The Story

Linda is dedicated to a purpose of teaching people on conscious living through diet and lifestyle. She has established a strong personal practice since 2003, and completed the Yoga Master 500 TTC Level Training in India under the direct guidance and discipleship of Swamiji Vidyananda – Founder and President of Yoga-Alliance-India and Yoga-Alliance-International.

A certified Living Foods Chef & Teacher from Boston, Linda’s immense passion for the secret of vitality and longevity, led her to probe deep into the realms of Vedic Yogic wisdom and Living Foods Science. She is a living example of the effect of conscious living through lifestyle and diet with her abundant energy, stamina and joyfulness. She believes that by combining the two ancient schools of wisdom – Yoga and Living Foods, intelligently, anyone can unleash the natural healing powers latent in every living human being.

Linda now conducts Yoga classes, Living Foods courses and Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Singapore.


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