4 Ways to Vital Life, Personal Power & Fulfillment!

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Everything in this Universe is energy. Everyday, we begin with a specific amount energy, and the activities we undertake determine whether we end the day with a deficit or surplus. Needless to say, personal power, manifestation of goals and achieving material success, depends largely on how much energy we have, and how accurately we can direct our energy onto these goals.

No 2 persons have the same birth charts, family backgrounds, and characteristics. But everybody on earth has 24 hours a day. What you do in these 24 hours determine your energy balance sheet. Here are 4 ways to have a surplus at the end of your day:

1. Eat a lot of living foods – in the form of smoothies, juices. Smoothies and Juices are the most convenient way to pack large amounts of living produces into the diet. Your cells are programmed to receive cosmic energy as long as they are treated well. By feeding them first class living foods, they will not only generate energy for healing, but also extraordinary brain performance. 2 Juices and 1 Smoothie a day will do the job!

2. Practice Pranayama, Chi gong, Tai Chi or any breath works for at least 30 minutes a day. Prana is life force; in other words our Breath network. The stronger, clearer your Breath network, the more energy you will have, and the stronger your immunity against negative influences (which can range from bacteria to depressed people!) 

3. Invest your time wisely. Every action you take, including selecting which friends to meet, IS an energy investment. The net profit of loss of each energy investment is the result of your investment. Some people powers you up with good positive vibrations and moods; some people drains you. Choose wisely!

 4. Meditate and pray daily. You are not an accident, neither am I. We are all magnificent creations of Divine Source. So in this human ‘matrix’, take daily time off to reconnect with Divine. You need to ‘go home’ daily. During meditation, various physiological processes take place, including restoring of hormones and adrenals. Your brain thinks better, and your perspectives widen. Think wisdom and fast response. You can save years of mistakes in a matter of months or days. Meditation need not be complicated. Simply sit in a comfortable crossed legged position (or on a chair with feet planted firmly on the floor), close your eyes and focus on the breath. Do that for 20 breaths or more. 


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