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The Best Anti-Depressants

The cases of depression & insomnia affecting our nations today, have exploded exponentially over the past 2 years.

Every other day, I’d hear a friend telling me about sleepless nights, a loved one sharing about a colleague suffering from “split personality” and depressions, or even a passer-by mention about how alcohol helps them sleep better.

Rewind our society by 50 years, do our grand parents suffer from such symptoms when they were our age?

Heck no! And therefore common sense tells me that this is NOT natural.

Anti-depressants make us more depressed; I used to be on it in the younger days, and from both my own and friends’ experiences, they made a emotional wreck out of anyone dependent on them.

In fact, the real lasting solution to any problem including depression, lies within the simplest and humblest things. Besides some complicated powdered synthesized chemicals made in a lab named as Anti-Depressant pills, here are some DELIGHTFUL ideas to help alleviate DEPRESSION.

1) Green Smoothies

Start your day with a Green Smoothie, and watch how your emotions remain stable, calm, joyful and loving until your next meal.

There is just some magic in Chlorophyll, combined with the living goodness of fresh fruits, which makes anyone balanced and happy. Chlorophyll is basically the essence of sunlight. The more living foods we eat, the more light we install in our body, and eventually there is no room for dark depression to exist.


2) Sunlight

This abundant resource controls more than 8,000 neurological functions in our body. No wonder more and more people are getting depressed. Because we live in boxes, work in partitions, bombarded by electromagnetic devices and most people do not even get sun exposure for 10 min in the city!

3) Breathe!

Something so vital, and yet so grossly overlooked, is the power of Breath. Simply by taking time to breathe in clean fresh air, or even observing our breathing, can bring profound feelings of wellness.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

Just sit comfortably wherever you are, close your eyes, straighten your spine, and then breath slowly deliberately and deeply for 10 counts. For every of the 10 counts, focus 100% on the inhalation and exhalation of each breath. Don’t worry if your mind wanders because it will automatically come back when you draw in the next breath.

And then open your eyes, observe how you feel, and notice the drastic change in emotional state!

Cheers to Natural Anti-Depressants :)

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