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An unconventional application of Karma – Take Life, and Run

Karma is defined in the ancient texts as “Action”. In general, this is a concept that outlines the cause and effect of our actions. Karma determines the conditions of existence, it holds no judgement nor forgiveness towards the good or bad, right or wrong; but merely an impersonal universal eternal law that governs the universe.

Human beings cannot live without doing karma, or action. Every action brings a set of consequences. Even if we sat there in silence, and do nothing, our thoughts create a reverberation in the universe.  So, to live is to do karma.

I am especially cautious towards spiritual teachings that uses the term Karma to instill fear and discipline. There have been too much misunderstanding and misuse of this concept to the point that it causes delusion and inertia. Think of people who lament that their fates are acts of karma, convincing themselves that they are helpless victims. Or those who uses karma as an imprisonment, afraid to take actions. As with anything in life, karma has been misappropriated as a bandaid to allow people their escape from themselves.

We need to first get it that the value of any self transformative concept is only as good as the positive impact it brings to your life. By positive impact I mean specifically that which furthers you into yourself, that which makes us closer to God or the Divine part of ourself, that which brings out your best potential, and eventually makes us more connected to other human beings.

So, as much as a believer of the karma-concept can experience moments of enlightenment by contemplation, he can also be a victim of it if he is not careful. You can be overly attached to the concept of karma itself, which itself is another level of suffering.

My recommendation on using the karma-concept is simple. Take action everyday. Make your action slightly bigger compared to yesterday. Take one action per week that you have never taken before – it can be anything like visiting new places, connecting with new people etc. Do something ‘abnormal’ once a week, something that freaks you out. Do these, and then watch what happens in your reality, ponder on it silently at night. And then take action again the next day. You will know what I’m talking about because you will begin to see how you are solely responsible for every single result in your life.

Karma : take it up and run with it.


Copyright 2015 Linda Loo

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