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Reduce Comatose during the Festive Season!

Dear cherished reader, if you have been following us for the past few years, you would have observed that we have a deeper agenda for driving the raw foods mission. Have you noticed that our slogan is “At first it’s all about food; and then it’s not about the food; it’s something deeper…”?

When the body is finally free from a constant state of comatose (that comes with eating cooked foods), consciousness has a chance to become aware of emotions and thoughts. You start to see how you emotionalise your world, your thinking processes. And if you embark on inner work, you can release old programming and install new “softwares” into your life.

Our deepest desire is to witness everyone of our raw food clients, students and program participants, self actualise their potential, through the use of Raw Foods, Inner Work and Yoga. Having good health is only the elementary level in self cultivation. Good health does not guarantee spiritual progress, but without good health it is extra difficult. 

“I’ve gained a deeper understanding about yoga as a way of life. I’m stronger physically, have a greater sense of self-awareness, and my propensity to be reactive to my surrounding stimuli has greatly reduced. I now approach issues and handle life’s stresses with much more calmness, clarity of mind and confidence. The food is excellent beyond expectations! I am truly inspired to be more conscious about the food I eat, the importance of being mindful about our own body, and incorporate raw food especially the green smoothies into my daily meals.”

So what is it about Light Love Laughter Academy’s Yoga that sets it apart from every commercial studio out there? Why does it always leave you happy, calm and spiritually connected to your faith of choice without fail? How are we so special? In the next post, we will share with you the top 3 things that makes every of our Yoga sessions work every time. 

And as promised, here is a useful tip to reduce or avoid having a comatose during the festive period:
Drink a glass of Chia gel
*Mix 2 heaping tablespoon of Chia Seeds in 300 ml water. Stir well and wait for 30 minutes until all the seeds have expanded into a gelatinous texture. Drink immediately before your festive dinner. This gel will help coat the less healthy foods you eat, and save you a fair bit of digestive disorders. Just make sure you have a washroom nearby 3 hours later! 

Bonus Tip: If salads are within the menu, and you are not averse to greens, fill up your plate with at least 51% of raw salads, vegetables leafy greens and fruits. Just make sure you eat the raw stuff before your festive dinner to avoid digestive gas. (Raw foods digest faster)

Do both, and you lower your chances of digestive blues even more. Definitely a great way to spend the festives!

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