Intro to Living Foods (ILF) Testimonials

Feb/Mar 2012 Batches

“A new life… A better life.” Edmund


“I’ve attended the Smoothies & Sorbet Workshop & decided to come for this. No regrets & full of thanks as I’ve learnt more about the various recipes & how to make a proper smoothie. Not to mention the too-much yummy food we’re treated to. Will continue to maintain/start the 51% raw foods lifestyle. Thanks! :) ”

Kim Mui


“Thanks! It’s my 2nd time joining your workshop & I LOVE it… It has triggered me to come for more.. see you again!” Charine

“This workshop helped me to concretize & cement together in my mind a whole lot of ideas that have been floating around. It has helped to strengthen my intention and shown me how to execute it. Linda is a passionate and convincing about what she believes in and makes the journey seem one that is easy to do. Both the yoga and the workshop at LLL have had a powerful impact on me.” Aditi


“Useful information about making your own green smoothie and how to transit life into healthy living. Keep it up! Very beneficial workshop as Linda has a very good teaching style. Yummy food and it is easy to make. Refreshing and educational class! I feel energized and motivated.” Frances

“Fun and interesting workshop! I have learnt a lot of yummy raw food that is healthy and I would recommend it to all my friends.” Jolene

Nov 2011 Batch

participants-lowres“I was very skeptical at first. But after this workshop I am sold over. There was so much of information and money was well spent. Thank you. Will definitely try out all the recipes. The last piece of chocolate (Cacao Hearts) was heavenly. Thank you.” Francesca


“The workshop exceeded all my expectations and more! Thoroughly enjoyed the session with all the tasting, demos and recipes shared. Really excited to go back and make them for my friends and family. Can’t wait to see their expression and reaction on how good healthy food can taste!” Phyllis

“Linda is bursting with energy and very passionate about raw food lifestyles. This has been an amazing and inspiring workshop. The food is delicious. Thank you for sharing this. It has been a great and worthwhile experience.” Sofie Hon

Note: LLL shifted from Simei to Cluny Court in Nov 2012. All ILF workshops are held at Cluny Court since then.


2011 Testimonials (When LLL was at Simei)

group-lowres“我谢谢 Linda 与她的助手的供献。学习到真正生食法饮料,酱料,牛油果洒拉. 谢谢。” Johanne Koh

“Healthy, nutritious food, and filled with lots of information to a happy, healthy lifestyle.” Cheng

“It’s a very enriching workshop, to have a better understanding of raw food and how it can improve your health. Will introduce to my family and friends.” Geradine


“Thank you for preparing such delicious and filling raw foods at lightning speed! It’s good to have raw food preparation demystified so I can start doing the same back home “ Diana

“Informative and refreshing. Definitely make the right choice (actually it’s my wife, Karen). Was skeptic initially, but after attending it, this might be the change I’m looking for after over 35 years of living, making money and aimless. Now it’s the time, thank you very much!” Mark


“Linda has made the living of a raw food life easy. The practical tips of mixing and preparation of raw food is very useful and applicable and very attainable. I’m definitely going to put the knowledge and skills taught to good use and hopefully can convince my family and friends to embrace this better lifestyle.” Jing Yng

“I was really surprised how raw food can taste so good! What’s encouraging is that it’s also good for my health. This workshop not only changes my way of thinking towards food, but also changes my spiritual thinking. I’m gonna leave this workshop with loads of knowledge about raw food and pass it on to others. Move towards a raw food lifestyle! “ Shu Hui


“Linda and her wonderful team, thank you for enlightening us with your easy-to-follow instructions on living (raw) food diet. I always wanted to lead a healthier diet but it just felt so difficult. Now I think I can make changes in our diet for my family and kids. I’m so happy and thank you very much!!!” Katie

“Thank you Linda!! You gave me inspiration to live my life in a better and more meaningful way. I’ve read books about nutrition, raw food, etc, but coming to your workshop has cement all these together and made me determine to be accountable for my own body and health.” Kelvin


“Now I know how to make my own personal smoothie. Thank you Linda, you are on a very important mission, keep going! Every time I join your class, I am so motivated to stick to my raw food journey. I love the fact that you run very small and personal classes. Your workshop rocks!!!” Henriette


“I came to Linda’s workshop with the mindset of only learning about how to make green smoothies. But I leave this session determined to change the way my family and me eat and live. The first thing I’m gonna do is grab the blender this weekend! Thanks for sharing Linda!” Angeline

“I never really like celery and avocado raw. Linda has shown how to prepare delicious raw food with these ‘yucky’ food. -> yucky to delicious => WOW! I’m blown away!” Kai Hock

“You have taught me the hows to do a proper green smoothie. How to live well by making single changes via diet, exercise and removing toxicity in my life. Thank you.” Mei Lan


“Wow! Overwhelmed information to absorb but definitely worth to drain my mind! The  3 hours workshop has been very fulfilling and rewarding. I learned so much about  living food and lifestyle. Certainly look forward to my raw food journey. Thanks very  much to Linda & the kitchen angels.” Love, Alison


“I am already taking green smoothie before I came to this workshop. After this workshop, I have learned to make more smoothies correctly and also taking more raw food in a more delicious way. Eye opening and a workshop well worth and a MUST!!! *I hope to spread more knowledge and influence more people around me to be in raw food diet.” Verna Tay

“Thank you for opening my eye to raw food living. The workshop is very informative and will definitely benefit me in the long run. Good for me to come and learn from you. I will implement what I learned into my life immediately. Kudos to your dedication and commitment to teach mankind on information in this area. Keep going and I will share what I learned with people around me.” Yew Cheong

2007 to 2010 Testimonials (When LLL was at Simei)

“I am thankful that I have come to this lesson as Linda is able to teach us in a simple & easy manner on how to transform our lives on the path of a new enlightened way that Nature has intended for us to be: healthy & connected to Earth.” Shannen“Not a smoothie person before I attended the class. Now I will endeavor to start the next week with a smoothie for breakfast. The key is to believe in your body and you can make the right choices to heal it. Nothing is impossible or out of your control.” Lynn


“The Intro to Live Foods Workshop is highly recommended to anyone who wants better health and that is to look good and feel good. Do come to the class starving as Linda will nourish you with delicious Green Smoothies & yummy salads. Come with an open mind and I can be sure you will leave the workshop with a rejuvenated mind and body. Thank you very much Linda! I really enjoyed the class immensely and will apply all that you have taught me into my everyday life. I am a Smoothie Guru! Yes!!” Michelle Lee


“This was really an eye opener for me. I didn’t realize it is so easy to blend foods; I think this can be a start to something really new!” Anders

“A lot of raw foods information, lots of fun, and valuable for the start to change to raw foods!” Choon Meng

“Nice to eat such healthy food & drink great smoothies; first time attending such class – good intro! Nice energy too, well done!” Loren Shuster


“Infected with Linda’s positivity! Thank you for your unadulterated passion & love.” Lilin

“I attended the Yoga workshop (my first Yoga Lesson with Linda), I found both lessons very beneficial. Linda as usual is very bubbly, happy and enlightening. Continue your good work, keep it up!” Joyce

“Very Inspired, rejuvenated, more aware of my options in Singapore now. More motivated than reading!” Jordana Brumby


“I find it very good! Simple and yet packed with nutrients, words cannot describe it. Can’t wait to do it, you have to experience for yourself, really!” Love, Helen

“Inspired to continue drinking my fruit smoothies, and add greens!” Kai Koon

“Thank you very much for sharing how to start eating raw. Very detailed, & simple to follow guidelines for starters. Best of all, taste is great!” Iris Chen

“Very refreshing for me, its wonderful” Lim Kim Leong


“I feel energetic, full and satisfied. This is my first class, the class is great as it is. It was a good and intimate size class.” Angie

“Very inspired to eat clean foods now, and saves time from cooking!” Alric

“Awesome or rather, Rawsome! The class is different in the sense that it’s simple and the teacher sings at us! I love Living Foods, thanks to Linda!” Frieda
“Hi Linda, you are truly a beautiful person, both at the skin and soul level. Can feel a lot of good intentions flowing out of you. Thanks for “initiating” me onto the school of “Food Yoga”. With your support, I’m sure I can see this through. I need all the support I can get.” Jai


Who says we have to compromise taste buds in order to eat healthy?! Join this workshop and experience how easy it all can be. Click Intro to Living for more details now!

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