Power Green Juice Recipe

Dear cherished reader,

This is one of my favourite juice recipes:

*3 slices of fresh Aloe Vera (each about 2″ width)

*2 Cucumbers

*1 Large Green Bell Pepper

*1 Green Apple

*1 Large Bunch Kale

*2 inch piece of Ginger

Run the above ingredients through a slow juicer, strain and drink! Pure green power that always presses my hot buttons. If you have a chance to see me slurping this juice up, I promise you that you will be impressed with my enjoyment. My eyes roll up, and I smile to the ceiling thanking God that I’m alive. My whole body feels alive, cells rejoicing, and I start to grin. Who says you need a reason to be happy?

Goodness me, if I had known 8 years ago that I could be so turned on by a green juice, I may not have dared ventured into raw foods. What GOT my attention then were the cheesecakes, crackers, pies, and ice creams!

It is your turn now to lose yourself in the world of raw cheesecakes, crackers, pies, and ice creams, the healthy way! 

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So you see, at first it is ALL about the FOOD; and then you will realize it is NEVER about the FOOD. It is so much more…


(C) Linda Loo

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