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Ultimate Living Chef Course Apr Batch




Ultimate Living Chef Course Feb 2012 Batch

Ultimate-Living-Chef-Course-Feb-2012-Batch“Thank you for a discovery of “healthy way” to a lifestyle. These last 3 days were amazing, I leaned move on myself and how I should eat & treat my body here throughout my revive life.It is a real gift – A SUPERPOWER. To make people discover their own pales, it is a fantastic skill to influence people the way you do. It’s an honor and pleasure to learn from you, you are my inspiration.The ULC is a very nice and great program, I really enjoyed all of it, eating, cooling, learning about food and viewpoint on Living and seeing with other. It provided me will a holistic view of being a “raw vegan” means, as it’s a lifestyle, not a “diet” you take out. I hope I will continue learning from you, I am looking forward to working with you, ou new recipes and training program.” With Love, Magda“An excellent course. I’ve learnt a lot over these few days especially on how to make a good delicious green smoothie. The kiam muay and the Asian & treasures are really  interesting to unique. It really caters to the Asian taste buds. My favourite recipes are the Chocolate Brownies. It’s not only easy to make but fun as well. Most importantly, the information/knowledge gained is sufficient for me to start embarking on a raw food journey.Thank you so much, Linda, Jolyn & team.” Valerina


“Thank you all for the great intensive seminars & all the information that were delivered to us. “ Ultimate Living & Raw Food” is the way to go for me and hopefully the around me.Throughout these 3 days, into the yoga session and many cups & bottles of smoothie, I have indeed felt the transformation within. From a totally conventional – cooking makan to raw food is definitely a long process and determination is what I required – 80 that I am able to have the walk.I really hope that I can also be a positive impact to the people around me and also to spread the passion around. Once again, A Big Thank You to all of you, and not forgetting Dr Vincent Tan.” Jolene 


 “These three days of intensive workshop is an eye-opening for me. I learn how to make more Asian food and further more, the stuff that Linda Jolyn taught us was great. My whole body feels refresh. The colon teaching was great as this in my first time listening to this topic.I was a bit shock when I heard about the daily product that we took was actually the one that is harmful to our body. I can’t wait to implant all these stuff that I have learned in my daily life. I wanted to thank Sandra about the healthy source making. Her food tastes nice especially the tomato source. Dr Vincent Tan was a great teacher too.A funny teacher that teaches us about what is happening in hospital and humans 6 needs. Thank you Linda and Jolyn to make this course available for me to join. I felt 100 times fortune already. Jolyn’s yoga was awaking one and make felt refresh after that. Linda’s food marathon was awesome. I got to try lots of food.” Love, Eastella

Ultimate Living Chef Course Dec 2011 Batch

Ultimate-Living-Chef-Course-Dec-2011 -atch

“Very glad that I discovered and signed up for the Ultimate Living Chef Certification conducted on 16-18 Dec 2011. Was introduced to lots of yummy and healthy recipes, even local ones. Very excited to go back to make them for my family and friends and introduce them to a healthier way of eating that is not boring at all. Health is Wealth! Thank you!” Phyllis


“Thank you Linda & Jolyn for the 3 days ULC. The recipes of making gourmet raw food are enlightening and it gives me confidence in preparing delicious healthy food for my family. The yoga sessions at the Botanic gardens were amazingly transformational too. Thank you!” Bee Bee

“Foods are very good. A lot of recipes are given. Comfortable environment. Gain a lot for a beginner to know about raw food and teacher Linda is very knowledgeable to answer all questions we posted. Overall, I am very happy these three days training and will introduce to friends and family members on foods and knowledge.” Jenny




Ultimate Living Weekend Workshop May/Jul/Oct 2011 Batches

“Informative and great course on Raw Food and Transformational Yoga. I particularly enjoyed learning the different breath works and how to combine with yoga. Linda and her team exude their passion in wanting to impart their knowledge in these areas to others.” Pei Chen


“Thank you for being brave and taking the unknown path. This weekend has done wonders for my self-image and I’ve gained tremendous knowledge of how to live to a 100! :) ” Angela

 “This workshop has brought a greater clarity to me, especially in my mental being. It brings awareness to me as a human being and what it means to be a human being. Linda and Jolyn are great, compassionate people and I can feel it through our yoga, sessions and other discussions. As well as Ee Ching, who is tirelessly working in the background. I highly recommend this and hope that Linda can teach and impart her knowledge to more people. It was a truly enjoyable workshop. Thank you!”Kelvin



 “This was a life-challenging event and I’m so glad that I’ve come for this. I’ve got to be more aware of what I am doing, what I can do, what I will do not only for my health but also for everyone I love. Surprisingly I never felt hunger (which usually I do) after yoga workouts and seminars. Felt even more vigorous; thanks to great tasty raw food that Linda and your team prepared for us. I hope for more yoga classes though and hope that you could accommodate enema session included to make this event a real ultimate detox, yoga workshop. Thank you again for your great energy and teaching! “Katie



 “Being a total newbie to raw food and yoga, Linda has inspired to be more conscious about the food that I eat and the importance of being mindful about our own body. Enjoyed the yoga sessions thoroughly where my body felt relieved of all tensions in the various parts of my body. A weekend of raw food and yoga has definitely helped me to detox and made my mind clearer and sharper. Thumbs up to Linda, Jolyn and Miss Yap for making the classes such a pleasure to be in! Will miss the yummy raw foods and smoothies so now it’s up to myself to make them and continue this journey.”Marianne



 “I came to experience yoga practice and learn about raw food but I got much more. The yoga practice is different from what I normally do (that is, more asana focus). Here the emphasis is much more on breathing (Pranayama). I experienced a lot more calmness and clarity, and took away clear instructions on how to continue my practice on daily basis.The food is excellent, way better than expected. I am truly inspired to incorporate raw food especially the smoothies into my daily meals. Linda is very generous with the portions and because everything served is so delicious, I ended up eating too much! Last but not least, Linda and her team are very passionate and committed to their cause. All have been very generous with their sharing and love for others. You are truly an inspiration to me!”Irene Meta

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