Eye Protection: Top 8 Natural Tips

With technology evolving at lightening speed, we now spend more time in front of the computer and reading into wee hours. While it is meaningful to learn & upgrade, it is also important to take care of our beepers!

1. Wash the eyes with clean filtered water/spring water every night before sleep.

2. When eyestrain occurs from over computer exposure, shut the lights & close eyes under complete darkness for 10 min.


 Stare at Natural Greenery everyday to help eye recovery!

3. Refrain from reading from reading under the following conditions:
-Moving vehicle
-Dim or insufficient light.

4. Strive to keep the following rules when reading:

-Hold the book at least 15 inches away from the eyes
-Always let the light fall on the book from your left
-Frequently blink the eyes when reading
-For every hour of reading, focus the eyes on an object far away for at least 2 min.

5. Never look at the blazing sun directly.

6. This is for the girls – reduce the frequency of applying Mascara on the eyelashes. The acts of applying & removing eye make our eyes weak & vulnerable to infections.

7. Hair dyes, or chemical treatments directly affect the eye functioning because they shoot right into the brain. If possible, eliminate the use of chemical dyes or products.

8. Eat more dark green leafy vegetables – one of the ways is to have them in your green smoothies! If you want to learn how to make delicious green smoothies, join us in our Intro to Living Foods (ILF) workshop!

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