No Cravings on Green Smoothies! Why?

The top 2 feedback received from participants who started incorporating smoothies into their diet, are a substantial drop in cravings, and subsequently a reduction in junk food consumption

Why do we have cravings all the time?









Green Smoothies made by The Raw Family at Joy for Life Retreat

Well yes, I used to have humongous cravings for alcohol, tobacco, coffee, donuts, pastries, potato chips, crackers, and any kind of junk food you can name from the snack encyclopedia. If there ever was a ph.D course in Junk Food & Processed Snacks Dictionary, I’d have topped the faculty.

Sometimes as short as just an hour after lunch, I’d catch myself longing for a pastry or fritters. It seems that the more I ate, the more I wanted.

What’s the reason for experiencing all these cravings?

Whatever foods we had been feeding into our bodies, we are programming our cells with them. Our body knows only the foods we eat or had eaten before. And so, when the body needs nourishment, they call out for these foods.

The cells are needing nourishment for our basic survival, proper functioning, healing, recovery and optimal wellness. When these nourishment lacks, our brain receives signals from the body to eat more.

But what’s the real deal here? Are we getting what we require from what we are eating?

From the fact that the more we eat, the more we want, it seems pretty logical to deduce that we are not properly nourished! What’s happening now is that there seems to be global epidemic, somewhat like a never ending slippery slope of obesity, fatigue, pre-mature aging, balding, depression, infertility and degenerative diseases.

Why does it seem so miraculous that cravings can drop substantially after the introduction of Green Smoothies?

You see, when we drink Green Smoothies, we are taking in ALOT of nutrition from Fresh Living Foods. Don’t underestimate that cup of green beverage, because it has everything required by our cells. When blended using proper ingredients, it come complete with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, water and so much more for our complete nourishment!

And the best part is that we don’t even need to change whatever we are eating. Just simply add in the Smoothies.

When we take in these super health enhancing nutrients, we are re-programming our cells with Living Foods Language – which is the Mother Tongue of our cells. We are creations of Mother Earth – Mother Nature.

Those super nutrients get delivered to the door-step of every living cell in our body, plumbing our body up with nourishment. The cells are stronger now to embark on the millions of bio-chemical processes to ensure our survival.

When the cells are properly fed, the brain now receives messages of peace, harmony and happiness. Our mind feels balanced, and calm. Thus, we experience a reduction in signals to grab that donut, sugared drink or coffee.

Instead of Cravings, we experience Contentment.
Instead of Reaching for that Soda, we Reach out to people with Smiles.
Instead of Dozing off while Driving, we Dance with Divinity.
And it all boils down to that simple Green Smoothie.

Cheers to your Smoothie and Bottoms up!

© Copyright, Linda Loo, Light Love Laughter


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