Media / Press Releases

Channel U – Green Footprints Program

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FM93.8 – Breakfast Club

Straits Times – MIND YOUR BODY, 27 Jun 2013


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Kampung Senang Charity & Education Foundation Newsletter, Oct 2012

“Raw Veganism – A Conscious Way to Live” Article

Blog Interview by Lindsay, April 2012

Interview with Linda Loo about Raw/Living Foods & Transformational Yoga.

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Singapore Channel 5 (English) – Lunch Crunch Program, Feb 2012

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Singapore Channel 8 (Mandarin) – My Fair Ladies Program, Feb 2012

Her World Magazine, Oct 2011

Silver Lining Magazine, July/Aug 2011

Veg Vibes Magazine, May/June 2011

Business Times Article, Mar 2011

Simply Her Magazine, Mar 2011

BBC Good Food, Feb 2011

Lifewise Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010

Mind Your Body Article, Oct 2010

EVE Magazine (Mandarin), Sept 2009

U-Weekly Magazine (Mandarin), Aug 2009

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