DrVincent-lindaloo Linda is an amazing instructor with mastery and passion. She is an expert in natural health and gourmet and has managed to blend culinary delight into healthful nutrition. She has inspired me to acquire the skill of preparing healthy delicious foods that will enable the body to heal itself. The miracles that I ve created as a result of what I have learnt from her is extraordinary.One of the results that I am proudest of is when my auntie who has been diabetic for 15 years managed to reverse her diabetes with what I learnt from Linda. Of course, she has also left a powerful impact on my personal health. The amount of energy that I feel after adopting some of the things she has taught me is extraordinary. I am eternally grateful to meet and learn from her.
Dr. Vincent Tan
M.B.B.S, M.R.C.S, Mmed.


Appreciate your great effort in doing so much research and summarize it in a short and sweet session for us to know more about our life, health and precautions to take when choosing food. I have learned a lot on how to stay healthy and more cautious about my health. You are experience in creating good recipe using good and healthy foods where initially a lot of people think that raw food are awful.
Mei Sum
Introduction to Living Food – Batch 18/06/2011


Learn a lot of how to mix good & nutritious smoothie. Very interesting. Will recommend to friends to attend the classes.

Winston, Lynda & Thean Siew
Introduction to Living Food – Batch 01/12/2013


This is a very lively and interesting talk that really makes the audience have hands-on so we could absorb actual experience. Able to gain a lot more knowledge about living healthy. Thank you very much.
Introduction to Living Food – Batch 01/12/2013


Raw Food Testimonial – Weekend Detox Experience

My first attempt on the Special 3D2N Weekend Detox Program – Wanda Y (Bank Manager)

By Monday morning, I HAD LOST 1 KILOGRAM! =) Linda calls this a by-product of the raw foods but hey! Well, you can call it whatever you want, I call this Happiness! Ha ha!

I am a Singaporean Chinese middle class female, working and residing in Taipei, Taiwan. Being part of the middle management team of an international bank, I travel monthly and lead the life of a young senior executive. Not a vegetarian and although I do not smoke, I do drink occasionally, so I can’t say that I assume a healthy lifestyle.
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After deciding that something has to be done with my life and after subscribing to this 3D2N detox program, I have to say that after all, it is not as hard as I imagined it to be!

BTW, I have been exercising and trying to lose weight for the past one year. But since 2 months ago, I hit a plateau. This 1 kilogram drop is a major breakthrough for me!

Also, something strange happened. My eyesight got better by Sunday morning!

You know the first thing in the morning, most of us will step on the weighing machine to see how well we fair the day before, and it can literally make or break your day? I usually have to read it with my glasses on. But on Sunday, I didn’t have to.

Well, I am overwhelmed!I was hesitant to put this down as part of my 3D2N experiences because it sounds too exaggerated! But I think it can help to supplement as part of sharing of my experiences.

The food is easy to prepare. In fact, it is easier than the normal Singaporean (Chinese) meal that I usually prepared. There is no cooking at all – only washing & cutting of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.

Honestly, some of the vegetables really don’t taste good when eating raw – eg broccoli. So what I did was warm up a bowl of water (I can still put my finger into it!) then dipped the broccoli into the warmed water. Hey presto! I keep the enzymes, and my food taste good!

And for a lazy bum like me… it is really a bonus that there’s no gruesome dish washing, because they are not oily at all =)

I feel so good! I started on Friday night, but for both Saturday and Sunday, I had stomach upsets. Not the drop-zone type, because I could still go out on Sunday. I went to the bathroom at least four times (and err.. they were pretty major ones..).But by Sunday night, I felt a refreshing sensation in my body, like a clean lightness. Ah… It’s like a cool breeze running through my body.

Did I feel lethargic? Well no, I didn’t feel that. In fact, I went for a light cycling of 30+ kilometres with friends on Sunday morning! I just ate one banana and one big apple for breakfast before I set off!

You may want to ask, will I try this program again? Sure I will. I am seriously considering this as a weekly weekend affair for me, before I decide if I want to go raw!

I hope that by sharing my experiences, it can help beginners like me in making your decisions to take up this DIY weekend detox programme.

And thank you Linda for introducing Raw Food to me!


Wanda Y, Bank Manager


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