can improve greatly just by having a small serving of Raw Organic Cacao Brownie in the mornings!

And of course, right at the very top, those which I eats the least quantities of, are the pure refined fats. Although cold pressed, raw and organic, they are still refined fats, and best taken in small quantities. Virgin Coconut and Virgin Olive are the only 2 oils I use currently, because they both serve important functions to regulate liver regeneration, and of course, beauty! Cacao Butter is also something I’ll work into my recipes because this is one of the best fats to give maximum skin nourishment while making the raw cookies delicious!

I hope this pyramid can give you a better idea of what I have been doing, to be where I am today. Like what I encourage the readers, look at what you are today compared to yesterday, last week, last year, 2 years ago etc. Are you progressing towards where you want to go? If you are nearer, then yes you are on the right track.

As for me, I’ve never looked better before, more radiant before, have more energy before, while spending next to zero on cosmetics, supplements or counter drugs. If I’m having darker hair than before, brighter skin, clearer eyes and stronger mind than before, I must have done some right things

Cheers to Clarity!

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Green Smoothies FAQs Part II


I had tried 2 types of smoothies on my own using your formula. It was delicious but the texture is not as good as what we drank during the workshop – is this due to the blender quality.

“Yes you are right on that – the Blender makes a whole world of difference. If you are serious about transitioning onto blended smoothies and foods for the long term, it is definitely more economical and efficient to invest in a quality one.”




What can I do with the vegetable stalks, which we do not use in blending?

“The best way to use them is to use them in dehydrated recipes like cakes, breads, pies or crackers. We can process these stalks in the food processor in recipes, and they form the base/texture to make raw gourmet snacks ‘chewy’. If you don’t have time or don’t own a dehydrator yet, you can use the stalks to make juice for facial masks, ferment them with fruit peels to make enzymes, compost for your garden, or simply feed them to pet turtles or rabbits! “

Click on the link to see more questions answered on Green Smoothies: Green Smoothies FAQs Part I

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5 Tips to ‘Upgrade’ yourself as a Smoothie Guru!

For all of you Smoothie Gurus who are making Smoothies regularly – Cheers!

Here are 5 Tips to ‘upgrade’ yourself to Smoothie Guru:

1) Stick to the protocol you learnt with us on keeping it simple, unless you are at the *Smoothie Commando or *Smoothie Queen level.

If you wish to add in new items into your Smoothie, do so one at a time.

(*Which means you can mix more than 6 types of fruits and greens together and still make it taste heavenly)

First of all, thank you for loving our In-House Smoothies, we read that you wished you can make smoothies which taste exactly like ours. Please be gentle on yourselves and remember that we have been on the path for more than 4 years, we make smoothies everyday(still doing that now) & we made so many mistakes!

You are already doing an amazing job with just less than a year of practice.

Whenever you try new experiments, and find that your smoothie taste yucky, go back one or two steps to the basics and start simple again. Use only a max of 2 fruits, under the Conceptual Format that you learnt with us. You won’t go wrong that way.

Whatever you do, never give up! Keep trying till you get it ☺; and you will.

2) Rotation is Key – Rotate with Intelligence to save time

Many of us are lazy to shop for a large variety of fruits; we sometimes only stick to Bananas, Oranges, Apples and Papayas because they are easier to cut.

If we only stick to the same fruits, we are going to become bored and sick of them, not to mention mal-nutrition. (Yes it is POSSIBLE to eat Living Foods and be malnourished.)

Some big fruits like Coconut, Watermelon (yellow, red), Rock Melons are nutritious and tasty to use in Smoothies. But people find them too heavy and bulky, and a hassle to prepare.

One trick is this – buy the big fruits once a week, say over the weekend, chop them up into blend-able sizes, freeze them immediately, and use over the week.

For Coconuts, you can use the water over the 2 days after you open them, and the meat you can freeze in individual containers, and bring them out one at a time as you use each portion.

3) Amen to Avocado!

Please, folks, don’t forget our best friend – the Amazing Avocado. This fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients, anti-oxidants, and minerals & is so affordable. Use half or a whole Avocado in the smoothies. This increases the satiation factor and makes the Smoothie last longer.

Gals, remember how we shared a secret about beauty & drooled at the Avocado during the Intro Workshop? We hope you have been using them regularly; if not, go out and grab a couple today!

4) Use Toppings

By now, you would already have become Intermediate Smoothie Gurus, if not Veterans!

You can now start to experiment with toppings – add some of the favorite Singaporean/Malaysian local fruits like Durians, Mang Ka/Chempedek (Jackfruit), Longans, Rambutans (we got really hooked onto Rambutans lately!), Lychee, Ba Duku, Duku Langsat, Longkang etc into the Smoothies and eat the entire thing with a spoon!

You can even sprinkle 2 Tbs of Cacao Nibs on top for a pre-workout boost.












5) Upgrade the Blender

The best Chef skills can only be showcased through extraordinary equipment. When we were overseas and had to put up with commercial blenders, there was no way we could make divinely smooth Smoothies. It just cannot happen because the blades are weak and lousy.

When you have been drinking Smoothies for 3 months or more, it is time to choose for yourself whether you wish to continue this path. The best way to tell is based on how energetic you feel and how you look.

If you feel great & look fresher than before, you know that what you have done really works for you.

If you decide that – ok this feels right for me, and I wish to carry on incorporating more living foods, particularly Smoothies, because I feel better, look better now; it makes more sense to invest in a good blender.

Get a good affordable blender now to start blending! Email contact@livingfoodslindaloo.com to enquire. More info: The Linda Loo Blender

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Raw Food Diet – My Detox Symptoms (Part II)

…continued from Detox Symptoms Part I

A most commonly experienced symptom may be stomach upsets in the first 2 – 3 days; I rarely knew anyone or read anything about more than 4 days. And most of them, provided they stick to a cleaner, less processed diet, the stomach upsets are usually replaced by a fresh sensation of cleanliness, and a peaceful, pleasant ‘buzz’.

But then again, because people are different and may react different, don’t panic if your stomach upsets last longer. Just make sure you have been eating the cleanest (check hygienic measures) and freshest produce. Some people, like me last time, could have lived decadent lifestyles for more than a decade! So there is quite a bit of spring cleaning going on!

Your state of health is not an overnight thing. If you had not been taking care for years, then don’t expect it to reverse at your first attempt! Give it some time, the right resources, and the Body knows What To Do.

As I had mentioned in Part 1, my big detox came after 3 weeks on 100% raw. Some people had it just in 3 days, some after 3 months, some may not even have any at all. For myself, and most people I know, they usually come in the forms of colds, coughs, fever and/or other flu-like symptoms.

Ever heard our elders say before :’It is not good to take too much antibiotics for flu’ ? I’m too young to be an elder, but sometimes the elders may know a thing or two which we didn’t. Because they lived in the end of the agricultural age, and coincidentally cancer was unheard of during those times. So were many more other degenerative diseases which are surfacing now.

Of course, it is up to us on how much we want to rely on medical science for our well-being. Over-dependence on anything unnatural, in my opinion, is not sustainable.








How did I cope with my detox?

Well, I didn’t visit the doctor. I simply rode it out!

1)At the first sign of unwellness, stop what you are working on and rest. Don’t move around so much and lie in horizontal position as much as you can.

2)Eat lightly, and only when you are hungry. If you still don’t feel hungry after skipping a meal, skip the next one too.

“Listen To Your Body. It knows how to ward off illnesses. But you have to be quiet enough to hear the signals and intelligent enough to follow them. ” ED.J , Spokesperson & Naturopathic Physician from The California Association of Naturopathy Physicians.

3)If you are hungry, for goodness sake, try to minimize processed foods. If you have decided to go off the detox, then keep as much as possible to a least adulterated diet. However, it would be wonderful if you can feed your body with fresh juices or vegetables.

For me, it lasted a gruesome 6 days. And after that, I have never felt more alive! In fact, the thought of living anyway otherwise is unimaginable

Behold the Greatness Within You

And Jump For Joy!

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Raw Food Diet – My Detox Symptoms (Part I)

Detox symptoms are one of the most talked-about things in any raw food diet. Regardless of the respective school of philosophy, most raw food gurus have much to comment on the topic of detox symptoms.

Based on experiences about myself, newbies and veteran raw foodists whom I know, most had at some point of time in their raw lifehoods, went through detox periods. These can range from mild fatigue to full-blown colds/fevers.

The key to remember here is that no 2 people are alike, and there is no standard benchmark you should measure yourself against. Your body speaks to you! Always follow your instincts if you feel you are not well enough to carry on, and seek professional treatment if you feel the need to.

Of course if you have been eating totally raw and still experience detox symptoms after a year, it is not normal! You may be following the diet wrongly, or you could be eating the wrong foods.










For myself, even though I was eating mostly raw for 2 years, my detox symptoms came only 3 weeks after I turned 100% raw. The first 3 days of going 100% was already amazing for me with the following changes:

1) My mental fog lifted and I started to see the world as it is, not as what we have been conditioned to.

2) I felt so full of love for the nature, the eco-life, the animals and fellow human beings I see everywhere.

3) My skin glowed and my eyes cleared.

4) I was eating buckets of food everyday! And gained a little weight

5) My energy level increased by about 50%.

These continued for the next 3 weeks. And then the big detox symptoms came. I felt really lethargic, tired, and suffered an intense cold which lasted a full week. I slept most of the time, drinking only blended soups because no food could make it through the mountain of ulcers in my mouth! I had fever too, and it was simply miserable!

But guess what – after that week, I had been flying till now! I dropped some weight during that sick period (for good!), and had an even more amazing list of experiences:

1) My energy levels shot through the roof! I was literally over the moon with joy because I could run & swim with almost double my speed and not feel tired. I’m usually back to shape the next day without aches or pains.

2) My mental focus sharpened greatly.

3) Intuition improved.

4) My hair started turning black after 4 months!

5) I’m constantly happy for no reason. And when I do get stressed at work, it does not get into me!

6) I need lesser sleep hours and get more work done!

You know what – I could go on for ages. To me, I got these experiences after my detox period and so I thought you may wish to hear about them too! Until today I’m still over the moon, or maybe even beyond the milky way

Keep a look out for Part II!

Join me and jump for joy today, because nothing beats being alive!
Love from Linda

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Yin Yang Balanced Smoothies

We know that consuming Green Smoothies is an awesome way of getting the best nutrition into the body. They are easy to make, taste delicious, contains first class nutrients, requires little to zero digestion, and produces no by-product toxins.

Now, the key is to balance the nature of the Green Smoothie so that the resulting smoothie is not too cooling, nor too heaty.

In Asia, it is easy to tilt over to the cooling side because firstly, Greens are already alkalizing and most Greens cools the body. Plus the fact that most of our fruit crops are cooling (because we are in tropical climate with warm weathers), it is extremely to feel too cold from consuming Smoothies.

By becoming informed with the nature of fruits and greens, we can plan our Green Smoothies ingredients to make sure we can enjoy the benefits while feeling balanced.

By including a mixture of fruits from both Yin and Yang groups, on rotational basis, we make sure that our Green Smoothies has somewhat a balanced nature, instead of skewing towards either being too cooling or heaty.

To intentionally increase the thermal nature of a Green Smoothie, some easy tips to remember also include throwing in:

1) a 2 inch Fresh Ginger
2) a 2 inch Fresh Tumeric
3) 2-3 Tbs of Raw Cacao
4) Basil, Dill, Oregano
5) a handful of heaty “topping fruits” (fruits which are not suitable for blending but do well as a topping over a Green Smoothie or Green Pudding)
– Longans, Lychees, Rambutans, Duku Langsat,
6) a handful of soaked Goji Berries
7) a handful of soaked walnuts, pumpkin/sunflower seeds

Cooling Fruits in Singapore

Water Melons – Red, Yellow
Coconut Water
Passion Fruits
Most Greens & Herbs are Cooling in nature. Especially cooling Greens are:

Xiao Bai Chye
Sweet Potato Leaves
Water Cress

Warming Fruits in Singapore

Coconut Meat
Rock Melon
Sun Melon
Ba Chiku
Red Grapes (with seeds)


Honey Dew

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Smoothies for the Cool Season

We are right in the middle of the year end monsoon season in Singapore, where showers and cool wind are present almost every day after noon.

While I’m enjoying the nice cool change, it does get a bit chilly to be eating raw foods unless we plan intelligently on food selection. Singapore is situated right next to the equator, and we are a tropical country with plenty of cooling fruits. For somebody eating mostly raw foods here, it can be easy to tilt over to the cooling side.

Just like natural forces in life, foods also have a particular nature of Yin, Yang or neutral. This is also the time to add in some warming foods into the raw food meal plans.

When you are making a smoothie and you use common fruits like Bananas, Melons, Citrus fruits and/or Coconut water, the smoothie will be of a very Yin consistency. There are some easy pointers to follow if you wish balance or warm the consistency of the resulting smoothie:

1) Add a small piece of fresh old ginger into the smoothie
2) Throw in handful of Basil – which is warming
3) Use more of local greens which are neutral like Tung Oh
4) Reduce the use of Xiao Bai Chye and Sweet Potato Leaves
5) If you are using coconut, make use of the coconut meat as well as the water
6) Use more Mangoes to replace Bananas in smoothies
7) Include some “heaty” fruits like Durians, Jackfruit, Longans, Rambutans and Lychee in the weekly diet

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The Best Anti-Depressants

The cases of depression & insomnia affecting our nations today, have exploded exponentially over the past 2 years.

Every other day, I’d hear a friend telling me about sleepless nights, a loved one sharing about a colleague suffering from “split personality” and depressions, or even a passer-by mention about how alcohol helps them sleep better.

Rewind our society by 50 years, do our grand parents suffer from such symptoms when they were our age?

Heck no! And therefore common sense tells me that this is NOT natural.

Anti-depressants make us more depressed; I used to be on it in the younger days, and from both my own and friends’ experiences, they made a emotional wreck out of anyone dependent on them.

In fact, the real lasting solution to any problem including depression, lies within the simplest and humblest things. Besides some complicated powdered synthesized chemicals made in a lab named as Anti-Depressant pills, here are some DELIGHTFUL ideas to help alleviate DEPRESSION.

1) Green Smoothies

Start your day with a Green Smoothie, and watch how your emotions remain stable, calm, joyful and loving until your next meal.

There is just some magic in Chlorophyll, combined with the living goodness of fresh fruits, which makes anyone balanced and happy. Chlorophyll is basically the essence of sunlight. The more living foods we eat, the more light we install in our body, and eventually there is no room for dark depression to exist.


2) Sunlight

This abundant resource controls more than 8,000 neurological functions in our body. No wonder more and more people are getting depressed. Because we live in boxes, work in partitions, bombarded by electromagnetic devices and most people do not even get sun exposure for 10 min in the city!

3) Breathe!

Something so vital, and yet so grossly overlooked, is the power of Breath. Simply by taking time to breathe in clean fresh air, or even observing our breathing, can bring profound feelings of wellness.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

Just sit comfortably wherever you are, close your eyes, straighten your spine, and then breath slowly deliberately and deeply for 10 counts. For every of the 10 counts, focus 100% on the inhalation and exhalation of each breath. Don’t worry if your mind wanders because it will automatically come back when you draw in the next breath.

And then open your eyes, observe how you feel, and notice the drastic change in emotional state!

Cheers to Natural Anti-Depressants :)

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