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Getting More out of the Five Tibetan Rites in Transformational Yoga

The Five Tibetan Rites are a set of 5 Yoga-like stretching movements done in a specific sequence. These movements are similar to the Yogic Sun Salutations of 12 Asanas done one after another. It is known to be a “short cut” to achieving longevity, weight regulation, as well as youth.

Before I took up Yoga seriously, these 5 Tibetan Rites came to my attention while searching online for various methods to increase stamina for running marathons. I was crazy about breaking my own running records; and I did some nasty damage to my knees and ankles. As promised, the Tibetan Rites helped me to increase my stamina pretty quickly. However I was also aching badly; which led me to discover Yoga Therapy. From then onwards I was intrigued with Yoga in the way it helped my body heal with astonishingly short periods of rest.

Fast forward 11 years to now, with a more solid understanding of Yoga, I rediscovered the Tibetan Rites in a new light. When combined with Transformational Yoga, it increases a person’s energy greatly. Sometimes after our evening classes, students have problem falling asleep at night!

In Transformational Yoga (TY), no Asana is ever done in isolation. Every posture is inserted in a particular order for a purpose, either to counter the former for balance, or prepare the body for the next. And the entire lesson is choreographed towards a specific purpose of shift. We make use of Sun Salutations to create fire and heat in the body before we assume a TY practice.

When it comes to the Five Tibetan Rites, the energizing effect is stronger than that of Sun Salutations. Headaches, aggression and frustration could result. For example, a person who has strong ‘yang’ energy will feel more energised with 7 Rites than 12 rounds of Sun Salutations. One theory could be that the Rites has its first movement of spinning – which opens up the 7 chakras in a short time. There are no Pranayamas done in between the Rites; most authorities or teachers advised to do a few long deep breaths in between. It is likely that loosened toxins ends up circulating in the Chakra grid for some time.

Nonetheless, the Tibetan Rites are invaluable for people short on time for exercise. There are some mitigating practices we can incorporate, to make them work for us:

1. Practice the Five Rites with Kapalabati within the movements. Again this is the genius of TY (Swamiji Vidyananda who created TY). During each Rite, i.e. spinning, leg lift, back bend, hips thrust and downward swing, do a 3 to 5 (depending on your stamina) shots of Kapalabati.

2. On top of 3 deep breaths in between the Rites, add on 3 low pitched Bramaris. Low pitched Bramaris cleans our lower Chakras with sound. Bramaris release and transform the toxins out of our orbit.

3. Always finish with 1 set of Moon Salutations (i.e. 2 rounds) after each complete Five Rites.

4. A clever way to use the Five Rites is to integrate the TY Basic Sequence before the Rites. So it only takes about 10 minutes for the TY Basics, another 10 minutes for 7 repetitions of the Five Rites, 5 minutes for the Moon Salutations, and that is a total of 25 minutes which makes it an ultra time efficient body & mind workout.

(C) Linda Loo


Raw Empath

*This is an article that may make sense to some people, but not to all. It is not my intention to attack, discriminate or put down anybody, in all areas of diet and lifestyle; but merely my recording of experiences to serve both others as well as myself. If it does not make sense to you, and if it serves you, just take it that I’m a raving lunatic writing gibberish. 

If you had been eating raw foods for a few years and noticed that you suddenly have an ability to hear the thoughts or feel the emotions of others; you had recovered your inborn traits of an Empath.

Empaths refer to people who can feel what others feel. It appears that every baby is born emphatic. Over the lifetime of an empath, this ability may be forgotten or blocked due to certain life events, but never lost.

This subject sparked my interest 4 years ago when I returned from India. After 6 months of floating around, lost and confused from the Kundalini experience, I found my ground with the help of teachers and like-minded friends. After the Kundalini incident, my experiences of the world shifted dramatically. The shift was irreversible.

Initially I thought that it was raw foods that caused empathetic abilities to develop. It took me 3 years more through self-observation, research as well as learning with more teachers to discover that it is more of an innate ability rather than acquired.

Since 5 years old I have had a tendency to avoid to animal foods. I recalled some of my earliest memories. One morning, while at the wet market waiting for my mother to pick up her groceries, I saw a stall owner brutally beat a fish on the floor with a stone. Blood was spilling out from the fish and it writhed about, desperately trying to escape but to no avail.

I felt a sudden pull on my chest and could not breathe for a few minutes. I could actually feel the fish’s agony. From that day onwards I never enjoyed a hearty meal when there is a body of a whole fish or animal on the table.  As I reached 7 years old, I began to feel the pain of old people limping on the streets. Also began a lonesome childhood of feeling misunderstood and incredibly isolated. Adults that I shared the experience with said I was over imaginative, insane or seeking attention. I didn’t dare to share with other children because I was scared to look like an idiot or be ostracized.

Whenever adults fight, which my parents happened to do a lot last time, I could feel their anger directly in my body. As a 5 year old, it felt as if nails and arrows were flung into my heart each time I witnessed a fight.

Over the course of growing up, I reacted aggressively to the breakdowns at home, my dysfunctional childhood, and resorted to various means to numb my feelings. Under layers of booze, cigarettes and substances, eating animals became more bearable. Because I so desperately wanted to fit in, either to feel loved, or to be promoted to a higher paying job, sometimes both. So whenever we have social meals, I would forcefully shut my mind on the pain from the animals swimming in the restaurant fish tanks or frogs waiting to be slaughtered. It got easier, and eventually I was able to eat anything.

Fast forward the crash and burn of my next ensuing ten years (the story contained inside Raw Becoming autobiography), finding raw foods, committing to new path of lifelong self-discovery, the child empath in me not only revived, but also expanded her territory by leaps and bonds everyday. I caught myself feeling overwhelmed and resenting it.

Funny how it always appears we had ‘signed up’ for something unexpected when we wanted to be born into this world. It seemed every talent that we are endowed with comes with a corresponding set of problems.

Fortunately, we are here to help one another. I believe that every human is emphatic. As for how much work required and how long it takes to remember, differs person to person.

Raw foods and yoga together, has a higher than average speed of causing a person to remember our empathic abilities.  Or at least that was what I found. My purpose of writing this, is to let those who also felt the same thing, feel assured that you are not mad and not alone.

One of the easiest indicators is this – if you live in Singapore, and you find yourself becoming more easily irritated when out in crowded places now compared to ten years before, chances are that some empath abilities are awakened. We have a lot less conflicting frequencies in the air ten years ago, as compared to now with a ballooned population.

There are a few lifestyle adjustments that we can make to ease the remembering (in no particular order of effectiveness).

1.  Grounding

This is important not only in that it discharges EMF (from our electrical appliances), but also it prevents empaths from floating away. Everyday, spend at least half an hour having bare feet on grass or earth, and visualizing roots extending from the feet into the earth.

The beach is another fantastic place. If you can sit and watch the sunset, or sunrise, I found that personally more effective. Somehow there is something magical when we witness ourselves spinning round the sun while attached to earth.

2. Nature

Spend a lot, as much as you can, of time in Nature. There is nothing like the power of an old tree to suck in the clutter. We may not understand, but there is an invisible transfer of energy happening in every single interaction we have. It can be as short as a handshake or a greeting. But molecules transfuse all the time. Empaths drink in the joy and pain of others in their space. Joy and pain that others may not even be present to themselves. If you sponged up some pain involuntarily, find an old tree and just sit next to it, gazing at the leaves for as long as you can. In that moment you transfuse the pain molecules out.

3. Alone Time

When you are charging your computer or handphone, have you noticed that they charge up faster when you turn them off?

Schedule ‘me-time’ as a priority task everyday. Smart empaths know that only they themselves can lift themselves out of accumulated clutter. And they can only release the clutter when alone, free of any attachments and projections.

You have to know that you are the most important person you need to meet everyday. Sometimes when we forget to schedule alone time and become overwhelmed, we may have to break an appointment.

Say “I know we agreed to go out. But I really need this time alone right now, to find my ground. Can we reschedule again?”

The only possible reasons they would take offence is because they take it as a personal attack that you think they are not good enough for you (in reality it is them fulfilling their need to be good enough through your friendship), or they lose their chance to feel gratification from hanging out with you. In both cases, hanging out with them at that time is not wise because it will not uplift, and may even drain you.

Someone who loves you in an empowering, non-possessive manner space, would not take it personally. They will not in anyway feel disempowered because they are the first to process their own interpretations of life, and they are the supplier of their own joy. Maybe disappointed a little, but they will hover around, send you good thoughts, check in slightly later or the next day to find out how you are, and how they can be of an uplift to you. These are also the friends whom you want to stick to forever– they are diamonds to empaths.

Having said that, I’m not encouraging you to sever ties with friends and loved ones frivolously. It is about managing the inconveniences of being an empath without escaping the material world. I have seen people who ran away entirely; and I think managing our empathic lives with adjustments is more humane. More humane to both our loved ones and ourselves.

4. Choose your company

What our parents said about “hang out with the right company, the winners, the scholars” has its wisdom. We extend this to one more definition – Hang out with those that lifts you. Not superficial, not in the plastic way of lip service; but genuinely lifted.

Grow conscious and present to how you feel after each interaction, how this person makes you feel after you leave the space, beyond all guru status identities or healer name cards. The people who uplift you are people who did a lot of work on themselves, and are still working on themselves; they are able to consciously process clutter in their space so that their interactions with you are pure and without projections. When a space is pure and without projections, joy transfuse.

5. Say “Ah” 15 minutes morning and evening

When frequency is combined with intention, healing is produced, positive shift occurs.

“Ah” is the first sound written in the Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is our mother tongue, the origination of all languages in fact. “Ah” is also the natural sound humans make when we are in pain, a natural reaction when we discover or remember something in excitement. It is also the sound produced in moments of procreation and pleasures. Almost difficult to not notice that this is a tool that Nature endowed us with to heal.

In a quiet alone space, close the eyes and take a deep breath. Set an intention to relax and unwind. Open the mouth slightly and produce a long strong “Ah” sound. Focus the mind on nothing else except the production of this sound. Let it end with a “M’ by closing your lips towards the end of your sound or when your breath runs out. This will drive the frequency of it into the brain and clear clutter. Practice this after rising and before bedtime each night.

6. Surrender to the right entity

This was a difficult part for me. Sometimes we lose sight of the line between resistance and martyrdom, both of which are functions of the ego identity. I found the tool of surrendering so powerful. To know that there is a greater intelligence behind all this, that we are not alone, that it is helping us to get to wherever we want, is too easily forgotten.

What I discovered was that in order for surrendering to work, first I want to get conscious to my relationship with surrendering. Why, what and to whom am I surrendering to. Surrender the right thing to the right entity. To the supreme creative force that created me, in other words.

Not surrender to the clutter, not to gurus, and definitely not to the need to surrender. If we surrender to the need to surrender, we just created another box for ourselves. I also found that until we learn to recognize that it is a tool towards a larger intention, any healing modality, be it raw foods, yoga, astrology or meditation could cause a box to form.

7. Acquire a bit of healthy fats

Since we are on the topic of raw veganism, I just wanted to highlight that eating raw vegan while being an empath is a challenging journey. You want to gradually put on a little more healthy fats and muscle mass to help shield, or create the impression of a shield, until you gain ground emotionally.

It is pretty easy if you live in the tropics, there are good quality plant fats to choose from – coconuts, durians and avocados. Limit the consumption of omega 6 rich seeds and nuts like sunflower seeds and cashews or otherwise you could feel like trash from the acidity.

Last but not least, it is not only downs that you experience. Empaths also have very fun lives because we also feel more, more lasting joy than conventional people. We can laugh both at the largest and smallest things. So whatever your talent is to bring to the world, I wish you a conscious and enjoyable ride! Also hope the above can be of help to anyone who felt the same unsettling I did. If you have constructive suggestions or helpful ideas, feel free to share 🙂


© Copyright Linda Loo