5 Mistakes with the modern conventional diet

Human beings in this current civilization of 15,000 years, have never been more wealthy, advanced and well informed. Yet, if you look at statistics, we are getting sicker and dying younger. We get sick mainly from degenerative diseases – which by the way never existed until the last century; and to deepen the assault, we are now getting diagnosed with mental illnesses that scientists and doctors have to create names for.

There are probably more than one contributive reason to this phenomenon, and most experts would agree that the number one factor is the problem with our diet.

Too much metabolic waste

Whenever we consume food, in order for our body to assimilate nutrients from the food, there are by-products created from digestion. Generally, the more complex the structure of the food, the more by-products are created; and foods with simpler molecular structure are easier to digest with less by products.

Foods that create a high toxic digestive load are basically all meats – with those higher on the food chain containing more toxins than those lower; foods that create the least toxins are plant foods like fruits vegetables seeds and nuts.

Chlorophyl deficient

The most important substance that give life to all organisms on Earth, is chlorophyl. It is the basic substance of life because of its ability to generate sugar and oxygen by taking in sunlight and carbon dioxide.

Chlorophyl is the single most alkalizing and healing substance. Countless scientific research has already shown the dramatic healing effects of chlorophyl on degenerative symptoms. It is the most abundant material on Earth yet humans are not getting enough of it. Why? Because we have taught ourselves to denature, cook and process our food.

The easiest ways to include Chlorophyl in our diet is via the form of green juices, green smoothies, fresh salads with plenty of raw greens, and raw condensed green powders/concentrates.

EFA myth

Today the supplement industry is valued at USD40bil, out of which an increasing chunk is being channeled into Omega 3 supplementation.

The word EFA stands for Essential Fatty Acids. The word Essential means our body needs it but we cannot manufacture it, hence it could only be obtained from the food we eat.

We need both Omega 3 and 6 to have healthy brains, cell membranes and basically proper functioning. 3’s are found mostly in nuts, seeds, plant foods and seafood; 6’s are found in all land animals and processed cooking oils.

If you do a study of the most healthy tribes and civilizations of our time, their diets all have something in common – high in plant foods and just a small portion of meats. Today, we have managed to completely reversed this – we eat a diet super high in meats and just a small portion of vegetables. We have now increased our ration of Omega 3 to 6 from 1:5 to 1: 30 within less than a century.

The cause of disease today stems mainly from the inflammation that is in turn caused by an over supply of Omega 6.

There isn’t much money to be made from us lowering 6’s consumption; but there is a ton of money to be made from having us increase our 3’s. That is the likely reason that we have so many advertisements on Omega 3 supplementation today.

Supplementation aside, if we can consciously reduce our Omega 6 intake, it could do wonders for our health.

Gut Health

Many people do not know that our gut is our second brain. Memory loss and brain fog is not merely caused by deficiency, but also a gut with imbalanced flora bacteria.

Lately, scientists have discovered that our body is mainly empty space and bacterium. It may not be incorrect to say we are an organisation of bacteria colonies. There is an intricate balance of good versus bad bacteria in us, and in many cases, our health and sports performance depends on maintaining the balance and the stability of the balance.

Our diet today, besides giving us too much metabolic waste, also does a good job at wiping out our good bacteria. Things like anti-biotics and over processed foods make sure that our gut has a harder time re-establishing the good bacteria. In a certain sense, our body is always working against the ‘current’.

To reset the healthy bacteria balance, we have to take note of 2 things – Probiotics and Prebiotics. Probiotics are the strains of healthy bacteria that we can ingest; the good news is that they are widely available in health food stores in capsule or powder form. Just make sure to get a variety and rotate them over time. The second thing is Prebiotics – this is the food that the good bacteria feeds on. Think fibrous vegetables, sweet fruits like bananas. Its not that difficult to gain back that balance once you know how to.

And of course, consuming plenty of fermented foods like kim chi, saukrauet, kombucha tea, rejuvelac and kefir drinks will help reset the flora back to optimum.

Fats avoidance

Avoiding fats because we think they make us gain fat is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Our body need fats for the following reasons:

  • To absorb fat soluble nutrients
  • Flavoring food and making us feel satiated so we won’t over eat
  • Facilitates neurotransmission
  • Cushions our organs against shock and nervous stimuli
  • Fat is needed to burn fat

When we are fat deficient, we tend to eat more, have cravings, mood swings, memory loss and coordination problem. We also tend to be more edgy. For those thinking that they could lose weight by avoiding fats, it is a mistake because the body holds on to fat for longer when your diet is fat deficient.

The key thing to note is that not all fats are the same. You want to take in the good uncooked plant fats that are unprocessed and whole. Go for raw sprouted seeds and nuts, high fat fruits like coconuts and durians, and a small portion of cold pressed seed and nut oils.

Remember that your body is not a ‘thing’. It is a constant work in progress; a state of manifestation and expression of your accumulated choices. Whatever you do today has an impact on creating new cells and organs tomorrow, and in 6 months you get a completely new organ.

Instead of perfection, aim for progression. Make your journey of health a fun and enjoyable one!

(C) Linda Loo

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