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5 things you need to know before investing in any raw food or health program

Health programs are dime and a dozen now, a far cry from what it used to be 7 years ago when I first began teaching raw foods in Singapore. From online websites, alternative diets teachers, health foods cafe, smoothies bars, fitness and exercise trainers, consumers are now spoilt for choice.

While I think it is great to see the blossoming of the health foods scene internationally, I think now is the best time to purposely intend for excellence, authenticity and integrity for the industry.

Before you spend your money on any health programs, workshops, products and services, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Is it a quality program with clear, concise illustrations which are easy to follow?

What I discovered from all these years of teaching raw foods is this – it takes more effort to make something simpler. The ability to breakdown a complex theory into simple understandable parts is a characteristic of great trainers.

In health diets and raw foods, it is easier to make a recipe with 20 ingredients, and much more difficult to make a recipe with 3 ingredients while keeping it great tasting. If you want to learn it and live it as a lifestyle, and succeeding on it, look for programs and trainers that can demonstrate in easy to follow styles without compromising on tastes.


2)  Does the program you are taking covers lifestyle factors?

The truth is that diet only takes care of one part of the equation. You need supporting lifestyle practices – the cleansing, reconstruction of health tissues and organs, releasing of emotional junk, mental reconstitution towards strength etc for lasting transformation.

Health and wellness starts with the diet, but is more than that. Diet is never in isolation. So the programs and seminars that you take should not neglect this component either.


3) Does the program/course providers offer genuine support?

95% of all diets fail. That is a fact.

There are a number of reasons contributing to this high failure rate, one of which is community and social factors.

Human beings need to bond and connect with like minds. This is even more crucial when you are embracing changes in your lifestyle. Say for example you want very much to quit alcohol; you got to hunt for those people who successfully quit alcohol and remained alcohol free, and hang around them. This can make or break your new health goal.

A good health program offers authentic, caring support to their clients. Even after your learning experience with them, they continue to be there for you and walk with you until you are confident.


4) Who are the program/service providers?

Who are the people you are buying from? Are they people with integrity, living their talk and practicing ethical business? Or are they simply out to make a quick buck from you? A good way to tell would be to ask them “Do you and your loved ones patronise your company too?”

There are websites that paddle raw food programs, claiming to have a mission of spreading information for your health. But look at the side bars and banners – you see advertisements for plastic surgery, botox and other expensive invasive cosmetic surgery. Does that tell you something?

Well of course that could be a business strategy the that company chose, and there can be nothing wrong with anybody’s business strategy because they have a right to choose it. But if I’m buying something for myself and my loved ones, I would want to know what kind of people I am buying from, and what is important to them. Because they would be the one in business tomorrow.

The best program providers are people who set up the business to “bridge the gap”. That means they genuinely believe in a cause, they live their talk, and there was a lack for that program or service or product that they would want for themselves. That is a company I would buy from. Because I want them to stay in business tomorrow to serve me, my loved ones and serve the world.

5) Are they authentic and have integrity?

If a company do not fulfil criteria point number 4 above, they most often than not, fails this point too.

Authenticity & integrity begins with consistency in words and actions. Do they deliver what they promised? Are they aligned with their beliefs? Do they do what they say?

Better still, if you know their friends, ask them – do they keep their words to their friends? Because if they don’t, then you can be sure they will not keep their words with us as clients.

Like the famous saying – How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Whether you learn with us, or another health program provider, we hope this serves you in making you wiser in your choices, so that we can create a better world tomorrow 🙂

Linda Loo


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