Why is there no weight loss on raw foods in the beginning stages?

Besides dropping cholesterol, regulating blood sugar levels and balancing hormones, weight loss is amongst one of the reasons that people use raw foods as a tool for.


However, people who expected dramatic weight loss during the initial months may be disappointed to find no change in the scales. Some may even feel demoralized when their weight actually increases in the first few weeks.

1. It takes some time for the body to heal:

First of all, dramatic weight loss usually only occur for people who had been very obese, and switching from a heavily refined and processed white flour based diet. If you had already had some information on healthy diets, and already started eating a small portion of fresh vegetable juices and some fresh fruits, then be prepared that the weight may not change immediately.


When you switch to a high raw diet, your intake naturally includes more fluids and fiber. This already contains some weight that adds on to the overall weight. This is actually good news; because most people are dehydrated and they don’t know it.


On top of becoming amply hydrated, your body now learns to store glucose (which is our best source of fuel) in the cells. And glucose also requires water to be stored. Therefore in the early stages, it is possible that a person experiences temporary weight gain – mostly from fluids.



2. The body takes time to heal and balance

Although the body now retains more fluids, it is actually no cause for alarm (as long as you skip the table salt, replace with a little sea salt or celery juice for potassium). You have to remember that the body is an immaculately designed machine that is capable to achieve balance and healing on its own.


In the first stages of raw foods, your body begins to collect the superior building materials from the raw foods you eat, and start work on moving your body towards homeostasis. We never know what is the most pressing problem in the body that needs attention. But the good news is – your body does!


So quietly, unknown to us usually, your body starts to heal the most serious problems internally, and it may most likely not be weight loss.

After 3 months of raw foods, you may want to check with your family doctor and do a blood test to track the progress of your body. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that your blood sugar, hormones, and cholesterol may have normalized. That would be a huge cause for celebration even before actual weight loss happens.


Just remember that we had assaulted our bodies with junk foods and toxic substances (alcohol and cigarettes in my case) for many years. So don’t expect massive results to happen overnight. Healing will continue to occur for as long as we are alive, so don’t give up in the first few months just because the scales remained the same.


3. Detoxification:

If you had been eating refined starches and processed foods for many years, besides having an impaired mucous laden gut, you may also have a less efficient elimination system.


The body needs time for every healing process. We can’t rush it, but we can support the body with some practices:

–       Exercises, jogging, swimming, yoga or simply any body movements that bring about some perspiration

–       Doubling or tripling the amount of chia gel in your smoothies, or simply throw them into your drinking water bottle and drink throughout the day. Chia gel helps flush out bad cholesterol and unwanted fats

–       Coffee Enema is an excellent self administered, sustainable practice to support your liver for the massive detoxification process happening in your body now (check out RFLS for details.)



4. Your body will find homeostasis in its ideal weight

Eating raw foods is about allowing your body to operate at its maximum efficiency, and just like how we appreciate the innate intelligence, we have to trust that it knows what is the ideal weight to be healthy at. And this ideal weight that your body wants to be at, in order to do its job, is very different from what you see in the magazines and on TV.


Every person who used raw foods as a tool to heal have at some point of time, been amazed by the ability of our own bodies. Some lose weight immediately; some gained, some gained and then lost, some lost and then gained. But they all had something in common – diabetes/cancer reversed, skin cleared up, stamina better, ability to conceive, hormones balanced, tumors shrunk etc. So after some time, we realize that weight loss is merely the icing on the cake, not the whole cake.


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