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Dear cherished reader, 

have you ever encountered strange stares and questioning moments when you opt for healthy options e.g. salads at a social setting?

I was at a business conference last week, and for meal breaks, they had “fine catering”.

There were trays of fried “gourmet” stuff kept warm by candle flames beneath the trays.

As I scanned all the dishes for some signs of nutrition, I observed with dismay there is very little, almost zero life energy in the catered food. Minerals and vitamins are sparse, and chlorophyll is zilch.

Everyday in the seminar room, at about 1pm onwards, people struggled to stay awake. Even for those who had their eyes plastered wide open, I know they have stopped following the training slides.

When the speaker asked questions, most of the time, there were only less than 5 people who raised their hands or answered. Most of the time the room was in deathly silence.

So how do I keep myself energetic at conferences like this? Did I eat lunch; if yes, what? Did I bring my own raw foods? How did I handle all the strange questions from other course mates?

We will share with you in the next newsletter.

Human nature by default is resistant to changes, but most great shifts in our human evolution are caused by people who dared to think out of convention. We had the courage to ask ourselves “What is Food?” 7 years ago, and untill today, we are still enquiring. It is this enquiry process that helps us progress beyond merely eating for the sake of survival, for the sake of social company or for the sake of convenience and media conditioning. We eat to THRIVE, so that we can become our greatest potential.

Every great theory is ridiculed before it is accepted as a norm. Imagine if Columbus gave up after people ridiculed his theory, we would still be ignorantly thinking the world is flat isn’t it?

We are not saying there is something wrong with eating nutrient void, zero energy foods; but we are saying you have a choice! You can choose not to; you have an option to say no to lousy foods and say yes to good-for-you foods. You can make and eat healthy delicious variations of junk foods and feel great, look great, suffer less illnesses and have your brains outperform themselves. Sounds like a pretty good deal isn’t it?

Don’t believe us yet, come join us in RFTTC to learn how to prepare delicious living foods, snacks that will wow your loved ones, your neighbors and of course yourself.

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I hope to see you on the other side of your screen, hugs! 🙂

(C) Linda Loo

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