Linda  is the Founder of Light Love Laughter Academy – a company that empowers lives to love and laugh. She is a multi-talented and charismatic speaker who inspired thousands of people in Asia towards extraordinary health.

In 2008, she embarked on a mission to spearhead a paradigm shift in the local Singapore Living Foods scene. Today, she accomplished what most people once thought was “impossible”. More than 70% of the local Living Foods action are helmed by raw foods teachers and business owners whom had undergone one or more of Linda’s training.

After completing Transformational Yoga Master 500 TTC under the direct discipleship of Swamiji Vidyananda (Yoga Alliance International) in 2009, Linda was the first person to introduce this integral Yoga to Singapore, successfully enrolling hundreds of people into Transformational Yoga.

Soon after adding Yoga into her raw foods programs, she observed rapid shifts in the clients’ energy levels, states of minds and awareness. She now conducts 200 level Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Singapore.

Linda’s works and Light Love Laughter Academy has been featured on every major media in Singapore – Channel 5, Channel U, Channel 8, ToggleEve TV, FM 93.8 Live, Straits Times ‘Mind Your Body’ (twice over 2 years), Business Times, Her World Magazine, SHAPE, BBC Good Food Magazine, U-Weekly, Simply Her Magazine, EVE Magazine, and Veg Vibes.

Her first Yoga book Transformational Yoga – The Secret to Health, Vitality and Spiritual Bliss was published in Jan 2016 and available in all major local bookstores. You may get a copy of it from Kinokuniya and Popular, or order directly from contact@lightlovelaughteracademy.com.

Linda has a rich experience in coaching people towards a thriving raw foods lifestyle, emotional and spiritual liberation. Her success cases included smokers, substance abusers, people with mild depression and eating disorders, as well as people who simply wishes to do a high or full raw diet safely, sustainably.

She guides her clients with practical, tested tips and workable tecniques towards physical, emotional and spiritual optimacy. If you wish to consult Linda personally, please email to contact@lightlovelaughteracademy.com to request for the next available slot.

Consultation Charges:

Private Telephone or Skype Consultation – S$150 / 90 minutes

Private Face-to-face Consultation (at Rowell or Novena area) – S$300 / 100 minutes

*Payment can be done via cash, nets, paypal or interbank transfer. Each session comes first a deeper understanding of your current diet, your goals, and then practical recipes and lifestyle solutions.

*Please note that we are not medical doctors, nor do we claim to be. For in-depth clinical examinations please refer to your local health professionals.

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