5 Tips to ‘Upgrade’ yourself as a Smoothie Guru!

For all of you Smoothie Gurus who are making Smoothies regularly – Cheers!

Here are 5 Tips to ‘upgrade’ yourself to Smoothie Guru:

1) Stick to the protocol you learnt with us on keeping it simple, unless you are at the *Smoothie Commando or *Smoothie Queen level.

If you wish to add in new items into your Smoothie, do so one at a time.

(*Which means you can mix more than 6 types of fruits and greens together and still make it taste heavenly)

First of all, thank you for loving our In-House Smoothies, we read that you wished you can make smoothies which taste exactly like ours. Please be gentle on yourselves and remember that we have been on the path for more than 4 years, we make smoothies everyday(still doing that now) & we made so many mistakes!

You are already doing an amazing job with just less than a year of practice.

Whenever you try new experiments, and find that your smoothie taste yucky, go back one or two steps to the basics and start simple again. Use only a max of 2 fruits, under the Conceptual Format that you learnt with us. You won’t go wrong that way.

Whatever you do, never give up! Keep trying till you get it ☺; and you will.

2) Rotation is Key – Rotate with Intelligence to save time

Many of us are lazy to shop for a large variety of fruits; we sometimes only stick to Bananas, Oranges, Apples and Papayas because they are easier to cut.

If we only stick to the same fruits, we are going to become bored and sick of them, not to mention mal-nutrition. (Yes it is POSSIBLE to eat Living Foods and be malnourished.)

Some big fruits like Coconut, Watermelon (yellow, red), Rock Melons are nutritious and tasty to use in Smoothies. But people find them too heavy and bulky, and a hassle to prepare.

One trick is this – buy the big fruits once a week, say over the weekend, chop them up into blend-able sizes, freeze them immediately, and use over the week.

For Coconuts, you can use the water over the 2 days after you open them, and the meat you can freeze in individual containers, and bring them out one at a time as you use each portion.

3) Amen to Avocado!

Please, folks, don’t forget our best friend – the Amazing Avocado. This fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients, anti-oxidants, and minerals & is so affordable. Use half or a whole Avocado in the smoothies. This increases the satiation factor and makes the Smoothie last longer.

Gals, remember how we shared a secret about beauty & drooled at the Avocado during the Intro Workshop? We hope you have been using them regularly; if not, go out and grab a couple today!

4) Use Toppings

By now, you would already have become Intermediate Smoothie Gurus, if not Veterans!

You can now start to experiment with toppings – add some of the favorite Singaporean/Malaysian local fruits like Durians, Mang Ka/Chempedek (Jackfruit), Longans, Rambutans (we got really hooked onto Rambutans lately!), Lychee, Ba Duku, Duku Langsat, Longkang etc into the Smoothies and eat the entire thing with a spoon!

You can even sprinkle 2 Tbs of Cacao Nibs on top for a pre-workout boost.












5) Upgrade the Blender

The best Chef skills can only be showcased through extraordinary equipment. When we were overseas and had to put up with commercial blenders, there was no way we could make divinely smooth Smoothies. It just cannot happen because the blades are weak and lousy.

When you have been drinking Smoothies for 3 months or more, it is time to choose for yourself whether you wish to continue this path. The best way to tell is based on how energetic you feel and how you look.

If you feel great & look fresher than before, you know that what you have done really works for you.

If you decide that – ok this feels right for me, and I wish to carry on incorporating more living foods, particularly Smoothies, because I feel better, look better now; it makes more sense to invest in a good blender.

Get a good affordable blender now to start blending! Email to enquire. More info: The Linda Loo Blender

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