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Linda’s Food Pyramid

I’d been asked many questions about the food pyramid throughout all these years, the good news is that it is getting dramatically less frequent recently! People all around are waking up to the fact that what we see out there, may be pretty far away from what really works for us.

And of course, most of the readers or students who come to me are already quite savvy on their own course of pursuing healthy eating.

In fact, I dismissed the standard food pyramid way before I even discovered about raw foods. Back in 2005 when I was training madly for the Standard Chartered Marathon, I already learnt that the standard food pyramid cannot serve me in helping me achieve stellar fitness stamina.

That was also the time I started my interest into health diets, lifestyle practices as well as anti-ageing methods, which till today I am still crazy about!

This figure currently best summarizes what I eat:

You can see that the base of my diet is formed mainly of living greens, fruits and sprouts. This also includes fatty fruits like Avocados, Durian and Coconut which are very abundant in Singapore.

In fact, I consume most of my calories in the form of blended Green Smoothies, Green Smoothie Superfood Ice-Creams and Blended Soups. These 2 categories of foods are the most efficient and fastest ways of packing the most amount of nutrition into my body for best digestion. And of course, they taste awesome too!

Next on the ladder comes my complementary foods like ginger, carrots and cucumbers. They add flavor, variety as well as serve as delicious salad vegetables when I feel like chewing something. Ground flax seeds are my main source of omegas; I always tell my readers and friends that if they want their omegas covered, just turn to ground flax seeds and save all the trouble!

Flax seeds contain the perfect Omega 3 to 6 ratio, which is optimal for human body assimilation. All those hype about fish, meat, supplements and so on? I choose to disregard them because I’ve found that I’ve gained more benefits just by adding in ground flax to my diet.

And so have many other healthy alive people I’ve known all over the world from all cultures. Many of them happen to be active people who loves to exercise too.

If I am able to get organic raw oats, I’ll sprout them (by soaking overnight) and make them into cookies, breads and pies. These make awesome healthy nibbles and treats for guests. There was a point in time in my transition when I needed to eat a large amount of sprouted nuts and fats; that was temporary though. Now I’m very easily satisfied with fresh fruit fats, and small amounts of sprouted seeds & nuts.

Raw Organic Cacao is something which have done wonders for my health and beauty breakthroughs in the past 1 year. Some of you whom have been to our sessions may know that one of the factors that pushed me onto natural health, is my vanity!

Being a super food in itself, Cacao is concentrated in magnesium and contains unique heart boosting qualities. My exercise stamina can improve greatly just by having a small serving of Raw Organic Cacao Brownie in the mornings!

And of course, right at the very top, those which I eats the least quantities of, are the pure refined fats. Although cold pressed, raw and organic, they are still refined fats, and best taken in small quantities. Virgin Coconut and Virgin Olive are the only 2 oils I use currently, because they both serve important functions to regulate liver regeneration, and of course, beauty! Cacao Butter is also something I’ll work into my recipes because this is one of the best fats to give maximum skin nourishment while making the raw cookies delicious!

I hope this pyramid can give you a better idea of what I have been doing, to be where I am today. Like what I encourage the readers, look at what you are today compared to yesterday, last week, last year, 2 years ago etc. Are you progressing towards where you want to go? If you are nearer, then yes you are on the right track.

As for me, I’ve never looked better before, more radiant before, have more energy before, while spending next to zero on cosmetics, supplements or counter drugs. If I’m having darker hair than before, brighter skin, clearer eyes and stronger mind than before, I must have done some right things

Cheers to Clarity!

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Raw Food Diet – My Detox Symptoms (Part II)

…continued from Detox Symptoms Part I

A most commonly experienced symptom may be stomach upsets in the first 2 – 3 days; I rarely knew anyone or read anything about more than 4 days. And most of them, provided they stick to a cleaner, less processed diet, the stomach upsets are usually replaced by a fresh sensation of cleanliness, and a peaceful, pleasant ‘buzz’.

But then again, because people are different and may react different, don’t panic if your stomach upsets last longer. Just make sure you have been eating the cleanest (check hygienic measures) and freshest produce. Some people, like me last time, could have lived decadent lifestyles for more than a decade! So there is quite a bit of spring cleaning going on!

Your state of health is not an overnight thing. If you had not been taking care for years, then don’t expect it to reverse at your first attempt! Give it some time, the right resources, and the Body knows What To Do.

As I had mentioned in Part 1, my big detox came after 3 weeks on 100% raw. Some people had it just in 3 days, some after 3 months, some may not even have any at all. For myself, and most people I know, they usually come in the forms of colds, coughs, fever and/or other flu-like symptoms.

Ever heard our elders say before :’It is not good to take too much antibiotics for flu’ ? I’m too young to be an elder, but sometimes the elders may know a thing or two which we didn’t. Because they lived in the end of the agricultural age, and coincidentally cancer was unheard of during those times. So were many more other degenerative diseases which are surfacing now.

Of course, it is up to us on how much we want to rely on medical science for our well-being. Over-dependence on anything unnatural, in my opinion, is not sustainable.








How did I cope with my detox?

Well, I didn’t visit the doctor. I simply rode it out!

1)At the first sign of unwellness, stop what you are working on and rest. Don’t move around so much and lie in horizontal position as much as you can.

2)Eat lightly, and only when you are hungry. If you still don’t feel hungry after skipping a meal, skip the next one too.

“Listen To Your Body. It knows how to ward off illnesses. But you have to be quiet enough to hear the signals and intelligent enough to follow them. ” ED.J , Spokesperson & Naturopathic Physician from The California Association of Naturopathy Physicians.

3)If you are hungry, for goodness sake, try to minimize processed foods. If you have decided to go off the detox, then keep as much as possible to a least adulterated diet. However, it would be wonderful if you can feed your body with fresh juices or vegetables.

For me, it lasted a gruesome 6 days. And after that, I have never felt more alive! In fact, the thought of living anyway otherwise is unimaginable

Behold the Greatness Within You

And Jump For Joy!

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Raw Food Diet – My Detox Symptoms (Part I)

Detox symptoms are one of the most talked-about things in any raw food diet. Regardless of the respective school of philosophy, most raw food gurus have much to comment on the topic of detox symptoms.

Based on experiences about myself, newbies and veteran raw foodists whom I know, most had at some point of time in their raw lifehoods, went through detox periods. These can range from mild fatigue to full-blown colds/fevers.

The key to remember here is that no 2 people are alike, and there is no standard benchmark you should measure yourself against. Your body speaks to you! Always follow your instincts if you feel you are not well enough to carry on, and seek professional treatment if you feel the need to.

Of course if you have been eating totally raw and still experience detox symptoms after a year, it is not normal! You may be following the diet wrongly, or you could be eating the wrong foods.










For myself, even though I was eating mostly raw for 2 years, my detox symptoms came only 3 weeks after I turned 100% raw. The first 3 days of going 100% was already amazing for me with the following changes:

1) My mental fog lifted and I started to see the world as it is, not as what we have been conditioned to.

2) I felt so full of love for the nature, the eco-life, the animals and fellow human beings I see everywhere.

3) My skin glowed and my eyes cleared.

4) I was eating buckets of food everyday! And gained a little weight

5) My energy level increased by about 50%.

These continued for the next 3 weeks. And then the big detox symptoms came. I felt really lethargic, tired, and suffered an intense cold which lasted a full week. I slept most of the time, drinking only blended soups because no food could make it through the mountain of ulcers in my mouth! I had fever too, and it was simply miserable!

But guess what – after that week, I had been flying till now! I dropped some weight during that sick period (for good!), and had an even more amazing list of experiences:

1) My energy levels shot through the roof! I was literally over the moon with joy because I could run & swim with almost double my speed and not feel tired. I’m usually back to shape the next day without aches or pains.

2) My mental focus sharpened greatly.

3) Intuition improved.

4) My hair started turning black after 4 months!

5) I’m constantly happy for no reason. And when I do get stressed at work, it does not get into me!

6) I need lesser sleep hours and get more work done!

You know what – I could go on for ages. To me, I got these experiences after my detox period and so I thought you may wish to hear about them too! Until today I’m still over the moon, or maybe even beyond the milky way

Keep a look out for Part II!

Join me and jump for joy today, because nothing beats being alive!
Love from Linda

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Raw Foods Transition – Is this Necessary?

Although Raw Foods have proven to give significant healing and energizing benefits, we must still remember that major dietary changes are not accomplished overnight.

Of course, there are some whom are able to switch to raw foods cold turkey; but remember no 2 humans are the same. We are each unique and our body systems each work differently. Most of us are better off with a gradual transition rather than overnight major changes.

In fact, most of the experienced raw food experts (those whom have been on this lifestyle for more than 10-20 years) encourage us onto a gradual dietary transition rather than sudden overnight changes.









Why is there a need for gradual transition? Let’s just explore 3 general logics today.

When we change our diet, especially when it comes to raw foods, there are a few things to look out for:

1) The Detox period.

While we are not saying that this will happen for everyone, it is useful to take note and make provision for these Detox symptoms to occur.

In fact, there are many people who eat a heavily processed and cooked food diet, and then switch to healthier ways of eating, and experienced Detox symptoms too! They don’t even need to become raw yet.

Detox symptoms like cold, flu, fever, fatigue diarrhea etc are simply ways in which the body eliminates old toxins. These toxins come from food, water, environmental as well as mental/emotional stress that were built up over years. Due to over toxicity, these toxins are kept hidden within the body, and when the diet cleans up, the body goes on a “spring-cleaning” mode and rid itself of the old junk.

This is in fact good news; we want the toxins to be OUT, rather than stay IN our body.

Therefore, for anyone turning raw, this is definitely a likely possibility. So with this in mind, we want to allow the body to gradually transition, so that the Detox symptoms can be milder, or even non-existent. Since we give the body time to adjust, old toxins can be slowly released through daily elimination.

2) Mind Matters

When the diet cleans up, the Mind starts to clear too. The body will continue to detox, become cleaner, more efficient and energetic. At this time, the Mind starts to become stronger, clearer and focused. This is also what most raw fooders describe as “Mental Clarity”.

It is a good thing to have Mental Clarity definitely. However, we must remember that we are all subjects of conditioning; programming which have been drummed into us both consciously and subconsciously throughout our life-time. Programming begins the moment we are born as infants.

Every response/reaction, word/action and even habits from our parents/guardians/family, school, friends, media etc, forms certain perceptions, beliefs and characters of us. Intentions aside (they are just loving us in the best way they can anyway!), these programming can act as stumbling blocks on our paths in Life.

Many of them unfortunately, may not be supportive of a healthy diet, let alone a raw foods diet!

This is also a time when most raw fooders run the likelihood of feeling or appearing “spacey or confused” because they feel like an isolation from their community.

Of course there are also a lucky few who did it smoothly with suave; these people are mentally strong enough to know whether they are doing the right things. They are mostly in a strong community of like minds; are usually logical people who are used to taking charge of their own lives, being responsible for their choices and know where they want to go in life. These people are comparatively more independent than others, and even when they have doubts, their faith speaks louder.

Being humans, some of us may feel that the Mental Clarity is too unbearable and eventually fall away or worse still, swing right back to the far extreme of junk food!

3) Emotional Anchors

There are so many hidden emotional anchors in food and dietary habits, which are unknown to us. Subconsciously they affect our every food choice, our emotions and ensuing mental states.

Smell buttery donut, and think of the times when we were in school and passing by that bakery on our way home. Smell Asian Stir-fry, and think of Mummy’s loving preparation of dinner. Smell roasted chicken/turkey, and think of Festive or Christmas gatherings where the whole family gathers together.

Sounds familiar?

These mentioned above, are just an introduction to the whole myriad of Emotional Anchors deeply rooted in each of us ☺

Ever heard the popular saying that:” Diet is one of the most difficult things to change in a person!”

Well, it is right in a large sense. Why? Because every human needs to eat; we eat an average of 3 meals a day, and that is more than 1,000 meal-times in a year. Multiply that with our age, and we can see how many times we had an opportunity to program our subconscious minds in the past!

One of the most profound things to happen in raw foods is the eventual liberation of the emotions, which follows after the mind clearing up. While it sounds all exciting and good to be free of emotional toxins and baggage, it has to be emphasized that raw foods DO NOT solve the emotional issues. Raw Foods merely removes the barrier, puts you face to face with your issues whatever they are. In other words, people who have deep emotional baggage will feel the impact 10 times stronger.

Nor do Raw Foods provide the skills on how to bridge the emotional releases. It is not a magic pill; rather, it allows you to face them and uncover the root causes. We can discuss a whole thesis full of content on this topic alone; but for now, the purpose of this article is to bring your awareness to this and take note that this is a valid reason for raw food transitioning.

As the body cleans up, the mind clears, we want to be gentle and allow the emotions to adjust too. Balance in Progression and Transformation is the Key.

Again of course, this does not apply to every single human on Earth. We are talking about most people, and especially in Asia where we are still moving onto a more open-minded, embracing and unconventional way of life.

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How Do You Build Your House? – The Magic Of Raw Foods

We all know that Living Foods have been used by thousands of people to gain health, energy, youth and vitality.

The answer does not come from the foods; the secret lies in the inherent powers of your own body. This body is made of the most precious and non-replacable machine we humans have ever come across.

It has a tremendous ability to heal, renew and rejuvenate itself if only we give it the best materials to work.

Scientists and doctors have not been able understand the human brain beyond 10%, not able to figure out the purpose of our pineal gland (except that it reacts to light, and nothing else is known), let alone the rest of our body organs and tissues.

In actual fact, all our body organs are made of tissues, which are in turn made of cells. These clusters of cells make up tissues, clusters of tissues form organs, or bones etc, which make up our physical body.

Every morsel of food we intake into our body, are metabolized into substances delivered to the cells. The foods we eat become part of the cells in the body, and eventually make up the tissues and organs and our body.

It is like building a house with different grades of materials – junk or real good building, materials.

Like the Three Little Pigs, you can choose to build your house with straw, wood or bricks. Everything we do in Life is a Choice.

When you make a change to eat more Raw Living Foods, you infuse your body with the top grade of building materials for a firm solid house.

When your spirit dwells in a strong sturdy house, you live comfortably, you are happier, and you have time for more meaningful, enriching activities with your family and loved ones. You are free to pursue your true purpose in Life.

But when the house is constantly falling apart, you are heavily involved in major overhauls, repair works, cleaning and healing. No time for love, laughter and living your true purpose.

I, for one, choose only the best possible materials at any given point in time, towards building and maintenance of my house. Like the Big Brother Pig of the Three Little Pigs story, I choose only firm, genuine solid bricks which stand strong even in the harshest wind, typhoon attacks or any VIRUS scares.

Are you like me? Remember everything in your life is your choice. You have the power to decide, resume the responsibility now.

To more Light and Love :)

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Raw Food Diet – History Of Raw

Is the Raw Food Diet a new fad or trend that is seeping into Asia like the latest fashion statement? Well, I was never a fan of History, BUT I am definitely 1 curious cat. And because I am still alive (more than ever!), let’s explore some facts & research on the History of Raw Food, its Evolution & Place in Humanity.

Now mind you, there is a TONNE of information, sometimes conflicting, on this topic which can knock out even a seasoned reader. And how do I deal with it? Simple – I just look at facts, research done by professionals & recognized Institutes, as well as actual living examples. And then of course I listened to my own body to see what works for me.

Humans are suffering from degenerative diseases generations after generations. In the latest decade, it seems to be getting out of hand. I have always noticed & be disturbed at the endless battle with new, unheard of diseases & ailments while our scientists furiously invent new “pills & drugs” for cure….

Before History on Raw Food was documented, there were some evidence from countries like Iran & India where early communities ate & thrived on raw vegan foods… Humans only learned & started to cook after they discovered fire, and we also happen to be the only species to cook our food.

Hippocrates was a student at “Mathematikoi” (a religious & philosophical school founded by Phythagoras where all students were required to be vegetarians), and Hipporates is a well-known figure (the Father of Medicine). From research, both Hippocrates & Phythagoras were believed to have eaten a primary raw vegan diet.

In 1930, Dr Paul Kouchakoff (from the Institute of Clinical Chemistry in Lausanne, Switzerland) proved a human body condition known as “Digestive Leukocytosis”. This is a reaction where white blood cells in the body increase immediately, and is produced only when cooked foods are eaten. When natural & unheated plants are eaten, Leukocytosis did not occur. And what is this Leukocytosis relevant to? This is in fact, a stress response produced by the body when it is invaded by a dangerous pathogen (ie. a harmful virus) or trauma.

In 1933, Forbes EB wrote a paper saying that “Cooking renders food pasty, so that it sticks to the teeth, and undergoes acid fermentation…” His paper linked the consumption of cooked food to dental degeneration.

In 1936, dentist Weston A Prince also observed the latter amongst an evolving generation which abandoned unadulterated nutrient dense foods for nutrient- void processed foods. That was coincidentally a beginning period of civilization for humanity.

In 1941, Dr. Edward Howell, an Illinois physician, wrote Food Enzymes for Health & Longevity. And in 1981, he published Enzyme Nutrition And “Eat Me Raw”. These 2 books claimed that the pancreas is forced to work harder on a diet of cooked foods, and that food enzymes are just as essential to digestion as the body’s self-generated enzymes.
In 1966, A. Hovannessian healed his sick child with raw food, and published a book called “Raw Eating” in Iran.

In the late 1960s, Viktoras Kulvinskas & Ann Wigmore discovered powerful healing benefits of a raw diet. They opened The Hippocrates Institute (which by the way, is still very active today and managed by Dr Brian & Dr Maria Clement). The Institute has been curing sick people with “Incurable Diseases”.

In 1975, after Viktoras published “Survival into the 21st Century”, raw food started to trickle into the main stream. The Gersons Institute (based on raw food healing research by Dr Max Gerson) was set up shortly in 1977. “The New Raw Energy” by Leslie Kenton in 1984 further increased exposure of the raw food diet.

Now, up to then, raw food still comprised mainly of boring salads & juices. Along came pioneer raw gourmet chef Juliano, who entered the scene with his restaurant “Raw” in LA, California. He attracted movie stars and models whom suddenly seemed to gain youthfulness & beauty without surgery, now did that grab the media’s attention! And do you know that Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson & Alicia Silverstone are raw foodists? I wouldn’t mind having that body & youthfulness, not at all! ;)

Since then, the raw food scene has been exploding with new raw gourmet chefs, books, institutions to teach raw gourmet cuisine, raw food classes, and even motion pictures being made this very minute! You can see youthful & energetic “raw gurus” springing up all over US, UK, and yes, even Asia now. Go ahead & search for it – they are all over the place!

So, what is my take on Raw Vegan Foodism? Is a 100% Raw Vegan diet the best for health? To me it is quite simple… I know that just by adding more fresh vegetables & fruits to any of my meals make them healthier & more nutritious. I just choose to go full throttle, whenever I can, to feel at my best, that’s all!

Because You, are unique and You have your own special nutritional requirements, nobody has a right to dictate what is a perfect diet for You. As long as it works for your body, make it your choice! Eat the freshest, least adulterated & least processed foods you can get your hands on. Just listen to Your Body and pay attention. Instead of 100% Raw or Vegan, focus on 100% health, energy and happiness!

We have got enough evidence, medical advice & even government endorsements which encourage consumption of fresh fruits & vegetables on a daily basis, to know that these are good for us. Period. Never mind 100% Raw or not, 100% vegan or not…. if you are like me, you will just want to get the most nutrients & taste out of every meal!


To your 100% health!
© Copyright Linda Loo, Light Love Laughter


Raw Food Diet: Eating with Logic (II)

…continued from Eating with Logic (I)

Let’s first examine why eating raw foods do not produce warmth in the body. We all know that lean meat takes more energy to digest, and can even increase metabolic rates. When we eat a piece of meat, it takes more energy from the body to digest it. While your body works, this produces a thermal effect, and we feel warm. Raw foods on the other hand, are easily digestible, takes less energy and thus less heat is generated.

Now the question to ask is – is there a “correct” way to increase body temperature and is keeping warm through our foods the only way?

Are we supposed to keep warm by eating hard-to-digestible foods, or is it better to exercise?

Let’s look at logic. Humans are designed to move, exercise and use our limbs. If we don’t, we eventually lose them. This is also in line with the fact that if you want to increase muscle mass, work out and lift weights!

And further, we know that man is meant to exercise at least moderately because we always feel better, happier and healthier if we do. Even moderate exercise can increase body temperature to keep us warm comfortably.

But are we “supposed” to keep warm by intentionally eating hard-to-digest foods in order to keep warm?

Perhaps you have the answer yourself already. Foods are meant for our enjoyment, to bring us health and fuel us on achieving our purposes in life. For me, it just makes sense to eat for my best health possible while maintaining a delicious palate!

One last interesting point – I came across this suggestion from a public forum participant: he said that in order for man to keep our place on this planet, we need to regulate animal growth by eating them consistently.

Our world population is now a staggering 6.7bil (as of Jul 2008), we have exploded exponentially during the industrial age. The trend has only begun to subside after world-wide efforts on global warming picked up in recent years.

We use more land for animal farming than for human occupation, more resources for animal feeds than for sustainable farming, and then we wonder why are the polar bears drowning and harmful insects over-multiplying.

Does this suggest even remotely that we could be outnumbered by animals if we don’t eat them, or have we been focusing on some wrong things because we simply failed to see logically, somewhere along the process of civilization…

Well, enough said about logic. At the end of the day, diet choices are still very personal and vary among individuals. Like what they always say – “To each his own!”. If your body thrives on a certain diet, then it makes sense to stick to it. It is often counterproductive if we give precedence to what others say, at the expense of what our bodies are trying to tell us.

Any positive diet improvements today, can save lives in years to come!

© Copyright 2008-2012, Linda Loo, Light Love Laughter


Raw Food Diet – Eating with Logic (I)

There is a tonne of information and controversy regarding the raw food diet on the internet. We have the propagators, the persecutors, the passionate and the bewildered. Most of the chief persecutors zoom in from angles of nutritional deficiency, dissatisfaction with their food, body temperatures and laws of nature.

Before engaging in a never ending war, and I do not think it is wise or advisable to, let’s examine what raw foods are all about.

Raw foods refer to fresh fruits, vegetable, nuts and seeds which are uncooked, unadulterated with intact vitamins & minerals. They basically contain “life” in them ie. if you plant them, they grow. Once we heat a food beyond a certain temperature and process them with artificial ingredients, the “life” is removed and some substances may even turn toxic.

If you plant the seeds from a fresh apple, you get an apple tree. If you plant the seeds from a packet of apple crisps, you get either nothing or mold. Does this make sense?

And, why is the world shifting towards higher consumption of organic produces? Because we have finally acknowledged the fact that long-term ingestion of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and other farm chemicals is causing disease and death. We recognize that the addition of these chemicals are harmful to our bodies and planet earth.

We also see the need to preserve soil fertility for sustainable farming. And that’s why, more and more countries are joining the awareness and encouraging consumption of organic produce by making them more available, granting subsidies and generating publicity.

Eating organic foods seem logical. Raw foods, may also be viewed in a similar fashion. I see them as a way of getting the maximum nutrition.

They are raw and living organic produces: meaning not only are they free of harmful chemicals, they also contain the maximum quantity of health giving nutrients from Mother Nature. By consuming them in the least adulterated states – fresh and uncooked, does it seem logical to you that we are simply getting the best out of them?

Next, let’s move on to nutritional deficiency. This is probably the most debated about in the history of nutrition. We don’t even need to talk about protein deficiency because the protein myth has been busted a zillion times.

A more interesting area would be vitamins & mineral deficiencies.

First of all, we must be reminded that nutritional deficiencies can occur in ANY diet, be it meat-based, any type of vegan, or raw vegan diets. There is no standard benchmark to say that you will be deficient in certain nutrients if you adopt a certain diet. Why? Because everybody is different. Person A & B can eat the same identical diet but depending on their body conditions, may experience different results.

For eg. research has shown that when a group of calcium deficient people were put on a water-fast, their tests show that some of them were no longer deficient in calcium after the fast. Since they did not ingest anything during the fast, they could not possibly have obtained it from food. It could just mean that calcium has been contained in their tissues which had been unabsorbed all along.

Those people had a problem with assimilation of calcium, rather than that with a deficient diet!

For people who have had bad experiences eating raw foods, it could just mean they had assimilation, digestion or even mental block problems. Do not underestimate the power of the mind!

The next most common problem heard from eating raw foods is about body temperatures. I’m lucky to live near the equator, but I agree that to a certain extent, living in cold climates can be tricky for raw foodists.

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