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Chakras Power – the importance of Balance

One of the questions that I get asked frequently in Yoga classes is “Were you always this flexible?

Dear love, the truth is, when I first began practicing Yoga, I could not even sit straight with my legs flattened on the floor. Like a “chicken wing”, I either have to bend my knees to sit on the floor, or I needed a wall behind to support my back.

The inflexibility started as early as I could remember. When I was in secondary school, we had those things called Physical Fitness tests. Every year, I would fail the ‘Sit and Reach’ segment. My maximum reach was only a little more than my knees, and no matter how much I practiced stretching, I still fail to stretch to the passing mark.

Flexibility of the body is directly correlated to our root Chakra. This first Chakra develops in most people from the day they are born till they are 7 years old, and it creates our physical body – bones, blood, skin, tissues, organs and cells. This is the house of our first connection to Earth, our sense of being human, and our sense of belonging to humanity.

There is no coincidence that while my schoolmates were enjoying childhood, I was having suicidal thoughts as a kid, feeling isolated from the rest of the world, disconnected to Earth, and not feeling that I belonged at all here. The kid I was kept thinking there was a mistake somewhere and I landed up wrongly here. These thoughts were a result of an imbalanced root Chakra formation.

Root Chakra imbalances could manifest in various ways involving self love inabilities, material manifestation and money issues. When not corrected, a kid with first Chakra imbalances could grow up into a teen with image disorders and subsequently into an adult with abundance issues.

The truth is that everyone of us have some imbalances in some Chakras, some more than the others; but do you know which one, how are they affecting you, and what you can do about it? Whether we make a conscious effort to confront them and work through them, will determine whether we can break free and live our definition of a “Good Life”.

JOIN US for a session to experience the power of authentic Yoga practiced in accordance with Chakras; you will feel transformation even in one session.

Soul Food for Thought:

“Yoga is the martial art of the soul, and the opponent is the strongest you’ve ever faced: your ego.”

(C) Linda Loo

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Living Foods Spread

Living Foods Intensive

Imagine living a passionate and energetic life, everyday!

Waking up and jumping out of bed, sashaying into your work station and knowing that you have a huge impact to make on the world.

The only real currency that we take away with us beyond death, is the the impact of our existence on Earth. And you need great health and abundant energy to make a positive impact on the world, don’t you agree?

Increase your health transformation by 100%, your family’s health by 100%, and take back the control of your health and your loved ones’ health.

Become a raw food expert, enjoy good health, awesome food, with fun loving people.

EMAIL US : or CALL : +65 6650 6028 to REGISTER or for further enquiries!

Usual Price: S$ 4,375
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(C) Linda Loo

Raw Kimchi

The Key to a Healthy Gut – Raw Fermented Foods!

Heal your gut with RAW FERMENTED FOODS!

An amazing way to boost immunity and get glowing skin is to eat fermented foods.

Kimchi, coconut water kefir and raw vegan cheeses are full of probiotics, enzymes and minerals that do wonders to your health.

Make your own at home to avoid store-bought fermented foods that are laden with salt and other preservatives!

Here is a simple recipe for Fermented Cashew Cheese – Raw, Vegan and oh-so-Yummy!


*1 Cup Raw Cashews, soaked for 8 hours, rinsed & drained
*3 Cups Filtered Water
*1 Capsule Probiotic Powder

*Cheese Cloth & Basket


1. Blend, pour out into a cheese cloth (rest the cheese-cloth on a cheese basket/shallow saucer), cover and let it sit in a dark corner for 8 hours.

2. After 8 hours, drain the cheese cloth and discard the whey. Remove the cheese and store in a covered container in the fridge.

Have you ever tried eating or making your own fermented foods? How do you like to enjoy them? 

We love to hear you share your favorites!

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Simply Nourish Yourself!

Health is the Best Language of Love!

Christmas is just around the corner, what gifts are you thinking to give to your loved ones?

How about giving them the Gift of your own Health for a change?

You see dear one, the burden and pain of having a family member sick and suffering is worse than being sick yourself. If you have parents, you definitely don’t want them to worry for your well being. If you are a parent, you definitely would want to be strong and fit so as to enjoy seeing your grand kids’ births and even attend their graduations with vigour. I mean, let’s face the facts – Life IS more Fun, more Meaningful and more Fulfilling when you are Healthy.

Yes, quitting smoking, doing exercise and even taking supplements can help. But the critical factor is still in the Diet. No matter how much you exercise, how many supplements you take, it still comes down to the foods we eat. 3 meals a day; 1,000 meals a year…

How many of these Meals give you Life and Energy? How do you build your house?

Are you building your intelligent body with the best possible materials – raw living plant foods that are fresh, unadulterated and nutrient dense?

Click HERE to increase the success of your health transformation by 100%, in the comfort of your own home!

Wisdom Reflection for the Day: “Every disease of the body is connected with an emotional disease. If you want to live a healthy good life, you must learn to look inside and live within.”

Ohm Namah Shivayah!

(C) Linda Loo


Kundalini Awakening Workshop Dec 2014!

So what is Kundalini actually? This mysterious word that brings much speculation and even confusion. Some sources say it helps you achieve superhuman powers; some say you can go bonkers if you don’t do it correctly, so its better to avoid it totally.

So then, since its so scary, what makes you even want to explore it in the first place?

What is so great about Kundalini?

The word Kundalini is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Kundal’ meaning coiled up. It describes the primitive dormant energy coiled up 3 and a half times at the base of the spine. At the base of every human body’s spine, there is a triangular bone named Sacrum (or the Muladhar, which is just above the root Muladhara Chakra). You could feel it if you reach back with your fingers to find the base of your spine on your back.

The word ‘Sacrum‘ comes from the Latin word ‘Os Sacrum‘, meaning ‘Holy Bone‘. It was a medical term used by Greeks and Romans, and this ‘Sacrum’ bone was known to be the last bone to be destroyed when a body was burnt. thus giving it supernatural powers. Egyptians also held this bone to be very valuable and considered it the seat of special power.

The Kundalini, which is said to nourish life forces inside us, has also been given the name ‘Serpent Power‘ because of the way it is coiled up. When awakened, it travels upwards in a circular manner (thus the word “serpent” to describe it), piercing through Chakras, washing out debris stuck in each Chakra, and enabling us to self actualise our hidden potential. It has been described in great details from the Upanishads and Yoga Scriptures. 

Of all Yogas, the Yoga to awaken Kundalini is considered the most supreme. Guru Vashistha asserted that Kundalini is the seat of absolute knowledge. Ancient sages, rishis, saints, and spiritual adepts all consider the awareness of the presence of this primordial energy Kundalini within the human body to be the highest knowledge.

The undeveloped potential of your brain, in all creative, artistic as well as intellectual fields blossom under a Kundalini awakening. A common belief is that the brain tends to slow as you age. Contrary to that, an individual with an awakened and active Kundalini Shakti will not only become smarter, wiser, and more creative as he/she ages; but will also advance steadily on a path of self actualisation.

Chakras are not woo woo concepts found in story books. Chakras are real, science proven vortexes of energy that existed throughout time; from Chakras came the universe, the rocks, plants, animals and subsequently – man. And now, Chakras exist like an encoded maze for us to navigate towards enlightenment.

Although enlightenment does not happen overnight, embarking on the Kundalini journey will bring profound insight into what drives our primary behaviors, our personalities, our habits, fears and desires. The difference between wanting a villa on Beverly Hills and wanting to be free from suffering, is that one is material and one is spiritual. But the pathway to achieve both is similar.

A Kundalini awakening does not guarantee you that promotion nor that Beverly Hills villa, but it lets you see clearly why you are not getting there yet. And if you should choose to, you can use this tool as a GPS and a weed cutter. Your manifestation power will increase across both material and spiritual planes.

So many people have asked – “I’m not sure about the spiritual path, maybe I’m not ready yet. What is the difference between doing it now and doing it later in life, when I’m older?”

Well, if you could have a million dollars, would you rather have it now or later?

Join us for this one-of-its-kind Kundalini Awakening Workshop this December!

(C) Linda Loo


Raw Foods Teacher Training Course 28th -30th Oct 2014! *UPDATE

Our 11th batch of Raw Foods Intensive ended with a big bang on Thursday 30th Oct 2014. We are so PROUD of each and every one of our graduate teachers!

From participants, to kitchen crew, trainers and backend logistics, everyone played a 100%! Over 3 days, we experienced hands-on Juicing and Blended Foods Intensives, Dehydrating, Fermentation, Raw Asian and Raw Western Gourmet, Fusion Superfoods.

And finally at the end of Day 3, our graduate teachers were put to the test in an Raw Iron Chef segment where they present their delicious living creations filled with much handmade love!

Day 4 distills the hands-on experience and book knowledge into practical application. Participants are led into the history of LLLA from 2008 to present, why it was formed; how it evolved, the major milestones and the thinking processes between how workshops are designed and constructed, and how to always, always teach from the heart, how to price and how to price at your true value. We reveal the ‘3rd eye’ wisdom on why the raw foods teaching industry is one big sunrise industry at least for the next decade.

The grand finale – graduate teachers get trained on how to leverage on social media to create an online presence for free. How to start their businesses with little or no capital – be it teaching, catering or any raw food related businesses, and how to grow it internationally, with zero or little outlay.

So much energy has been put in to ensure the success of this RFTTC, to deliver value and to inspire shifts. To see our graduate teachers empowered, touched, inspired and confident to create raw foods, to want to propagate the lifestyle, we feel extremely FULFILLED, and we KNOW we are a step closer to our end goal – to transform Singapore and her landscape into a rawsome regional beacon of holistic health. One person at a time!!!

Why are you still waiting? When are you going to start living your life for YOU?

Fret not if you missed RFTTC this time round. The next upcoming Raw Foods Intensive Course will be in end January 2015. Stay tuned to our newsletters for updates!

More details of our Raw Foods Teacher Training Course HERE:

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Here to more light, love, laughter!

(C) Linda Loo

Be the Change

Be The Change You Wish to See!

Do you know that teaching Yoga is a career that APPRECIATES as you grow older? As you gain more experience, interacts with more students over time, your learnings consolidate year after year, your market value increases. More people will seek you out as you mature as compared to your initial years of teaching.

There is a global trend right now. Age-old secrets of alternative healing are discovered everyday and pushed into the limelight. What we call “New Age’ are actually centuries old modalities that are new to our civilization. Across the world, benefits of practicing Yoga and Meditation are appearing in headlines of newspapers, health columns.

Unknown to many other parts of the world, Pranayama techniques have been prescribed in major hospitals of India for years to help surgery patients recover faster. And studies have proven that they really did help patients wean off medication up to 200% sooner! It is a matter of time before the same happen in developed countries like Singapore.

The younger and earlier you start, the longer your Yoga career has to appreciate.

Whatever age you are, now is the best time to start.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” – Goethe

Check out our Yoga Teacher Training Course and Kundalini Awakening Workshop now!

Yoga Fun of the Day: the top 7 benefits of practicing Yoga!

If you haven’t start Yoga with us yet, this may just inspire you to at least try one session!

1. Increased blood flow to brain making you happier
2. Regulates stress levels and makes you more resilient
3. Increases stamina to make you fit
4. Increases flexibility and alertness
5. Improves postures
6. Regulates lymph glands to give you better immunity
7. Increases serotonin levels to help you snooze better

Have a heart-centred love-filled day ahead!

(C) Linda Loo

Linda Loo!

Invest Wisely in Things of Real Value!

Dear lovelies,

How much is youth, health, energy and joy worth to you?

Most people dread growing old; I EMBRACE cycling round the sun and counting my candles year after year. Yes I’m actually looking forward to approaching 40, 50 and beyond.

Why? You see, when I compared myself now and 10 years ago, there are a number of startling differences. For one, I look more youthful, I have more energy and stamina, my creativity and music talent has expanded and I feel much more joy and fulfillment now.

All because 10 years ago, I followed my heart and took a bold leap. And I never looked back since then.

A custom made Louis Vuitton bag cost approximately $3k. Just 10 years ago, I used to derive satisfaction from buying handbags and shoes. Every quarter Louis Vuitton would send me invites to new product launches. But when I fell sick, my pretty handbags could not make me well, nor could they guide me to finding peace.

Since then, I realize that for a big part of my life, I had not been spending on things that bring real value. The most valuable assets are my body, the peace of my mind, and my spirit that dwells in this body. I want to spend money to invest in these REAL assets of my life.

For just a little more you could learn raw foods, transform your life and that of your family, PLUS the business skills of how to set up your own practice. Need you think more?

Invest wisely; invest in things that are of real value.

Join us for our upcoming Raw Foods Chef Course! Email to to find out more.


“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.” – Adelle Davis

(C) Linda Loo