What TV does to you!

The 3 hidden reasons why you fail in your raw foods journey (or any healthy diet change!

In my book Raw Becoming, I talked about how many friends and my dad told me that even though they knew raw foods worked for them, but they simply cannot persist. “When I’m not with you, I find it more difficult to resist the tempting smells in the hawker centers.” My dad said. “But once I eat that fried fritter, I could feel the mind slowing down and becoming sleepy.”

“Its so bloody difficult when I see people queuing up for donuts at shopping malls. It makes that look okay when a lot of people are doing it!”  Another friend shared dolefully.

Here are 3 hidden reasons why its more difficult than you thought:

1. You are watching too much TV or exposed to too much media

I did an experiment on myself the other day. I wanted to see what happens to my mind after 3 hours non-stop of TV and commercials.

After quitting TV for 3 years, I reintroduced it last year into my life for balance. The only TV programs I watch now are Saturday Night Live, Just for Laughs or Running Man. But I always disconnect from the TV during commercials. I would mute the TV and close my eyes, or stare at the trees out of the windows.

So I was really curious to find out.

After 2 hours I felt incredibly tired, sleepy and drained. I felt awareness fizzling out, like a computer glitch. At 2 hours 45 minutes, I caught a thought in my head “I wonder how that shrimp tastes like”.

It was as faint as a haze of PSI 30 after you breath in it for 2 days. In other words, it could almost go unnoticed.

We already knew that the media is a conditioning machine. But there is a huge difference in knowing that as head knowledge, compared to actually nabbing the thoughts in the butt, and becoming present to how our minds can be so easily programmed.

Here’s the result of 3 hours non stop TV: apart from lethargy, disinterest in life, and a resolve to do absolutely nothing, my mind was blank except for that last thought. Overall I feel like crap. It would not be wrong to say that I may actually consider if you offer me junk foods.

Images of handsome chefs in crisp white uniforms, romantic couples smiling at each other while juicy steaks are served, celebrities playing a game and describing how a dish tasted. Somehow, the images and sound effects made that seem right, normal, and horrors! – a way to happiness and love.

Which, by the way, is a load of bullshit I think. In all the blissful families I had encountered in real life, love and happiness comes with conscious effort, commitment and consistent self-awareness. Love does not happen because you share a mucous-forming nutrient void meal at red/yellow coloured fast food chains.

If you are serious about making a change, do consider cutting out mindless TV watching entirely; or at least limit and select the programs you want to watch, eliminate the commercials.  I like how my god sister does it – “You can watch like an observer, as if it is just a passing illusion and not get drawn in.”


2. You are still hanging out with the ‘wrong’ people

We know how our minds trick us into thinking something must be correct when we see groups of people, people of authority and celebrities doing something. How about using this characteristic of the mind to make something work for us, instead of against us; to make us achieve rather than break our goals, for a change?

Want more discipline, positivity, integrity and humour? Hang out with people with resilient minds, an attitude of “can-do” or “can-be” and funny people who can joke without belittlement.  Want a combination of integrity and abundance? Hunt for the authentic and wealthy folks; find ways to get into their ambit. Offer to buy them lunch, attend their programs, or join their community. It will be well worth it.

You got to start hanging around the people whose characteristics you wish to have. I speak with conviction because if I hadn’t reduced hanging out with my former circle of friends I would not be who I am today.

Like what a friend’s wise father says “There are many right perspectives in the world. But there is only one right way to do things.”


3. You don’t know what are your whys

I only knew the value of my health, vitality and energy, when I lost it, when I became sick. So the first 1 year on raw foods, my why was that I value my health. Within 3 months, emotional trash surfaced, and my why became I want to work on myself.

A year later, a deep desire to make peace with my parents surfaced. Raw foods was a key factor in saving my dad’s life, and it sure did supply me all the brutal clarity I needed to stop blaming my mother. My why became I want more love with my family.

Fast forward to the last 2 years, my journey became about me. About finding, forgiving, and loving myself. There is absolutely no way that I could have started this had it not been for raw foods.

The crystal clear, many times nauseating mirror of self-reflection, the clockwork-like precision of my reactions to people and events, most of all – my biggest fuck-ups. And the behavioural changes that had to ensue (impossible to not happen given the sickening reality of what I did to sabotage myself) would never ever be possible without raw foods. That became my new why – being an archeologist of my ruins.

You got to identify, and re-identify your whys. In the first place, did you write down your whys? Do you review, pray to God or meditate on your whys everyday?

Yes you want to be healthy, you want to have vitality, or you want to be a coach to help people, but do you know why?

If you don’t uncover a deeper why – for instance, living long enough to see your granddaughter’s graduation, attend your grandson’s wedding, to create more love and harmony in the family, to create more good in this world with money and influence, its going to get really rough!

You see, I am just about as much human as you are, and the other 6 billion people. I have only as much resolve, as you can have with regard to any lifestyle change. If you can unmake these 3 hidden mistakes, you could really start to see some lasting changes for a change in years. I hope this can help not only health and diet but other areas of your life too.

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