tree1“One of the greatest blessing in life is to have someone to love beyond attachment.

The practice of love, without wanting anything from them, nor to imprison, control or demand exclusivity, yet unflinchingly give ourselves without closing up our hearts in the name of self protection. This act itself is like a kriya of purification. To love someone more than our identity, is crippling at first. But if you allow the vulnerability to play out, you discover a place of priceless connection between you and the Lord. And then it dawns on us that we are that which we love.

I call this a Love kriya. It is an internal state, something you maintain inwardly. By the time your words and actions reach the surface, they carry the fragrance of a purified love. And it is one of the most attractive quality humans can have.

So, go out and fall headlong in love. Love your parents, your lover, your pets, etc. Daringly love, and meekly surrender.”

– Linda Loo

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