How to Bond with your Family during Festive Sessions while Staying Raw?

Dear cherished reader, with Christmas and New Year around the corner, are you thinking what any raw foodist would think at least once over their raw foods journey – “How do I keep up my healthy living foods diet without losing connection with my folks?”

One of the most common avenues for humans to bond over is food. Which makes the topic of food into both a laughable and cry-able matter.

Truth is, even though you have a pure intention in doing raw foods in the first place, and it has nothing to do with their culinary skills, your parents or whoever prepared the meals will feel disappointed. I mean, cooked or raw foods aside, the act of cooking stems from love. The key is recognizing that their gesture of preparing meals for you is a gift of their love; your rejection of their food is to them a rejection of their love.

Eat their food and get a comatose; or adamantly reject them and risk a fallout. Either way, it will be less than ideal especially in times of festive season.

Can you find the middle path out of this? The answer is yes – the qualified statement is that it won’t be achieved overnight.

Here are 2 tips to help you out:

1. Explain your ‘whys’ behind your action
When my mother insists that I eat the smoked salmon on my plate of salad, I would say “Mum, if I eat these salmon, I would feel depressed. If I eat the fresh salads, I would keep my good spirits. I want to be a happy daughter especially when I’m having dinner with you. Why don’t you eat these salmon instead? It makes me warm and fuzzy that we share the same plate.” I think very few mothers in this world will refuse to help their children be happy, especially when you put it out in their face with so much love.

2. Emphasize on the connection, the sharing, the topics of conversation and NOT the foods.
Look at them in the eyes, charm them, and send waves of sparkles through your peepers. One amazing fact about our peepers is that when you look at someone you love in their eyes, both of you will start to feel very touched. The point is that you have to show your love – you simply can’t fake it.

You see, few things are more desirable than the presence we give to our loved ones. All the acts of cooking and trying to make us eat something we don’t feel is healthy, are the best ways they know how to love us. If you can give them that loving presence every time you sit down with them, eventually, they won’t see the food as THAT important, and they may try less hard to recreate that bond they have had with you over a dish that you used to love.

I use it all the time on my mother, and it works without fail. Warning – it takes consistent self work to achieve this, because our closest people always pushes our hot buttons. But hey, isn’t raw foods supposed to facilitate us in our inner work? So, buckle up and have fun!

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We will share 1 important and useful tip on how NOT to get a comatose when eating party foods in one of our upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

(C) Linda Loo

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