Simply Nourish Yourself!

Health is the Best Language of Love!

Christmas is just around the corner, what gifts are you thinking to give to your loved ones?

How about giving them the Gift of your own Health for a change?

You see dear one, the burden and pain of having a family member sick and suffering is worse than being sick yourself. If you have parents, you definitely don’t want them to worry for your well being. If you are a parent, you definitely would want to be strong and fit so as to enjoy seeing your grand kids’ births and even attend their graduations with vigour. I mean, let’s face the facts – Life IS more Fun, more Meaningful and more Fulfilling when you are Healthy.

Yes, quitting smoking, doing exercise and even taking supplements can help. But the critical factor is still in the Diet. No matter how much you exercise, how many supplements you take, it still comes down to the foods we eat. 3 meals a day; 1,000 meals a year…

How many of these Meals give you Life and Energy? How do you build your house?

Are you building your intelligent body with the best possible materials – raw living plant foods that are fresh, unadulterated and nutrient dense?

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Wisdom Reflection for the Day: “Every disease of the body is connected with an emotional disease. If you want to live a healthy good life, you must learn to look inside and live within.”

Ohm Namah Shivayah!

(C) Linda Loo

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