Green Smoothies FAQs Part I

1) How can I make Avocados Smoothies tasty, they usually taste bland; can I blend the pit?

These questions are increasing because more people are becoming aware of the goodness in Avocados. I was jokingly telling my friend that the price of Avocados may increase pretty soon, at the rate which we are training Singaporeans to incorporate living foods into their diet

The thing when using Avocados is to know that these are not sweet, therefore we cannot rely on them to give a sweet taste to our end-smoothie. If we wish to use them to make good smoothies, we can put in more sweet fruits like red Melons, Grapes & Chinese Shui Jing Pears.

If you have a powerful blender like ours, you can also blend the pit in for extra nutritional boost. Just be aware that the smoothie will taste slightly bitter. We don’t encourage you to blend the pit with a commercial blender, unless you are planning to break the blades. Which may be a blessing because then you’ll have an excuse to finally invest in a good blender!

2) Will blending smoothies destroy the enzymes in fruits & greens?

Any form of processing takes away nutrition from fresh living foods; the best way is of course to consume organic crops freshly harvested from the soil. However, in our busy conventional lives today, we don’t have time to sit down and chew greens whole day, so we use the blender to ‘pre-digest’ the foods.

And yes of course the heat from blades will remove some nutrients but the resulting smoothie will still be much more nutrient dense than a standard cooked store bought meal.

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