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Juice your Way to Health!

Dear lovelies,

Did you noticed the number of people falling ill lately has increased? Blame it on the haze, or the ever increasing amount of construction in Singapore.

We observed, with a tint of smugness, that the percentage of our Light Love Laughter Community falling sick is LOWER. Most of us remain in good health, and those who do get sore throat or headiness recover within a day. Hooray!

Here is a quick-remedy juice recipe to protect yourself from the virus outside:

*2 Green Starfuits
*2 Green Apples
*2 inch piece of fresh old ginger
*4 Stalks Celery
*1 Lemon

Add a pinch of sea salt to the juice and drink immediately after juicing! 

The great thing about living foods is that there isn’t really any ‘side effects’ because they are after all, food!

So go ahead and buy the ingredients in bulk, drink up to 3 times a day if possible during this hazy period. (We even add wheatgrass in sometimes!)

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