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The Universe in a Sunflower

Contrary to most women I know, my favorite flower is not the Rose, Lily or Carnation. My favorite flower is the tall, rugged looking smiling Sunflower. Whenever I see Sunflowers I break into a smile, sometimes even a dance! They sing to me a sacred song of the universe:

“Look at me, I lean upwards into the sun boldly. I embrace the sun’s rays thirstily and I embrace what’s ahead of me with verve. Look at my spirals – they are evidence of Infinite Intelligence, always containing a Fibonacci number. Come close to me, let me teach you how to smile. Touch my petals, soft and ruffly, you will come alive. My life span is short and maybe I shall die next month, but look around me, I recreate my own grandeur again and again in my family. There’s no lack of extraordinariness wherever you are looking. How do you want to live your life?”

When you look for it at any given moment, there is a sacred song that God wrote for you. His song always contain reminders, signposts and reassurance for your road ahead. My song is found in the Sunflower; have you found yours yet? If not, don’t stop looking for it 🙂


In Awesomeness and Love (C) Copyright Linda Loo 2016


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