Green Power – 5 Easy Ways to Make Delicious Smoothies

5 Ways to become the Smoothie King/Queen

1) Use only the ripe fruits:

Ripe fruits contain all the enzymes necessary for digestion and assimilation, and Nature “announce” them for eating when we are attracted by the sweet fragrance of ready-to-eat fruits.

When you use the ripe fruits, their sweetness and juicy texture makes Smoothie making so much easier – you don’t need to wash/prepare too many portions nor add too many other items.

2) Keep it simple!

Unless you are already a Smoothie Goddess (you know it when everything you make turns out awesome!), always keep it to as simple as possible.

The best combo is simply 1 type of fruit, and 1 type of green. The more items you add in, the harder it becomes to control the taste.

3) Use your sense of smell.

Don’t know how to choose quality produce?

Use your nose the next time you are clueless. I learned this in Thailand on a farming course – that our sense of smell can be pretty helpful in determining which produce to buy.

Over time, as I cleaned up my diet, my sense of smell sharpened so much that I can literally smell pesticides on some heavily sprayed produce like tomatoes. So many times when I cannot get organic produce, I engage my nose for some indication.

4) Rotate the greens regularly

If you don’t wish to wake up one morning and find the smoothies you make become tasteless, rotate them intelligently!

The body sends signals to avoid that food when you are getting the same of it day after day.

To keep the smoothies delicious and nutritious, change them!

Humans are not meant to eat only one type of food; which probably explains that there are theories discovering small amounts of toxins in every food crop. When we rotate well amongst all the foods and get the full spectrum, these toxins are canceled by one another.

5) Freeze your fruits for convenience and longer-lasting smoothies

In Singapore’s humid weather, it is best to consume your smoothie shortly after its blended; well at least for the most of it, because that is in its FULL GLORY!

If not, fret not, because Green Smoothies do not oxidize as fast as juices – as researched by Victoria Boutenko (inventor of Green Smoothies, bless her!) So, it is still possible to make your smoothie cold, so that you can store it or carry it around for a later part of the day.

It is easy to make a slightly cold smoothie, simply pre-freeze your fruits, throw in some ice cubes OR use chilled water instead of normal temperature water.


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