Raw Food Diet: Eating with Logic (II)

…continued from Eating with Logic (I)

Let’s first examine why eating raw foods do not produce warmth in the body. We all know that lean meat takes more energy to digest, and can even increase metabolic rates. When we eat a piece of meat, it takes more energy from the body to digest it. While your body works, this produces a thermal effect, and we feel warm. Raw foods on the other hand, are easily digestible, takes less energy and thus less heat is generated.

Now the question to ask is – is there a “correct” way to increase body temperature and is keeping warm through our foods the only way?

Are we supposed to keep warm by eating hard-to-digestible foods, or is it better to exercise?

Let’s look at logic. Humans are designed to move, exercise and use our limbs. If we don’t, we eventually lose them. This is also in line with the fact that if you want to increase muscle mass, work out and lift weights!

And further, we know that man is meant to exercise at least moderately because we always feel better, happier and healthier if we do. Even moderate exercise can increase body temperature to keep us warm comfortably.

But are we “supposed” to keep warm by intentionally eating hard-to-digest foods in order to keep warm?

Perhaps you have the answer yourself already. Foods are meant for our enjoyment, to bring us health and fuel us on achieving our purposes in life. For me, it just makes sense to eat for my best health possible while maintaining a delicious palate!

One last interesting point – I came across this suggestion from a public forum participant: he said that in order for man to keep our place on this planet, we need to regulate animal growth by eating them consistently.

Our world population is now a staggering 6.7bil (as of Jul 2008), we have exploded exponentially during the industrial age. The trend has only begun to subside after world-wide efforts on global warming picked up in recent years.

We use more land for animal farming than for human occupation, more resources for animal feeds than for sustainable farming, and then we wonder why are the polar bears drowning and harmful insects over-multiplying.

Does this suggest even remotely that we could be outnumbered by animals if we don’t eat them, or have we been focusing on some wrong things because we simply failed to see logically, somewhere along the process of civilization…

Well, enough said about logic. At the end of the day, diet choices are still very personal and vary among individuals. Like what they always say – “To each his own!”. If your body thrives on a certain diet, then it makes sense to stick to it. It is often counterproductive if we give precedence to what others say, at the expense of what our bodies are trying to tell us.

Any positive diet improvements today, can save lives in years to come!

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