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Fresh Wheat Grass

Eczema Rescue Tips

Eczema is a skin condition that will relapse if the underlying root cause had not been properly eliminated.

One of the biggest cause of Eczema is a weak liver; as in my case when I was in my hard core alcoholic days. You could hardly find any of my weeknights having alcohol free dinners.

When I cut the booze, cleaned my diet and learnt Yoga conscientiously, the Eczema on my neck cleared and then disappeared gradually. The reversal process was not overnight, but it was definitely progressive.

If you or someone you love is suffering from Eczema, you first have to know that it will never be completely be reversed until you have dealt with the root problem.

Raw foods, Yoga, Coffee Enema and natural skin care combine to give one quick route to recovery.

Along the journey, the rashes may erupt again. Sometimes they seem worse. But as long as you are in the process of cleaning up, rest assured that you are making progress.

Here are some quick tips to relief the itch and redness. These do not cure the Eczema but merely makes the experience less unpleasant while you are still working on the root problem.

1) Aloe Vera – Buy fresh Aloe Vera from the market, cut out the translucent flesh and rub gently on the rash area. If you are hardworking enough to make a smoothie from the Aloe Vera flesh to drink everyday, your healing will be speeded up.

2) Wheat Grass – This is Nature’s humble but amazing healer. Run a packet of Wheat Grass through your juicer, apply the fresh juice to the affected area with either cotton sticks or cotton pads.

3) Coconut Oil – Gently rub some cold pressed coconut oil on the rash area to relief itching naturally

4) Hydrogen Water – These are vacuum packed Hydrogen water that are available in network marketing companies. Once opened, the hydrogen molecules lose their effectiveness, so use it immediately to wash the Eczema area. Bear in mind though that this is not a long term fix, only a short term relief. If you are new to this, search for them online and read up more.

5) Manuka Honey/Raw Honey – Spread a generous layer of Manuka or Raw Honey on the rashes. Especially effective for reducing redness.

6) Marine Phytoplankton – Dilute one dropper of Marine Phytoplankton to 100ml of water. Wash the affected area with this solution every morning and night.

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