Raw Kimchi

The Key to a Healthy Gut – Raw Fermented Foods!

Heal your gut with RAW FERMENTED FOODS!

An amazing way to boost immunity and get glowing skin is to eat fermented foods.

Kimchi, coconut water kefir and raw vegan cheeses are full of probiotics, enzymes and minerals that do wonders to your health.

Make your own at home to avoid store-bought fermented foods that are laden with salt and other preservatives!

Here is a simple recipe for Fermented Cashew Cheese – Raw, Vegan and oh-so-Yummy!


*1 Cup Raw Cashews, soaked for 8 hours, rinsed & drained
*3 Cups Filtered Water
*1 Capsule Probiotic Powder

*Cheese Cloth & Basket


1. Blend, pour out into a cheese cloth (rest the cheese-cloth on a cheese basket/shallow saucer), cover and let it sit in a dark corner for 8 hours.

2. After 8 hours, drain the cheese cloth and discard the whey. Remove the cheese and store in a covered container in the fridge.

Have you ever tried eating or making your own fermented foods? How do you like to enjoy them? 

We love to hear you share your favorites!

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