Smoothies for the Cool Season

We are right in the middle of the year end monsoon season in Singapore, where showers and cool wind are present almost every day after noon.

While I’m enjoying the nice cool change, it does get a bit chilly to be eating raw foods unless we plan intelligently on food selection. Singapore is situated right next to the equator, and we are a tropical country with plenty of cooling fruits. For somebody eating mostly raw foods here, it can be easy to tilt over to the cooling side.

Just like natural forces in life, foods also have a particular nature of Yin, Yang or neutral. This is also the time to add in some warming foods into the raw food meal plans.

When you are making a smoothie and you use common fruits like Bananas, Melons, Citrus fruits and/or Coconut water, the smoothie will be of a very Yin consistency. There are some easy pointers to follow if you wish balance or warm the consistency of the resulting smoothie:

1) Add a small piece of fresh old ginger into the smoothie
2) Throw in handful of Basil – which is warming
3) Use more of local greens which are neutral like Tung Oh
4) Reduce the use of Xiao Bai Chye and Sweet Potato Leaves
5) If you are using coconut, make use of the coconut meat as well as the water
6) Use more Mangoes to replace Bananas in smoothies
7) Include some “heaty” fruits like Durians, Jackfruit, Longans, Rambutans and Lychee in the weekly diet

© Linda Loo, Light Love Laughter

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