Raw Food Diet – My Detox Symptoms (Part II)

…continued from Detox Symptoms Part I

A most commonly experienced symptom may be stomach upsets in the first 2 – 3 days; I rarely knew anyone or read anything about more than 4 days. And most of them, provided they stick to a cleaner, less processed diet, the stomach upsets are usually replaced by a fresh sensation of cleanliness, and a peaceful, pleasant ‘buzz’.

But then again, because people are different and may react different, don’t panic if your stomach upsets last longer. Just make sure you have been eating the cleanest (check hygienic measures) and freshest produce. Some people, like me last time, could have lived decadent lifestyles for more than a decade! So there is quite a bit of spring cleaning going on!

Your state of health is not an overnight thing. If you had not been taking care for years, then don’t expect it to reverse at your first attempt! Give it some time, the right resources, and the Body knows What To Do.

As I had mentioned in Part 1, my big detox came after 3 weeks on 100% raw. Some people had it just in 3 days, some after 3 months, some may not even have any at all. For myself, and most people I know, they usually come in the forms of colds, coughs, fever and/or other flu-like symptoms.

Ever heard our elders say before :’It is not good to take too much antibiotics for flu’ ? I’m too young to be an elder, but sometimes the elders may know a thing or two which we didn’t. Because they lived in the end of the agricultural age, and coincidentally cancer was unheard of during those times. So were many more other degenerative diseases which are surfacing now.

Of course, it is up to us on how much we want to rely on medical science for our well-being. Over-dependence on anything unnatural, in my opinion, is not sustainable.








How did I cope with my detox?

Well, I didn’t visit the doctor. I simply rode it out!

1)At the first sign of unwellness, stop what you are working on and rest. Don’t move around so much and lie in horizontal position as much as you can.

2)Eat lightly, and only when you are hungry. If you still don’t feel hungry after skipping a meal, skip the next one too.

“Listen To Your Body. It knows how to ward off illnesses. But you have to be quiet enough to hear the signals and intelligent enough to follow them. ” ED.J , Spokesperson & Naturopathic Physician from The California Association of Naturopathy Physicians.

3)If you are hungry, for goodness sake, try to minimize processed foods. If you have decided to go off the detox, then keep as much as possible to a least adulterated diet. However, it would be wonderful if you can feed your body with fresh juices or vegetables.

For me, it lasted a gruesome 6 days. And after that, I have never felt more alive! In fact, the thought of living anyway otherwise is unimaginable

Behold the Greatness Within You

And Jump For Joy!

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