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Thriving on Raw!

Dear cherished reader, 

have you ever encountered strange stares and questioning moments when you opt for healthy options e.g. salads at a social setting?

I was at a business conference last week, and for meal breaks, they had “fine catering”.

There were trays of fried “gourmet” stuff kept warm by candle flames beneath the trays.

As I scanned all the dishes for some signs of nutrition, I observed with dismay there is very little, almost zero life energy in the catered food. Minerals and vitamins are sparse, and chlorophyll is zilch.

Everyday in the seminar room, at about 1pm onwards, people struggled to stay awake. Even for those who had their eyes plastered wide open, I know they have stopped following the training slides.

When the speaker asked questions, most of the time, there were only less than 5 people who raised their hands or answered. Most of the time the room was in deathly silence.

So how do I keep myself energetic at conferences like this? Did I eat lunch; if yes, what? Did I bring my own raw foods? How did I handle all the strange questions from other course mates?

We will share with you in the next newsletter.

Human nature by default is resistant to changes, but most great shifts in our human evolution are caused by people who dared to think out of convention. We had the courage to ask ourselves “What is Food?” 7 years ago, and untill today, we are still enquiring. It is this enquiry process that helps us progress beyond merely eating for the sake of survival, for the sake of social company or for the sake of convenience and media conditioning. We eat to THRIVE, so that we can become our greatest potential.

Every great theory is ridiculed before it is accepted as a norm. Imagine if Columbus gave up after people ridiculed his theory, we would still be ignorantly thinking the world is flat isn’t it?

We are not saying there is something wrong with eating nutrient void, zero energy foods; but we are saying you have a choice! You can choose not to; you have an option to say no to lousy foods and say yes to good-for-you foods. You can make and eat healthy delicious variations of junk foods and feel great, look great, suffer less illnesses and have your brains outperform themselves. Sounds like a pretty good deal isn’t it?

Don’t believe us yet, come join us in RFTTC to learn how to prepare delicious living foods, snacks that will wow your loved ones, your neighbors and of course yourself.

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I hope to see you on the other side of your screen, hugs! 🙂

(C) Linda Loo

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We are Born to Be Well!

Great healers like Hippocrates, Ann Wigmore, and Max Gerson advocate something in common – their theory is that true healing means bringing back the body to its natural condition.

At Light Love Laughter, our philosophy is that there is nothing to cure; there is simply Restoration.

When you practice Yoga combined with living foods, super foods, fresh unprocessed quality nutrients, your body shines for you. It becomes beautiful, strong and supple. Mind becomes clear and focused. Spirit sings with joy. The physical body brings the first forms of transformation – less white hair, glowing skin and shining eyes.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts and seeds, mineral-dense super foods, medicinal herbs, and shrubs. They are grown from Earth, wholesome, and by eating them natural as they are, we preserve the Earth element. This Earth element is important because your body is made from Earth too. In case you are wondering, yes we (or rather our bodies) are bio decomposable.

Any processing, treatments or over cooking destroys and takes away the Earth element.

Innately we all have healing capabilities; our bodies are created to be strong healthy machines. The moment you treat the body rightly, you restore it back to its natural state. The natural state is wellness.

You don’t have to believe us. But try it first!

Here’s a challenge for you: Go raw for a weekend. Go high raw, if not full. Notice the differences. Observe the changes in your skin, hair, and eyes. Notice your sense of taste, smell, and hearing. Notice your shift to greater emotional awareness and mental clarity.

Cheers to youth, vitality and radiant health!

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(C) Linda Loo

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Pranayama Power! – Applications in Daily Life

Dear cherished reader, have you experienced pranayama practices before?

Pranayama Yoga refers to the practice of applying various breathing techniques to expand the Prana / Breath body – or the Aura / Presence / Energy Field of a person.

There are several ways you can use Pranayama to up sports performance and enhance daily life.

(*Disclaimer – the suggestions below are applicable for those who are athletically very active and generally fit people. Do not attempt the strenuous sports unless you already are doing so, or as advised by your health guru.) 

1. Swimming
In between the laps while resting, instead of just breathing normally to catch our breath, the Nadi Shodan can slow down the heart rate much faster. As you progressively make the laps, you will feel a renewed energy for powerful strokes.

Just 10 Nadi Shodans in between say 3-4 laps, can accelerate exercise stamina incredibly.

Normally it takes a few minutes before heart rate normalize; with Nadi Shodan, it gets significantly faster.

2. Interval Training for Stamina
This can be applied to both running, or strength training. One of the most effective ways to increase stamina for distance running is to engage in interval training. This means that we work our heart rate up fast, and then take a break to allow heart rate to drop. Just before the heart rate reaches below a certain cardio zone, we make the next dash.

Now, if we apply Ujayi (deep throat breathing) during the breaks, we recover faster (meaning we can cover more circuits in the same time), and there is more energy when we make the next sprint or interval.

When performing the Ujayi in between workouts, there is a natural tendency to rush because the lungs is calling out for oxygen. Make an effort to slow down the breathing, employing Ujayi technique, deep into the diaphragm, and then out through the nose. This method strengthens respiratory and lungs capacity, giving an edge to your interval training.

If you don’t believe this, experiment! Perform conscious Ujayis in between your next workouts, and watch how your heart calms down faster than before. Don’t forget to measure your running speed so you know how much your stamina progresses. 

3. Insomnia No More
A rarely used, but powerful way of breathing – called the Bhramari Breath, or the Bumble Bee / Humming Bee breath, works wonders to relief insomnia.

Inhale through the nose, and then exhale in a humming sound with the mouth closed. If you are to place your finger right below your nostrils, you will feel a soft gradual gust of breath flow out gently. You are using sound vibration to tone and massage the upper body organs.

To relief insomnia, just stick your forefingers into each side of your ears to close up the outer world sounds. Close your eyes, inhale and exhale in a nice long hum. Until you are totally out of breath, repeat again.

Perform this preferably in a private space, for 10 rounds, and then feel the deep sense of calm descend.

Yoga is an Art and Science so deep that would take more than one lifetime to master! The more we learn the more we realise there is more to discover. However, one thing that is proven which we already know for sure – it works wonders for the human body.

(C) Linda Loo

“Yoga is the dance between the light and the dark within you. The light is what brings you back to the mat, and the darkness is what you uncover there. Don’t be afraid of this darkness; these are only shadows and though you’ll have to walk down some pretty dark alleys, remember you are grounded in the light, and that light will set you free.”
– Amy Jirsa

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Why is Transformational Yoga Different?

Dear cherished readers, Transformational Yoga is based on the work of Sri Aurobindo, and created by Sri Swamiji Vidyananda. It has been used by practitioners and Yoga Masters all over the world for physical and spiritual progress. A single practice can be short, but if carefully designed, can bring about quick tangible results.

There are 3 fundamental reasons why our Yoga sessions leave practioners refreshed, light and happy without fail each time. 

1. Our Yoga sequence is planned in ascending order of Chakras. (The simplest explanation of Chakras is that they are vibrating wheels of energy, located along the nerve endings of the human spine.) We always begin with the lower Chakras and then work our way up. This is important because building a strong practice requires a strong foundation.

2. We see only our physical bodies – but there is more than meets the eye. We have subtle energy bodies too. Including emotional, mental and psychic bodies. A basic Transformational Yoga sessions work on all the above 4 bodies. That is why after each session, you feel happy, calm and a feeling of lightness.

3. Our teachers have the full picture. We don’t only teach Asana; we don’t only teach Pranayama; or Mantra or Meditation. We are well versed in all the 8 limbs and we are experienced with integrating them into a single practice. In other words, our Yoga students get the real deals when they practice with us. 

JOIN US for a session today to personally experience the power of authentic Yoga!

Yoga Wisdom to meditate on for the week:

“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

(C) Linda Loo

Living Foods!

Reduce Comatose during the Festive Season!

Dear cherished reader, if you have been following us for the past few years, you would have observed that we have a deeper agenda for driving the raw foods mission. Have you noticed that our slogan is “At first it’s all about food; and then it’s not about the food; it’s something deeper…”?

When the body is finally free from a constant state of comatose (that comes with eating cooked foods), consciousness has a chance to become aware of emotions and thoughts. You start to see how you emotionalise your world, your thinking processes. And if you embark on inner work, you can release old programming and install new “softwares” into your life.

Our deepest desire is to witness everyone of our raw food clients, students and program participants, self actualise their potential, through the use of Raw Foods, Inner Work and Yoga. Having good health is only the elementary level in self cultivation. Good health does not guarantee spiritual progress, but without good health it is extra difficult. 

“I’ve gained a deeper understanding about yoga as a way of life. I’m stronger physically, have a greater sense of self-awareness, and my propensity to be reactive to my surrounding stimuli has greatly reduced. I now approach issues and handle life’s stresses with much more calmness, clarity of mind and confidence. The food is excellent beyond expectations! I am truly inspired to be more conscious about the food I eat, the importance of being mindful about our own body, and incorporate raw food especially the green smoothies into my daily meals.”

So what is it about Light Love Laughter Academy’s Yoga that sets it apart from every commercial studio out there? Why does it always leave you happy, calm and spiritually connected to your faith of choice without fail? How are we so special? In the next post, we will share with you the top 3 things that makes every of our Yoga sessions work every time. 

And as promised, here is a useful tip to reduce or avoid having a comatose during the festive period:
Drink a glass of Chia gel
*Mix 2 heaping tablespoon of Chia Seeds in 300 ml water. Stir well and wait for 30 minutes until all the seeds have expanded into a gelatinous texture. Drink immediately before your festive dinner. This gel will help coat the less healthy foods you eat, and save you a fair bit of digestive disorders. Just make sure you have a washroom nearby 3 hours later! 

Bonus Tip: If salads are within the menu, and you are not averse to greens, fill up your plate with at least 51% of raw salads, vegetables leafy greens and fruits. Just make sure you eat the raw stuff before your festive dinner to avoid digestive gas. (Raw foods digest faster)

Do both, and you lower your chances of digestive blues even more. Definitely a great way to spend the festives!

Make your health transformation a 100% more effective, easier & tastier, in the comfort of your own home!

4 Modules, each with a pdf textbook and video tutorial that you can stream anytime and anywhere with internet connection. Clear Illustrations that you can follow easily, Delicious Recipes, 4 weekly Email Coaching to increase your success rate!

ENROL in our online “Introduction to Living Foods (ILF) Program” to Heal, Rejuvenate & Thrive your way to your most vibrant self now! 

EMAIL or call +65 6650 6028 to register or find out more!”

(C) Linda Loo

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How to Bond with your Family during Festive Sessions while Staying Raw?

Dear cherished reader, with Christmas and New Year around the corner, are you thinking what any raw foodist would think at least once over their raw foods journey – “How do I keep up my healthy living foods diet without losing connection with my folks?”

One of the most common avenues for humans to bond over is food. Which makes the topic of food into both a laughable and cry-able matter.

Truth is, even though you have a pure intention in doing raw foods in the first place, and it has nothing to do with their culinary skills, your parents or whoever prepared the meals will feel disappointed. I mean, cooked or raw foods aside, the act of cooking stems from love. The key is recognizing that their gesture of preparing meals for you is a gift of their love; your rejection of their food is to them a rejection of their love.

Eat their food and get a comatose; or adamantly reject them and risk a fallout. Either way, it will be less than ideal especially in times of festive season.

Can you find the middle path out of this? The answer is yes – the qualified statement is that it won’t be achieved overnight.

Here are 2 tips to help you out:

1. Explain your ‘whys’ behind your action
When my mother insists that I eat the smoked salmon on my plate of salad, I would say “Mum, if I eat these salmon, I would feel depressed. If I eat the fresh salads, I would keep my good spirits. I want to be a happy daughter especially when I’m having dinner with you. Why don’t you eat these salmon instead? It makes me warm and fuzzy that we share the same plate.” I think very few mothers in this world will refuse to help their children be happy, especially when you put it out in their face with so much love.

2. Emphasize on the connection, the sharing, the topics of conversation and NOT the foods.
Look at them in the eyes, charm them, and send waves of sparkles through your peepers. One amazing fact about our peepers is that when you look at someone you love in their eyes, both of you will start to feel very touched. The point is that you have to show your love – you simply can’t fake it.

You see, few things are more desirable than the presence we give to our loved ones. All the acts of cooking and trying to make us eat something we don’t feel is healthy, are the best ways they know how to love us. If you can give them that loving presence every time you sit down with them, eventually, they won’t see the food as THAT important, and they may try less hard to recreate that bond they have had with you over a dish that you used to love.

I use it all the time on my mother, and it works without fail. Warning – it takes consistent self work to achieve this, because our closest people always pushes our hot buttons. But hey, isn’t raw foods supposed to facilitate us in our inner work? So, buckle up and have fun!

Have these tips been useful to you? We are updating our FAQ section on our website to serve you better. Please write in to to let us know how else we may serve you better.

We will share 1 important and useful tip on how NOT to get a comatose when eating party foods in one of our upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

(C) Linda Loo

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What is Transformational Yoga?

Transformational Yoga is a revolutionary type of Integral Yoga. A simultaneous engagement of Asanas, Pranayamas, Sound Vibrations and One point focus to achieve transformation.

These 4 fundamental practices are used with varying intensity at different intervals. They help a practioner achieve specific objectives – ranging from health/weight maintenance, healing, increased concentration and inner peace.

Transformational Yoga is based on the work of Sri Aurobindo, and created by Sri Swamiji Vidyananda. It has used by practitioners and Yoga Masters all over the world for physical and spiritual progress. A single practice can be short, but if carefully designed, can bring about quick tangible results.

On the physical dimension, Transformational Yoga can cleanse a person of food and environment toxins, achieve fat loss, increase metabolism and reverse ageing. On spiritual dimensions, Transformational Yoga can bring about a Kundalini awakening. Various Transformational Yoga Teachers from different parts of the world experienced deepened spiritual progress and heightened self practice. Many have also had their Kundalini energy awakened from practicing it.

A Basic Transformational Session involves integrating the 4 fundamental practices in a specific sequence to achieve rapid cleaning of the 7 main Chakras. Accumulated toxins (physical, emotional and mental) are released in just 1 single workout. As the major elimination systems gets unplugged, our metabolic rate gets a boost, digestive fire is restarted and the whole body is rejuvenated.

JOIN US for a session today to personally experience the power of authentic Yoga.

Soul Food Wisdom of the Day: “Look for the answer inside your question.”

God wants you well. This world exists for you to break free, and the resources of this world is given by Divine for your cultivation of the inner journey. It is not Divine’s plan for us to suffer, be in debt or broke, or be miserable prolongedly. Of course things happen, maybe they could be unpleasant. The focal point is not for us to conclude that we are victims; but to know that whenever we are in great pain, God is sending us a huge message, and God wants us to find our way out.

(C) Linda Loo

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Let your Kundalini be your very own UpaGuru!

Today, in this busy material world, we find our inner-selves searching for something, perhaps we have not figured out what this is as yet or perhaps we have questions. We have found that all the solutions lie within us, inside us, and we only require the consciousness to explore it.

This is the path of the spirit. Now is the time to embark on the inner journey and let your Kundalini be your very own UpaGuru!

Kundalini as you probably know by now, describes the latent energy stored in every human’s root chakra. Yogis and spiritual practitioners across cultures trained for years, sometimes lifetimes to pursue a Kundalini Awakening. Why is it so highly sought after?

The immediate benefit you will feel is a heightened sense of awareness, your internal bodily functions and energy levels. You will also feel a deep sense of inner calm and approach life with a peaceful strength.

JOIN US for this one-of-its-kind Kundalini Awakening Workshop this December!

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