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Seven things that most beginners don’t know about Coffee Enemas

Most people who are new to Coffee Enemas has one or more of the following internal conversations:


“It must be very painful to stick something up the ass.”

“Its going to be a hell of a mess!”

“Will it burst something in my stomach?”

“So scary; will I die?”

“I don’t drink coffee, I’m allergic.”


Fact 1: Nobody died before

Nobody has ever died from coffee enemas before. On the contrary, people have been saved from life threatening diseases using Coffee Enema therapy and high quality super foods. Many ancient tribes practiced Enemas as part of a healing regime (Egypt, Aztecs, Romans etc). For more info on Coffee Enemas and Healing Cancer, do a google search for Max Gerson and check out his Gerson’s therapy of healing cancer.


Fact 2: It is not painful

The toxicity and chronic constipation (both of which Coffee Enemas can help relief with astonishing efficacy) that most people suffer from definitely cause more pain. For those just starting out, make sure you learn the techniques from somebody who has live experience both as practitioner and teacher – that makes a whole world of difference on how smooth your virgin attempt will be.


Fact 3: It is better out than in!

If your toilet smells like the incinerator during your first month on Coffee Enemas, congratulations. That foul smelling junk which you purged could be the very junk that is cluttering your mind and stopping you from moving towards your goal. It is not a myth to say that your body is your temple. The cleaner your temple, the faster your prayers manifest.

After a few months the eliminate smells less foul, eventually becoming something similar to the poo of tortoises LOL.


Fact 4: It will not travel to your head.

Passing the coffee solution in will not break anything or cause any flow to go haywire. Our body is smart enough; there are inbuilt valves to control how food materials travel and how waste material travels. In fact if we eat and live in accordance to Nature we won’t even be sick in the first place.

So lay aside your fears that coffee solution will spill out of your gut and mouth – that happens only in nightmares.


Fact 5: It is not normal coffee

In the first place, please DO NOT use the conventional store bought coffee. Coffee Enema solutions are prepared with specially Gerson’s approved organic white coffee that has not been fried with butter and sugar. Another thing to note is that even if you are using coffee that has been marked “Gerson’s approved”, and you get heart palpitations, then its probably too strong for you, and you may want to switch to a different source.


Fact 6: It will not cause constipation

You will not get constipation due to Coffee Enemas. On the contrary, Coffee Enema detox will alleviate constipation because the crusted waste materials stuck to the colon walls will be reduced. Thus restoring the colon state and intestinal peristalsis movements.


Fact 7: Its one of the faster ways to gain more energy and look young

There are people whom, after going on juicing and raw foods, with the help of Coffee Enemas, look twenty years younger than they actually are. How much is that worth in terms of Botox and plastic surgery? (Not only in term of dollars, but also the pain and side effects of going under needles and knives).

This is because the liver is the most powerful organ we have. From breaking down and exporting toxins, storing vitamins to regulating hormones, cholesterol and blood manufacturing functions, it takes on almost every major biological function.  Once you make it happy, it eagerly performs for you by giving you a beautiful clean and strong body.

Extra tip: Helping your liver goes a long way

Coffee Enemas is a big first step to loving the liver. A high quality liver supplement will do wonders to enhance your Coffee Enema detox experience. Or if you want to save money, simply taking 2 TBS of virgin coconut oil 30 minutes before your Coffee Enema helps to strengthen the liver too.


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