Yoga Testimonials

“After this Yoga Session, I feel more energy even though I have a bit of tired muscle. The Smoothie is tasty! Thank you!”

“Tired but fresh and clear, there is good explanation on the postures. Good job! Very passionate, patient and attentive to us!”
Jency Chan

“Relaxed and refreshed. The yoga movements are different and the course is very knowledgeable.”
Kim Hum

Kevin Chen

“Great & rejuvenating Thank you very much!”
Chen Li Mei


What the Graduates of YTTC say:

“It’s somewhat difficult to find the words that describe the Transformational YTTC because it was such a life changing experience.  Being an individual who had gone through periods of time of frequent yoga practice and then occasional practice after giving birth to my child, I was under the impression that I had a strong understanding of basic yoga concepts and poses. However, after only a short time of participating in the YTTC, I came to realize that yoga is so much more than I initially understood.    I can honestly say that the YTTC lived up to its name and is without a doubt, TRANSFORMATIONAL.  The transformation for me has been noticeable on different levels.  For one, my physical body has become much stronger and flexible.  I can now get into poses that were nearly impossible during week 1 and 2.  Amazingly, it didn’t take long to reach these new levels of flexibility and strength because of the process TY involves.  TY incorporates different types of breathing techniques and sound healing methods that play a major role in focusing the mind and supporting the body.

The second noticeable transformation has to do with my mediation practice.  Meditation was taught and practiced on a daily basis during YTTC and has now become a regular part of my day to day life!   I have no problem getting into the present moment and mediating first thing in the morning or just before I go to sleep at night.  Prior to YTTC, my mind was always racing around, and I found meditation to be such a task.  Thankfully, I now know how to clear my mind and be completely at peace with myself during meditation which is such a gift!!!”

The other significant transformation that took place during the YTTC was understanding who I am and accepting myself, as is.   During the course we were frequently asked to observe ourselves, our behavior, our emotions and write down our thoughts surrounding these matters.   This is an extremely powerful way to come to terms with who you are and understand why you have done certain things in the past.   Most importantly, we learn that we are in full control of our lives and can live in ways that create harmony, peace and unity with the Divine.

My life is forever changed after participating in the Transformational YTTC, and I will say that it is the best thing I have ever done for myself!  In spite of trying many types of energy healing modalities, nothing has come close to the reaching the effects that TY and YTTC has had on me.  It is a magical experience that has impacted me profoundly.  Thank you so much Linda and Rong for this unbelievable journey into myself!  NAMASTE  _/|\_”

Aviana Gutierrez, YTTC Singapore 2014


“I came to the Transformational Yoga Teacher’s Training course wanting to expand my repertoire of tools for healing and transpersonal work. Out of all the types of yoga I tried, Transformational Yoga is the one that gives me the deepest sense of total wellbeing. Better than a spa trip I think. The short story: Transformational Yoga Teachers’ Training blew my mind… my entire being in fact.

Beyond the physical, I found myself initiated into a supremely ingenious system of rejuvenation, healing and inner growth that is designed to holistically strengthen our connection to the highest source.

Transformational Yoga Teacher Training is distinguished from other types of yoga training in the way that it systemises and integrates the 8 limbs of yoga (self conduct in the world, conduct with regard to self, going deep into self, developing a laser focus, breath, postures, devotion, enlightenment) in theory and practice.A teacher will be taught to concieve of the human body as an energetic creation with a infinite growth possibilities. And yoga as a means to get there.

We are not only physical beings, but emotional, mental, psychic and etheric beings as well. Practicing yoga with these understandings and having the tools to enhance the alignment and growth of each connected aspect very powerful knowledge for a teacher. By the first few weeks of teacher training, my classmates and I felt a deep clearing in our own beingness. The peace, bliss, strength and clarity that we are experiencing increasingly is a joyous blessing in itself. Knowing that we now have such an amazing tool to bless ourself and others is priceless.

Transformational Yoga is established upon ancient vedic wisdom and the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Swami Vinyadand, the founder of Transformational Yoga, coded the yogic knowledge passed down through generations and systemised the teaching and practice curriculum. This is knowledge that is not taught in other teacher training courses. Here in Singapore, we have it really good being taught by yoga Master Linda Loo. Besides having a deep and clear grasp of theory and being able to impart concepts well, she is a natural pedagogue and innovator . It is evident in the way that she designs the curriculum to layer on the different understandings so the students grow exponentially within a short time.

Also, she demonstrates how the principles taught can be applied as living knowledge in the design of yoga sequences that targets specific needs and issues. She is also very aware of the power and tools the teacher that could brings healing in class. For me this experience is phenomenal. I entered expecting to be taught a tool. But found that I had been blessed for life by a living breathing system of personal growth and a tool to empower and impact the world in positive and limitless ways.”

Dr Julia Lim, YTTC Singapore 2014


“I have been doing yoga and fitness class for over ten years to keep fit and stay healthy. However, being not naturally flexible, I often endured pain for a few classes before I could break into a good flexible pose. Sometimes I ended hurting my body. In April 2014, my neck was in excruciating pain due to a neck bone spur and compressed vertebrae and causing my neck spine to lose its C curve. I was unable to move my left arm, even typing with the left hand was an impossible task. After 2 months of pranic healing and TCM, I could use my hand but remained unable to move my left arm above the elbow, or lifting my arm to the side.

Raising my left hand was impossible. Putting on a shirt was a taunting chore. My upper arm muscles were hardened and my shoulder joint was in pain all the time. Instead of going through physiotherapy, I signed up for the course to understand its healing effect deeply and applying it to heal my condition. (Linda accepted me as a candidate despite my limitation, on hind sight, I now know she was simply confident of the healing power of TY).

At first, the Pranayama techniques seemed less than impressive. However, after full understanding and using it correctly, my stiffened middle and lower back due to the neck pain started to loosen up. From only being able to place my hands on the knees during a seated forward bend, I can eventually wrap my hands around my soles within a short time. Subsequent benefits included releasing emotional pains trapped at my chest and reproductive system regions.

Complimented with meditation and pranic healing, I was able to do sun salutation and cobra pose at elbow position after 2 weeks of TY. After 4 weeks, I could hold for a longer period with upper arm strength. After 2 months of intensive TY, my left arm has been healed. Now it only requires practices to build muscle strength and further stretches for full flexibility at the shoulder joint (full bending at the back is still not possible).

The voice projection lessons helped me to speak and chant mantra loud and clear. My confidence grew with her encouragement. I was a non-believer of Mantra, but am now convinced that it has an immersed effect on our well-being especially for healing or emotional releases.

Linda had kept the class small to personally drill us to be great teachers. She monitored us closely and meticulously correct our every teaching practical sessions with detailed suggestion for improvement. She is a unassuming teacher with encouraging attitude and an unselfish sharing. She gave me extra homework to catch up with the class and I committed to minimum two hours daily as homework on top of the 200hours training in class. The course took us through deeper understanding of yoga, the learning path as a yogini, meditations, purpose of life etc. The final fine-tuning by Master Huang Rong from Taiwan, senior of Linda, gave us insights into constructing a great yoga class. She improved our advanced asana, taught us advanced meditation, kundalini activation and spiritual practices that would help us to advance on our spiritual development. Her teachings, including sharing her secrets to help students progress into advanced asana, saved us years of experimenting and learning. This was the jewel of the whole course. YTTC is a holistic yoga course embracing the physical body, emotions, mind and soul. I have never felt so wholesome in any fitness program. I have never had any yoga teachers comparable to Linda and Huang Rong. I am grateful I have such great mentors to guide me into helping people to heal and release their emotions through transformational yoga.

The appropriate use of the mind, pranayama, touch, sound and meditation helped me to go deeper into asana. Amazing progress was witnessed without hurting my body at all. I confidently testify that TY is an effective healing modality for physical healing based on my personal experience. (Would caution to consult and be monitored by a qualified doctor.)

I am thankful for a joyful amazing journey and am confident I will be the yoga teacher whom will benefit my students greatly. ”

Sandy Yong, YTTC Singapore 2014


“Transformational Yoga Teacher Training has been such a beautifully amazing journey for me. My humble understanding and experience of what Yoga is has been brought to a totally new level, and with that grows a deep wondrous appreciation of the essence of yoga.

Beyond just physical asanas, I’m introduced to a whole new world of chakras, kundalini, pranayamas, sound healing, 8 Limbs of Yoga and more, an all-encompassing system based on timeless wisdom that honours the holistic spiritual beings we are, enabling us to progress on the path towards self-actualisation – physical, emotional, mental, psychic, etheric aspects.

I stand in awe and immense gratitude to personally witness the positive transformations within myself in just two months – more clarity, peace, love, strength, confidence, healing and the blossoming of spirit. Once again, I am sweetly reminded of the beauty of stillness, the beingness in breathing, the tremendous healing power there is in a sacred divine space when your sincere intentions, pure-hearted sounds and loving touch come together. It’s a joyous blessing to be equipped with this priceless living breathing modality that truly has the power to impact lives in positive unimaginable ways, bringing a little more light to this world.

Most importantly, Heartfelt THANK YOU to you, dearest Linda, for making all this possible. Blessed thank you for your sincere loving presence, dedication and professionalism, valuable guidance, wisdom, encouragements, positive affirmations, for being an inspiring role model to all of us! Much light and love to you, Om Shanti! _/|\_”

Serina, YTTC Singapore 2014

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